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People and Low Vitamin D

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Cofactors: Magnesium, Vitamin K2, Omega-3, Boron, Calcium
Overview Loading of vitamin D
Overview Toxicity of vitamin D
Supplementing Vitamin D
Sun and UV ultraviolet
Is 50 ng of vitamin D too high, just right, or not enough
How often might 50,000 IU vitamin D be taken - results of clinical trials
Overview How Much vitamin D
Fortification with Vitamin D
Vitamin D home fortification- don't wait 100 years for your govt
Gut-Friendly Vitamin D
19 reasons for not taking Vitamin D debunked
Food Sources and Vitamin D
Calcium and Vitamin D avoide, minimize
Getting Vitamin D into your body chart
Proof that Vitamin D Works 92+
Does Less Sun mean More Disease video
Reasons for low response to vitamin D
Overview Vitamin D3 not D2 Vitamin D2 has less response, does not last as long
injection slow response, expensive
Calcidiol semi-active Vitamin D
Tests for Vitamin D
Vitamin D Cofactors in a nutshell Magnesium, Omega-3, Vitamin K2, etc
Consensus Vitamin D
Overview Iron Supplements and Vitamin D
Vitamin D and Iodine are similar, and both are deficient and important to health
Vitamin D and Vitamin A
Vitamin B12 B-12
Off-topic: Sulfur is very important to health
Vitamin D and Boron
Magnesium and Vitamin D
Zinc and Vitamin D
Overview Vitamin K and Vitamin D dissolve plaque
Too much Vitamin D
Interactions with Vitamin D drugs
Would you be opposed to my getting more vitamin D ask doctor
Supplements includes cofactors in a nutshell
World globe
Vitamin D in Australia and New Zealand
Vitamin D in Canada
Vitamin D Far from Equator
Overview Middle East and vitamin D
Middle East and Vitamin D India Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey
Orient Japan China Vietnam
Vitamin D in Europe Germany, UK, France, Italy, Greece
Books, videos on Vitamin D man videos have transcripts
Overview Dark skin births and Vitamin D
Shut-in Low sun
Overview Obesity and Vitamin D obese overweight
Increased use of D seniors, women, countries, etc.
Cost savings with Vitamin D
Patent for Vitamin D hundreds of patents
Supplements - other than Vitamin D
Category Search find all items that are both of two categories
Overview Veterinary and vitamin D animals, dogs, cats, cattle, horses
High Risk of little Vitamin D
Why are doctors reluctant to accept vitamin D 17+ reasons
Meta-analysis of Vitamin D
Season of Birth affects health, sometimes for many decades
Antibiotics, probiotics
Antibiotics and Vitamin D are associated with many of the same diseases
Intervention - Vitamin D both daily and non-daily
Intervention - non daily up to 30 days, for longer periods see Overview Loading of vitamin D
Vitamin D decreases incidence of disease charts
Vitamin D charts from GrassrootsHealth - May 2016
Top Charts ~20 most popular charts in VitaminDWiki
Quickly search for a chart on VitaminDWiki
Variety of evidence that Vitamin D helps the brain – July 2014 charts
Seach for charts on a topic
Diseases that may be related via low vitamin D i.e. Diabetes increases the risk of 10 diseases

Many studies
Anesthesia can cause cognitive problems in elderly with low vitamin D - many studies
Avoiding the sun may be as bad as smoking - many studies tobacco
Bladder infection and Vitamin D - many studies
Bread fortified with Vitamin D - many studies Fortification
Caffeine decreases Vitamin D in blood and cells - many studies coffee
Calcifediol (Calcidiol, semiactivated Vitamin D) - many studies
Calcium and Vitamin K2 - many studies
Calcium to Magnesium Ratio - many studies
Cancer and Vitamin D - many studies
Cancer during childhood - many studies
Cancer stem cells and Vitamin D - many studies
Cardiovascular Disease is treated by Vitamin D - many studies
Carpal tunnel syndrome and low vitamin D - many studies
Children and COVID - many studies
Chronic Hives treated by Vitamin D - many studies
COVID and other Virus fought by UV - many studies
COVID infection might prevent infection better than vaccinations - transcript and many studies
COVID is also associated with low Vitamin K - many studies
Depression substantially reduced by Vitamin D, Omega-3, Magnesium, etc – many studies
Diabetes increases chance of death (low vitamin D) - many studies
Diseases treated by high-dose Vitamin D - many studies
DNA repair helped by Vitamin D - many studies
Endometrial cancer and Vitamin D – many studies
Endometriosis treated, and perhaps prevented, by vitamin D - many studies
Epstein-Barr Virus increases the risk of many health problems – many studies
Epstein-Barr Virus probably causes Long-COVID, CFS, and MS - many studies
Erectile Dysfunction and vitamin D - many studies
Excess deaths - 5 possible reasons - many studies COVID
Exercise and Vitamin D are synergistic - many studies
Extremely Big Pharma - many studies
Fecal transplants - many studies gut
Fertility is a function of vitamin D around each egg (follicular fluid) – many studies
Fertility of defrosted sperm better if had increased dietary Omega-3 – many studies
Fertility problem (PCOS) reduced by vitamin D: many studies
Fewer bone and stress fractures with vitamin D - many studies
Fluoride reduces Vitamin D and Magnesium - many studies
Folate in VitaminDWiki - many studies
Gastric Cancer, Vitamin D, VDR, UV - many studies
Glyphosate and Vitamin D - many studies
Head and neck cancers and vitamin D - many studies
Health benefit of Sunlight is more than Vitamin D in the blood - many studies
Hypertension, Pregnancy and Vitamin D - many studies
Iceland and Vitamin D - many studies
Infectious Mononucleosis (virus) and Vitamin D - many studies
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis is strongly associated with low vitamin D – many studies
Kidney Dialysis, low Vitamin D, low Magnesium - many studies
Leprosy, low Vitamin D and poor Vitamin D Receptor - many studies
Less Calcification if less Calcium, Vitamin K, Magnesium, etc. - many studies
Longevity and healthspan increased by Vitamin D - many studies
Low heart rate variability (bad) is associated with low Vitamin D and COVID – many studies
Low Vitamin D strongly associated with Systemic Sclerosis - many studies
Low-energy fractures in children with low vitamin D - many studies
Lumbar degenerative disc diseases can be prevented via Vitamin D Receptor – many studies
Magnesium Role in Health and Longevity - many studies
Many COVID-19 risks are associated with low vitamin D (7 studies) – Systematic Review Jan 2021
Melatonin and Vitamin D - many studies
Mental stress, physical stress associations with low vitamin D - many studies
Metadichol (Policosanol) supplement appears to improve health in many ways - multiple studies
More vitamin D, more height - many studies
Mouthwashes temporarily reduce COVID infectiousness - many studies
Moving medical evidence into practice: Implementation Science - many studies
Multiple Myeloma (blood cell cancer) treated by vitamin D - many studies
Multiple Sclerosis Risk factors include virus such as Human Herpesvirus 6A – many studies
NAFLD and Vitamin D - many studies
Nanoemulsion forms improve nutrient response time and bioavailability - many studies
Neural tube defect and Vitamin D - many studies
Neuropathy treated by vitamin D - many studies
Nitric oxide (from sun, Mg, Vit D, etc) reduces some health problems - many studies.
Nursing homes and Vitamin D - many studies
Obesity, Virus, and Vitamin D - many studies
Omega 3 increases vitamin D in the blood – many studies
Omega-3 helps conception as well as pregnancy – many studies
Omega-3 Reduces risk of Breast Cancer - many studies
Omega-3 reduces risk of COVID-19 - many studies
Omega-6 blocks Omega-3 etc. -many studies
Orthopaedic surgeries need Vitamin D – many studies
Palliative care is helped by Vitamin D - many studies
Pancreatitis and Vitamin D - many studies
Periodontitis reduced by Vitamin D - many studies
PFAS (forever chemicals) reduce Vitamin D and VDR, cause health problems - many studies
Phosphate, Phosphatonins and Vitamin D - many studies
Photobiomodulation (LLLT) treats many COVID problems - many studies
Pneumonia and low vitamin D - many studies
Poor menstrual cycles 2X more likely if poor vitamin D levels - many studies
Preeclampsia and Vitamin D - many studies
Preeclampsia reduced by Vitamin D - many studies
Pregnancy helped by Magnesium - many studies
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Vitamin D - many studies
Preterm birth decreased by Omege-3, etc. - many studies
Preterm birth is related to Vitamin D Receptor problems – many studies agree
Prisoners have low Vitamin D - many studies
Problems after childhood vaccinations - many studies
Progesterone activates vitamin D receptor - many studies
Prostate and Urinary systems much better with higher vitamin D – many studies
PTH and Vitamin D - many studies
Quercetin (a flavonoid) helps activate the Vitamin D receptor – many studies
Randomized Controlled Trials in VitaminDWiki - many studies
Red meat consumption increases risk of Diabetes - many studies
Respiratory viral infection (RSV) and low vitamin D - many studies
Respiratory, children and Vitamin D - many studies
Response to Vitamin D - many studies
Restless Legs Syndrome has increased risk with diabetes – many studies
Resveratrol treats Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases – many studies
Russia and Vitamin D - many studies
Saliva and Vitamin D – many studies
Sarcoidosis (rare) problems when taking vitamin D - many studies
Sarcopenia (muscle loss) fought by Vitamin D, exercise and protein - many studies
Selenium is important to health - many studies
Seniors with more vitamin D are less light-headed (Orthostatic Hypotension) - many studies
Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency - many studies
Skin Aging and Vitamin D - many studies
Sleep longer if have more vitamin D – many studies
Smoking reduces vitamin D - many studies
Some anticonvulsant drugs significantly reduce vitamin D levels – many studies
Some Foot and ankle problems are treated by Vitamin D – many studies
Spot Baldness (Alopecia Areata) associated with low vitamin D – many studies
Statins and Vitamin D - many studies
Suicide associated with low vitamin D - many studies
Superbug (Clostridium difficile) Infections strongly associated with low vitamin D - many studies
Systolic blood pressure reduced by vitamin D (many studies)
Telomeres and Vitamin D - many studies
Thyroidectomy and Vitamin D - many studies
Tonsillectomy, tonsollitis and Vitamin D - many studies
Topical Vitamin D provides more benefits than oral sometimes - many studies
Transgender associated with autism, low vitamin D, low BMD, etc. - many studies
UTI associated with low Vitamin D as well as treated - many studies
Veterans and Vitamin D - many studies
Vitamin D aids the clearing out of old cells (autophagy) – many studies
Vitamin D and Magnesium need each other - many studies
Vitamin D and malaria – many studies
Vitamin D and urinary incontinence - many studies
Vitamin D and Vitamin K intervention trials - many studies
Vitamin D has been found to be cost-effective by many studies
Vitamin D is needed before most surgeries – many studies and RCTs
Vitamin D most popular supplement - many studies
Vitamin D prevents Hepatitis-C and helps treat it (many studies)
Vitamin D reduces hair loss - many studies
Vitamin K, cardiovascular health, and stroke - many studies
Vitamin K2 fights Breast and some other cancers - many studies
Warts removed by vitamin D injection - many studies
Weight loss and Vitamin D - many studies

Several studies
Adrenal, Long-COVID and Vitamin D - several studies
Ankylosing spondylitis and low vitamin D – several studies
Autism treated by Vitamin B12 - several studies
Breast Cancer reduces receptor and thus blocks Vitamin D to the cells – several studies
Cancers fought by Garlic, Onion, and Sulfur - several studies
Cooked dried beans or peas (pulses) reduce uptake of Vitamin D, Vitamin K by half – several studies
COVID death 12X more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor (less D gets to cells) -several studies
COVID existed in the second half of 2019 - several studies
COVID-19 was 2.6X more severe if very low Vitamin D (43 studies) – meta-analysis March 26, 2021
Helicobacter pylori infection and low vitamin D – several studies H.pylori
How silicosis is fought by Vitamin D (in mice) - several studies
Low Calcium associated with severe COVID-19 – several studies
Low Magnesium associated with severe COVID – many studies
Multiple Sclerosis much more likely if poor Vitamin D Receptor – several studies
Parkinson's Disease and gut microbiome - several studies
Polio - several studies
Pulmonary Fibrosis (lung scaring) and Vitamin D – several studies
Recurrent Wheezing in children is associated with low Vitamin D – several studies
Rickets – major dental problems when have low vitamin D – several studies
Severe pediatric COVID 5.5 more likely if low vitamin D (review of 6 studies) -July 2021
Sudden drop of heart rate (vasovagal syncope) is associated with lower vitamin D - several studies
Sudden Infant Deaths (SIDS) soon after vaccination - several studies
Tick disorders associated with Vitamin D - several studies
Vitamin C may treat COVID-19 (several studies)
Vitamin D Receptor and Obesity – several studies
Vitamin D sprayed inside cheeks (buccal spray) - several studies
Vitamin D Sulfate (found in breast milk) - several studies

New pages - as of Sept 11
Multiple Sclerosis risk factors - Vitamin D was the only one you can easily change - Sept 2023
Fluoride reduces Vitamin D and Magnesium - many studies
Each death within 90 days of COVID vaccination paid 22,400 dollars (S. Korea) - Sept 2023
YouTube removed 1,000,000 videos on Vaccine Safety or Efficacy as of Sept 2022
Viamin D timeline - 1900 to 2022
Long-COVID can hide in the body for years in scores of locations – Sept 2023
Anemia 8X more likely in infants if low vitamin D – Sept 2023
V-safe - 7% had emergency medical after vaccination - CDC response, cancel V-safe - Sept 2023
Aspartame while pregnant increased risk by 3.4 X that male infant will be Autistic – Sept 2023
Vaccine Clinical Trial - cardiovascular death 3.7X more likely if vaccinated - preprint Sept 2023
Lockdowns were worse than useless - Sept 2023
FDA declared Vitamin D as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) - Jan 2023 broken
US Food stamps program being asked to add free Vitamin D - June 2023
Senior cognition improved in 4 ways by Vitamin D (50,000 IU weekly for 8 weeks) – Sept 2023
One in five people with long COVID can no longer work (Doctors in this case) - Sept 2023
Chronic Periodontitis reduced by Vitamin D (60,000 IU weekly for 8 weeks) – RCT July 2023
Vaccinated children have more health problems
Worse Myopia in young adults if lower vitamin D - Sept 2021
Number of people with long COVID could be vastly underestimated - Aug 2023
Myopia not related to Vitamin D if assume same D generated any time of the day - Sept 2023
Vitamin D given daily, weekly, or monthly has response (116 RCTs) – meta-analysis Aug 2023
Children who are overweight or asthmatic need more Vitamin D – Aug 2023
Diabetes increases chance of death (low vitamin D) - many studies
Seniors 5.4 more likely to die if Vitamin D less than 15 ng (Mexico) – Aug 2023
Pain relieved by Vitamin D if trial lasted more than 5 months (endometriosis, 50K weekly for 12 months) – Aug 2023
Response to Vitamin D fortification varies from 1 to 10 nmol per 100 IU daily – review Aug 2023
Many genes can restrict Vitamin D from getting to the cells – Aug 2023
Severe obesity is related to low vitamin D around the world – Aug 2023
Mortality Risk increased by 25% if low vitamin D (in 14 years)– Nov 2022
Breastfeeding and Vitamin D - many studies
Vitamin D fortification in Europe preventing 27,000 Cancer deaths, could prevent 129,000 – May 2022
Vitamin D benefits your skin in 7 ways
FDA - many studies
Biggest barrier to Vitamin D supplementation: health sector focus on treatment – Aug 2023
Estimated cost savings of getting most people to 60 ng of Vitamin D
Breast Cancer increased 2.3 X with high phosate in diet if not increase vitamin D - Aug 2023
Senior Cognition not improved by 2,000 IU Vitamin D avg.- RCT Aug 2023
mRNA Vaccine Toxicity -free book by Doctors for COVID Ethics - Aug 2023
Politics says put your masks back on, Science says masks may INCREASE COVID infection - Aug 2023
Myocarditis, Pericarditis 2X more likely if had COVID vaccination in previous 30 days - meta-analysis June 2023
Menopause is earlier in black women (low vitamin D) - Aug 2023
1.9 million excess Chinese employee deaths in Jan-Feb 2023 - Aug 2023
What if we paid doctors to keep people healthy - TedTalk 2017
Respiratory infections in children 6 X more likely if low Vitamin D (avg of 2 studies) - Aug 2023
Steroids treating ARDS was published before COVID, but was ignored – Transcript Aug 20, 2023
NAFLD treated by Vitamin D, Omega-3, etc. Aug 2023
Knee Osteoarthritis treated by vitamin D if use more than 2,000 IU daily or non-daily high dose – meta-analysis Aug 2023
Type 2 Diabetes treated by Vitamin D (often 50,000 IU weekly) – meta-analysis July 2023
Vitamin D levels in seniors in Lebanon went up during COVID – Aug 2023
Vitamin D Receptors in muscles decrease with age in those with Osteoporosis - 2018
Personalized Lifestyle Intervention reduced cognitive decline (Alzheimer's)- Aug 2023
Periodontal Inflammation in seniors ceases to increase when Vitamin D is higher than 27 ng – Sept 2023
Many Chronic Health Diseases and Infections can controlled by 40 ng of Vitamin D – Aug 2023
Vitamin D and the skin – July 2023
Vitamin D studies at Examine.com - 2023
IBS reduced by 50,000 IU of Vitamin D (weekly or bi-weekly) – Meta-analysis July 2023
Less morphine recall if preceded by twice a week Vitamin D (400 IU per kg in rats, human weights 80 kg) – Aug 2023
Many health problems are a result of low vitamin D, which can be easily changed
Breast Cancer survival: 44% with just 10,000 IU of vitamin D per week, 33% with placebo – RCT Dec 2023
Severe asthmatics willing to pay 5180 dollars for relief, Vitamin D needed costs only 45 dollars – Sept 2023
Vitamin D and it’s related genes regulate the immune system – Aug 2023
Phytochemicals (Quercetin, Resveratrol, Tumeric, etc.) plus Vitamin D – July 2023
Investigation of segregated patient groups may be more effective than classical vitamin D RCTs - Carlberg July 2023
Conflit of Interest - 56,000 payments to NIH individuals - Aug 2023
Hip fractures are predicted by 10 factors – low Vitamin D is the biggest – Aug 2023
Epstein-Barr Virus may be a prerequiste for Multiple Sclerosis - July 2023
TB again not prevented by a small amount of Vitamin D – RCT Aug 2023
Risk of Hip fracture cut in half if Vitamin D was prescribed - Aug 2023
Doctor got MS and was later cured by high-dose Vitamin D - Aug 2023
Parkinson's disease prevented by Vitamin D, but small doses do not treat it - Aug 2023
COVID Vaccinations increased risk of cardiac deaths in youths by 19% - Aug 2023
Multiple Sclerosis prevention with high-dose vitamin D (in rats in this case) - July 2023
Cigna AI takes 1.2 seconds to deny a medical claim (example: Vitamin D test) - Aug 2023
Schizophrenia severity reduced somewhat by daily 2,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Aug 2023
Search all Health Issues, etc
Sleep greatly improved by 50,000 IU of vitamin D once every two weeks – RCT Sept 2018
Sleep duration increases with vitamin D levels in males, broad peak in females – Sept 2023
Osteoporotic bone fractures predicted by 12 risk factors - taking little Vitamin D is one of them – meta-analysis Aug 2023
People with extremely low vitamin D levels consume 2X more health care dollars – 2018
Infants getting lots of vaccinations are 2X more likely to die - July 2023
Excess deaths 14.9 million, COVID Deaths 5.4 million (2020-2021) - WHO May 2023
Vitamin D response independent of dosing interval – meta-analysis July 2023
Metastatic Melanoma survived 2X longer if adequate level of Vitamin D – July 2023
Long-COVID associated with 37 poor genes (no Vitamin D genes) – July 2023
vax problems Campbell Aug 1 2023
Psoriasis not treated by monthly Vitamin D -meta-analysis July 2023
Dental problems if low Vitamin D (Hill's, Global Rec.) - Grant June 2023
Periodontal Disease and Vitamin D - interview and transcript - GRH, Grant July 2023
Yes, Vitamin D can be a magic bullet - Grant March 2020
50 ng of Vitamin D - 100 hours of noon sunbathing OR 3 dollars of Vit D
An apple a day keeps the doctor away (reduces all-cause mortality by 35%) – July 2023
Example of problems if suggest vaccine alternatives - GreenMedInfo July 2023
Prostate Cancer Survivors are 2.3 X more likely to have high levels of Vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2023
Athletes who had been COVID infected had lower Vitamin D levels – July 2023
Low Vitamin D is associated with risk of Depression 5X, Stress 4.8 X, and Anxiety 3.9 X (Saudi Arabia college students) – July 2023
Majority of pregnant women do not get 400 IU of Vitamin D daily – July 2023
Unvaxxed Healthier Than Vaxxed (UK) - July 2023
Vitamin D was the most popular supplement during the COVID Pandemic – July 2023
800x Higher Incidence of Myocardial Injury After Booster Vaccination - July 2023
Doctors for COVID Ethics
The INSANE BENEFITS of Vitamin D and How To Get It SAFELY - video and transcript July 2023
Sarcopenia (muscle loss) is reduced by vitamin D and many other supplements - July 2023
Infertility risk increased 2.5 X by poor Vitamin D Receptor – July 2023
Seniors taking vitamin D were 40% less likely to get dementia - Jan 2023
1 % weight loss delays brain aging by nearly nine months - RCT April 2023
Vitamin D restricts new capillary growth (angiogenesis) in fat and cancers
Melanoma death risk 0.63 X lower if poor Vitamin D Binding Gene – July 2023
10 Vitamin D Myths - GrassrootsHealth July 2023
Permanent Weight Loss - Vitamin D then water-fast - July 2023
8X increased risk of stroke if COVID vaccinated and catch COVID within 3 weeks – June 2023
Pain not reduced by 60,000 IU monthly vitamin D (need 50,000 IU weekly) – RCT Aug 2023
Depression would be cost-effectively decreased in teens by Vitamin D (Iran) – July 2023
Prevention of allergies, eczma, asthma, in children – Vitamin D during pregnancy is a principal solution – July 2023
Coronary plaque associated with poor gut bacteria (Might vitamin D or K help) – July 2023
Alzheimer’s 1.6X more likely if vitamin D is less than 25 ng – meta-analysis July 2023
13 Cancers are helped by Vitamin D – Biobank July 2023
Just 4,000 IU of vitamin D was not enough to halt senior falls – July 2023
12 Vitamin D genes (Most are not noticed by blood test) – Sept 2021
Muscle pain in obese women reduced by aerobic exercise plus 50,000 IU Vitamin D - RCT May 2021
Global burden of brain disorders surpasses cardiovascular disease and cancer - July 2023
How Multiple Sclerosis might be prevented by Vitamin D -June 2023
Menstrual pain reduced by weekly 50,000 IU of Vitamin D – meta-analysis June 2023
Multiple Sclerosis fatigue reduced by weekly Vitamin D (50,000 IU) – June 2023
Fentanyl (an opioid) is the biggest cause of death in US for those under age 50 - July 2023
Cardiovascular events – need more than monthly 60,000 IU vitamin D to prevent other than infarction – June 2023
Rheumatoid Arthritis pain is reduced by Vitamin D, high doses also reduced inflammation (CRP) – Meta-analysis July 2023
Rheumatoid Arthritis is more severe if low vitamin D – July 2023
COVID, Long-COVID and Vitamin D in children - Review April 2023
COVID cost the US 18,000 dollars per survivor, and many excess deaths - July 2023
Vitamin D book - 134 technical pages - July 2023
Depression in seniors greatly reduced by Vitamin D (e.g. 50,000 IU weekly) – June 2023
74% of autopsies were found to be related to COVID vaccination (from 44 studies) – Lancet July 2023
Diet, Inflammation, and Infectious Diseases – overview of 5 studies – July 2023
Radiation therapy, used to treat some cancers, causes less damage if use Vitamin D (or Melatonin) – Aug 2022
Resveratrol - liposomal may be best form to increase cellular Vitamin D - Feb 2023
Thin Choroid (eye lining) in children thickened by 300,000 IU of Vitamin D – July 2023
3X less risk of Atherosclerotic Disease if good level of Vitamin D (Japan) – June 2023
Cognition improved in 5 ways after Vitamin D increased to 32 ng (50,000 weekly) – June 2023
Depressed infants have very low Vitamin D (7.5 ng) – June 2023
77% of Asians have less than 30 ng of Vitamin D – meta-analysis June 2023
End of Alzheimer's video and transcript - June 2023
BMJ clearly knows that it is publishing bogus research to slander vitamin D - July 2023
T1 Diabetes increased by 27% by second year of COVID – meta-analysis June 2023
Higher Vitamin D in seniors is associated with lower Inflammation (CRP) – June 2023
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Vitamin D - many studies
Breast Cancer treatment – Vitamin D was the most-popular supplement – Jan 2023
Afib in Finland reduced 30% by Vitamin D (3200 IU) – RCT June 2023
Food allergies associated with low Vitamin D - many studies
50K vitamin D levels and diseases
Fibrocystic breasts associated with Vitamin D deficiency (2X) – June 2023
COVID in hospital stopped by Vitamin D Receptor activators (curcumin, quercetin) – RCT June 2023
FDA approved drug to TREAT child Type 2 diabetes – single clinical trial of only 50 (vs scores of trials using vitamin D) – June 2023
Infertile women had less Vitamin D (Baghdad in this case) – June 2023
Psoriasis treatment often needs more than 100 ng of Vitamin D (oral, topical or UVB) – review and discussion April 2021
Higher air pollution associated with more fractures and lower levels of vitamin D – June 2023
Obesity of 9,000 US adults: DEXA said 72% were obese, BMI said 42% were obese – June 2023
Severe depression while pregnant reduces Vitamin D by 62 %, resulting in many problems in infant – June 2023
Multiple Sclerosis treated equally by UVB and weekly 50,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT July 2023
Diabetes 30% more likely in those with low birth weight - June 2023
Vitamin D Health problems can run in families (epigenetics, they miss other reasons) – June 2023)
Osteoporosis consensus includes Vitamin D and Calcium (Ecuador) – June 2023
Cancer Treatments - vitamin D is one of the 30 alternatives - June 2023
Asthma probably fought by Vitamin D in more than 4 ways – review May 2023
Rotator Cuff repair using Vitamin D lowers medical cost by 46 dollars – June 2023
More psoriasis flares following second COVID vaccination if lowish Vitamin D – May 2023
Fasting may reduce inflammation and long-COVID - June 2023
Yet another reason to take Vitamin D while pregnant – fight COVID - meta-analysis May 2023
Bariatric surgery increases risk of bone fracture (less vitamin D adsorbed) - June 2023
Bone fractures of children not reduced if given little vitamin D, no Calcium etc. – RCT May 2023
Vitamin D which dissolves in mouth for those having poor response due to poor guts, HSCT etc.- June 2023
4 Cardiovascular diseases are associated with little vitamin D getting to cells – May 2023
Low vitamin D while pregnant – a health emergency (Indonesia in this case) – meta-analysis May 2023
Malaria death 3X less likely in mice given vitamin D (looks good for humans too) – meta-analysis June 2023
Poor oral health increases CVD risk if low Vitamin D – June 2023
Obesity also increases the risk of mental health problems (probably Vitamin D) - June 2023
Off Topic: DNA data finally being used to identify diseases caused by genes- June 2023
Vitamin D gestation known unknowns located by a computer in pubmed publications– June 2023
Better Cognition needs at least 25 ng of Vitamin D (38 studies)– meta-analysis June 2023
Vitamin D-disease associations vary with the type of study – RCT, Observational, MR - July 2022
Some excess calories diverted to muscle growth if high level vitamin D (exercising mice) – preprint May 2022
Chronic periodontitis associated with low vitamin D and low vitamin B12 – May 2023
Vitamin D improves Infertility in 9 ways (50 references, no PDF) – May 2023
Falls and frailty associated with low levels of both vitamins B12 and D3 – June 2023
Cardiovascular Disorders – 31 recent Vitamin D studies – May 2023
Childhood Cancer Survivors have worse arteries due to anticancer therapy – May 2023
2 Pregnancy problems in Iran decreased by 20X when add Vitamin D – May 2023
Role of Vitamin D in Alzheimer's disease (paywalled) - May 2023
.The Role of Vitamin D in Alzheimer's disease – May 2023
Asthma by age 7 if wheezing before preeschools and poor vitamin D Receptor - May 2023
Physiological Basis for Using Vitamin D to Improve Health - May 2023
Inflammation associated with Cancer reduced by Vitamin D – meta-analysis May 2023
Afib 40% less likely after heart by-pass if have enough Vitamin D – meta-analysis May 2023
Oral cancers might be prevented and treated by Vitamin D (VDR may be important) – Review May 2023
Cervical Cancer is prevented by Vitamin D, and treated if caught early (genes are important) – May 2023
3% fewer respiratory problems in children if single 100K vitamin D in 3rd trimester – May 2023
Psoriasis is treated by topical Vitamin D, etc. – May 2023
Atrial Fibrillation - now 1 in 45 in the UK - May 2023
Vitamin D both reduces CVD directly and reduces metabolic problems that cause CVD – May 2023
Little second-hand smoke problem in children if mother had added Vitamin D while pregnant - RCT Feb 2023
The US believes you have long-COVID if you have more than 12 points (no treatment yet) - May 2023
Magnesium and Health Timeline (generated by AI)
Vitamin D Timeline (generated by AI)
Preemies with pneumonia have especially low vitamin D levels (12 ng) – May 2023
Preterm birth 7 X more likely if both low vitamin D and high PTH 1 month before birth – May 2023
Cystic Fibrosis appears associated with poor Vitamin D genes (radioactive tracing) – May 2023
16 factors increase the risk of early-onset colorectal cancer, only vitamin D decreases the risk – meta-analysis May 2023
13 B dollar income to Pfizer and Moderna, 147 B dollar cost of vaccine problems (just US) - March 2023
Tuberculosis not prevented by a tiny amount of vitamin D (equiv to 1,400 IU daily) – RCT May 2023
Chronic tonsillitis virtually eliminated in children by Vitamin D (50,000 IU weekly) – RCT May 2023
Infants getting an additional 800 IU of vitamin D for 2 years had 60% fewer psychiatric symptoms at age 7 – RCT May 2023
17% of US currently depressed (Vitamin D etc. can reduce it) – May 2023
Melanoma is 1.4X more-likely if low Vitamin D – meta-analysis May 2023
International Covid and Vaccination Summit III - European Parliament Video May 2023
50 ng level of Vitamin D proven to fight many diseases - Whittle May 2023
Response to infant 2,000 IU Vitamin D daily was in 194 ng, monthly dosing was 20% less – RCT May 2023
11 Diabetes problems are associated with low Vitamin D – review May 2023
Get Multiple Sclerosis while younger if have a poor CYP24A1 vitamin D gene – May 2023
COVID vaccinations doubled the risk of blood clots in the eye (RVO) – May 2023
The Vitamin D receptor has been found in 54 human tissues – April 2023
COVID asymptomatic rarely infectious or low Vitamin D - May 2023
Chance of moderately severe COVID 3X less likely if plant-based diet – April 2021
Breast Cancer not prevented by vitamin D when use small doses or for just a short time – Meta-analysis April 2023
Senior men with good vitamin D exercised more and had less metabolic syndrome – May 2023
Post-stroke Vitamin D supplementation helped in 11 ways – May 2023
Parkinson’s – Vitamin D, bone and falls – Aug 2022
Parkinson’s – Vitamin D, bone density, insomnia, falls, poor sleep, anxiety – March 2019
Parkinson’s Disease and Vitamin D – review of 52 studies – May 2022
Death rates of Cardiovascular patients keep decreasing until 90 nmol of Vitamin D - May 2023
Breast Cancer survivors with high vitamin D were 3.3 X less likely to have metastases – May 2023
Large dose Vitamin D before surgery was found to help by 35 studies
COVID, Long COVID, and Vitamin D – May 2023
ACL knee tears 1.8X more likely in 2 years if low Vitamin D – April 2023
COVID lockdowns reduced Vitamin D levels - should supplement - April 2023
4X reduction in prediabetes progressing to T2D if more than 50 ng of vitamin D – RCT March 2023
Multiple Sclerosis is again not fought by 5,000 IU vitamin D daily (need at least 10X more) – RCT May 2023
Children with COVID 4X more likely to have poor Vitamin D Receptors (Note: COVID deactivates VDR) – April 2023
3,400 peer-reviewed studies found COVID Vaccination problems as of April 2023
Indoor athletes have 4.5 ng less Vitamin D (Asia in this case) – meta-analysis April 2023
T2 Diabetes might be fought by Vitamin D plus Vitamin D Receptor activators – April 2023
Vitamin D during pregnancy increased child’s bone mineral density – meta-analysis April 2023
94 percent of children with Chronic Neurological Diseases had low vitamin D – April 2023
Smoking does not decrease response to monthly Vitamin D – RCT July 2020
Myopia, AMD, Dry Eye, and Diabetic Retinopathy are all associated with low Vitamin D - April 2023
How Vitamin D fights Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy – June 2023
Osteoporosis fought by Vitamin D and Testosterone in Caucasian men – March 2023
Diabetes 3X more likely if had COVID ICU (VDR was de-activated) - April 2023
Type 2 diabetes attributable to suboptimal diet in 184 countries (note: Vit D, Mg help) – April 2023
11 cancers fought by Vitamin D - mini review April 2023
Increase vitamin D levels if they are low - April 2023
Resulting childhood Asthma cut in half if 4,400 IU Vitamin D (5 ways to improve it) - RCT April 2023
1 in 5 Canadians have inadequate Vitamin D (less than 16 ng), far more if dark skinned – Canada April 2023
Vitamin D levels in the brain vary with both the region and the brain problem – Dec 2022
Light improves health by more than just Vitamin D - April 2022
Fast responses to Vitamin D – loading dose, nanoemulsion and Calcifediol – April 2023
Calcium supplements are HARMFUL – a reversal of recommendations from 2000 – Nov 2015
Poor vaccine batches associated with adverse events - March 2023
Bone Mineral Density and Vitamin D - many studies
Vitamin D not improve health if any of 7 errors are made by trials – April 2023
Parkinson's Disease 25 percent more likely if air pollution (likely lower Vitamin D) - April 2023
COVID variants protect themselves by deactivating different VDR variants– March 2023
Depression in Icelandic men 2.5 X more likely if vitamin D deficient – Nov 2015
Fracture treatment 2000 dollars less expensive if also use Vitamin D and Calcium – Feb 2023
Better visual memory if more vitamin D – April 2023
100 years since the discovery of Vitamin D - 23 studies - 2022, 2023
COVID death 1.5 X less likely if high vitamin D, emergency D (50K to 100K) is great – meta-analysis March 2023
Cost-effective to give Vitamin D to all children to prevent acute respiratory infection – April 2023
Several eye problems can be treated by Vitamin D – April 2023
Vitamin D - A master example of nutrigenomics – April 2023
Reduced Childhood Behavioral Problems if more Vitamin D while pregnant– April 2023
Only Vitamin D was found to treat post-partum depression - Meta-analysis April 2023
Inflammation of small blood vessels in the brain is associated with low vitamin D - April 2023
Submariners need Vitamin D (no surprise) – Review March 2023
6 billion people have less than 75 nmol (30 ng) of Vitamin D – March 2023
Poor placental Vitamin D genes associated with gestational diabetes and preeclampsia - April 2023
The fear of the coronavirus is more dangerous than the virus itself - March 2020
1250 peer-reviewed COVID Vaccine problems - March 2023
Health can be greatly improved by weekly 50,000 IU of Vitamin D - video and charts - March 2023
3,200 IU of Vitamin D for 3 weeks before colon cancer surgery helped a bit (higher or loading dose would be much better) – March 2023
Canada, like New Zealand, may regulate Vitamin D and other supplements - March 2023
Poor bone health is a ‘robust’ dementia risk factor (both associated with Low vitamin D) - March 2023
COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Grossly Overestimated from Non-Randomized Studies - Mar 2023
NAFLD and Vitamin D - many studies
Autoimmune RA, SLE, SSc, genes and Vitamin D – March 2023
Backpain relief – low evidence that drugs or NSAIDS help – Meta-analysis March 2023
Water produced by reverse osmosis removes Magnesium and causes health problems if not supplemented – March 2023
7 Facts about Vitamin D You Never Knew (references VitaminDWiki) - video March 2023
US Life expectancy is short and getting shorter
Better neurodevelpment at age 2 if high Vitamin D during all phases of pregnancy – March 2023
Nutrients, Microbiome, and Chronic Diseases - April 2023
COVID predicted to be a pandemic that could be stopped by high dose vitamin D - Feb 2020
Less vitamn D from the sun if it is too hot to be outside (now noticed in China) - March 2023
Breast Cancer risk - meta-analysis of 50 studies - Dec 2019
Parkinson's Disease 5X more likely if Trichloroethylene (TCE, wonder about Vit D) - March 2023
Reduce 4 health problems by a quarter if increase Vitamin D to 30 ng – Saudi Arabia, Grant March 2023
10 Groups Are More Prone To Vitamin D Deficiency - 2017
Bone mineral density improvement by Vitamin D plus fluoride is augmented by laser acupuncture – RCT March 2023
UVB not help chickens much (no surprise – shined on feathers, not legs) – March 2023
People allergic to Lanolin should not be allergic to vegan Vitamin D
Vitamin D Deficiency - 14 signs - March 2023
increased Periodontal Disease risk if low Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega-3 - GRH March 2023
UK MP talked on vaccine harms, other MPs left – transcript Mar 17, 2023
Infant should have fewer problems with air pollution if high maternal vitamin D – March 2023
Dementia 2.6 X more likely if very low Vitamin D – March 2023
Canadian Vitamin D recommendations not updated in 13 years - March 2023
Breast Cancer chemotherapy improved if able to suppress a vitamin D gene (CYP24A1) – May 2023
Rheumatoid Arthritis should be prevented by improving gut microbiota (Vitamin D, probiotics, etc.) – March 2023
Ovarian Cancer 37 percent less likely if high vitamin D – meta-analysis March 2023
Alzheimer's 40 percent less likely if leafy veggie diet - March 2023
Health Problems list in VitaminDWiki - March 2023
US maternal death rate increasing (low D not mentioned) - March 2023
Fluoride lowers IQ in Children (It blocks Vitamin D and Magnesium) - March 2023
Influenza, pneumonia, or ear infections almost 2X more likely if low vitamin D - Jan 2023
Allergic rhinitis sublingual therapy was 22X more successful if good level of Vitamin D – Feb 2023
The Role of Vitamin D in Reducing Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia - transcript Dr. Grant March 2023
Vitamin D Deficiency in South America - meta-analysis March 2023
Fractures 1.5 X more-likely if low serum Magnesium – meta-analysis March 2023
COVID not prevented by 2,200 IU daily vitamin D ( no surpise) - March 2023
Is low Vitamin D just a marker of disease - March 2023
Health can be greatly improved by weekly 50,000 IU of Vitamin D - video and transcript - March 2023
charts - just headings past 48
Childhood BMI decreased when add Vitamin D (Note: less than half of the studies used more than 600 IU) – meta-analysis March 2023 broken
Dementia again associated with low Vitamin D – 15th study in 10 years – Jan 2023
Eating Fish – 17 health benefits (Omega-3 and perhaps Vitamin D) – umbrella review Feb 2023
Pfizer COVID vaccination during pregnancy clinical trial is still not published - Feb 2023
Seniors raised Vitamin D levels, more COVID survivors, less CKD (Slovakia) – Feb 2023
COVID 3X less likely if Xyilotol nasal spray 3X per day – RCT Dec 2022
Neurodegenerative diseases (AD, PD, MS, Dementia, etc.) fought by Vitamin D (in rodents) – Jan 2023
Urinary Incontinence reduced by 50,000 IU of vitamin D weekly (details behind paywall) – RCT Feb 2023
Vitamin D interactions with poor gut (Celiac, IBD, and Bariatric surgery) – Feb 2023
Preeclampsia reduced by 33 percent if high vitamin D – meta-analysis Feb 2023
Only 1 in 20 Australians get more than 400 IU of vitamin D from food – March 2022
Higher conscientiousness, extraversion related to higher vitamin D in seniors – Feb 2023
Higher vitamin D level in mother results in higher level in newborn - Feb 2023
COVID recovery 1.6X faster after 200,000 IU of Vitamin D RCT – Feb 2023
Excess Deaths in Australia jumped up in 2022– preprint Feb 2023
My Life as a Vitamin D Researcher – Dr. Grant Feb 2023
Vitamin D Answers website
Cardiovascular problems are prevented by Vitamin D plus Omega-3 – Feb 2023
Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome of COVID in Children 3X more likely if low Vitamin D – Feb 2023
test number of visits
Higher Vitamin D-binding protein is good (neonates in this case) – Feb 2023
COVID was associated with low Vitamin D or Zinc – umbrella review Feb 2023
Vitamin D presentation charts - March 2023
Parkinson’s Disease, low vitamin D and Vit. D genetics – Jan 2023
Depression 1.9 X more likely in Japanese women 5 years after having low vitamin D - March 2023
Sepsis is fought by Vitamin D in 9 ways – Feb 2023
Metabolic Syndrome prevented by Vitamin D, Phytochemicals and improved gut bacteria - Feb 2023
Sjögren's Disease ( dry eye, dry mouth, etc.) associated with low vitamin D - Meta-analysis Feb 2023
Recurrent Stroke 5X more-likely if very low vitamin D - meta-analysis Feb 2023
Increased obesity risk in child if low vitamin D while pregnant - Feb 2023
More autoimmune disease if higher pollution or lower UVB - Feb 2023
No response to vitamin D 7X more likely if poor CYP24A1 or VDBP genes - Feb 2023
Bones not helped by tiny Vitamin D and Mg, for a short time with no exercise - Feb 2023
Immune systems of males and females differ through life – focus on TB and COVID – Feb 2023
Ways to improve the gut microbiome to reduce Alzheimer's disease – Feb 2023
Cleaning out poor cells (autophagy) is increased by Vitamin D and fasting – 2023
Infertile patients 1.7X more-likely to become pregnant if take Vitamin D – meta-analysis Feb 2023
Asthma exacerbations cut in half by Vitamin D when not taking corticosteroids - Cochrane – Feb 2023
All children with Chronic Kidney Disease had low Vitamin D (Pakistan hospital) Jan 2023
The FDA Wants to Interfere in the Practice of Medicine - WSJ Jan 12, 2023
RNA viruses mutate quickly, COVID-19 is an RNA virus - Feb 2023
The best way to improve your health - take Vitamin D
infections etc. quickly consume Vitamin D - Feb 2023
Vitamin D, now conclusive (for COVID) - Dr. Campbell Video and transcript - Feb 1, 2023
Depression is especially reduced by large intermittent doses of vitamin D – meta-analysis – April 2023
COVID appears to be treated by many antioxidants ( Vitamins D, C, E, K, and Quercetin, Curcumin, etc) – Jan 2023 broken
Airline pilot heart annual EKGs - 1 in 5 would have failed test if FAA had not changed the criteria - Jan 2023
COVID Vaccinations: UK not for healthy people under 50 , US annually if over 4 - Jan 2023
Depression: Low vitamin D in the strongest of 11 risk factors – Jan 2023
High fluoride in water: 5X more likely to be Vitamin D deficient – Jan 2023
CRISPER-edited tomatoe leaves have 8,000 IU of vitamin D3 per gram - May 2022
Off topic: back muscle pain quickly treated by TENS - Jan 2023
Fracture 4X less likely following kidney transplant if high-dose Vitamin D (100,000 every 2 weeks) – RCT Jan 2023
No Breast Cancer association with Vitamin D (none had enough) – Jan 2023
Many pregnant women are deficient when taking the recommended amount of Vitamin D – Jan 2023
The Deceptive Campaign for Bivalent Covid Boosters - WSJ Jan 2023
Vitamin D: 100 year anniversary of discovery – Holick Jan 2023
NIH employees got 1.4 billion dollars in big-pharma royalties in 12 years - Jan 2023
COVID ICU 3X less-likely if take any amount and type of Vitamin D – meta-analysis Jan 2023
A New Zealand bill would require prescriptions for Vitamins A, C, D, E, Omega-3, Zinc, Magnesium, etc. – Jan 2023
2nd COVID infection increases the risk of Long-COVID - 2022
Elevated Intraocular Pressure (leads to glaucoma) risk cut in half with lots of vitamin D - Jan 2023
Co-factors increase Vitamin D response for the GRH cohort - Jan 2023
Restore your Vitamin D levels before surgery (Gastric Cancer in this case) - Jan 2023
Lots of Biotonin needed sometimes (excess protein, etc.) - Masterjohn Jan 2023
((2.5 million IU of vitamin D caused hypercalcemia in some seniors (had failed to reduce their Calcium intake) – Dec 2022

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"Free range" lard has 500 IU vitamin D per teaspoon
10,000 IU of Vitamin D for 7 years with no excessive Calcium in 4,800 patients – Dec 2018
10,000 IU vitamin D daily is safe, toxicity start at 150 ng (for monotherapy)– Jan 2013
3 people taking more than 20,000 IU of vitamin D for years – Dec 2016
3 to 55 X more likely to have these health problems if low Vitamin D
35,000 IU vitamin D daily for 6 months helped ALL psoriasis suffers (106 ng) – Brazil March 2013
50,000 IU of Vitamin D every 2 weeks reduced gestational diabetes – RCT Feb 2015
60,000 IU vitamin D weekly with daily Calcium was safe but not enough in the winter – 2012
Air Pollution reduces Vitamin D
ALL of the top 10 health problems of women are associated with low vitamin D
Antibiotics and Vitamin D are associated with many of the same diseases
Antimicrobial peptides (which attack pathogens) are increased by Vitamin D
Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema - many studies
Autoimmune disorder patients in Brazil helped by vitamin D – video and Facebook – Nov 2012
Better than Daily weekly, bi-weekly, not monthly
Better sperm if have higher level of vitamin D
Bipolar Disorder may be related to cellular, not blood Vitamin D
BONE SPURS not produced if have enough Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, etc. – Nov 2011
Boron increases vitamin D in the blood
Bulk supplementation of Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, B-12, K2, Boron etc. - lower cost and easier than pills
Burns, ulcers, and wounds healed by Vitamin D - many studies
Bursitis and Vitamin D
Calcium bioavailability and how much to take
Calcium hazards and bioavailability
Chart of Vitamin D levels vs race - April 2013
Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D
Cola Soft Drinks reduce Calcium and vitamin D
Colorado has the best UV (and thus best health) in the US
Comparing High-dose vitamin D therapies
Concern about accidentally giving infant too much liquid vitamin D – Aug 2012
Concussions (traumatic brain injury) getting big press coverage, vitamin D might be both a cause and a solution
Congestive heart failure in infants virtually cured by 1000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Feb 2012
Constipation - Magnesium, Calcium and cofactors
Coronaviruses attach to cells via ACE2, Vitamin D might reduce ACE2
COVID-19 Coronavirus can most likely be fought by Vitamin D
COVID-19 doctors not allowed to use treatments that work - Dr McCullough Video and transcript May 2021
COVID-19 more frequent and deadly for those with dark skins (high risk of low vitamin D)
COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos
Criteria to associate a health problem with low vitamin D
Do not expect your doctor to know about vitamin D
Do UVA and UVB affect the body in different ways
Does Less Sun mean More Disease Video
Dr. Fauci takes 6,000 IU of Vitamin D daily – Sept 2020
Dupuytren’s Contracture (bent finger) treated by Boron and DMSO - 2016
Endometriosis treated, and perhaps prevented, by vitamin D - many studies
Eskimos evolved to get and limit Vitamin D from food
Fertility problem (PCOS) reduced by vitamin D: many studies
For Medical Professionals
Gallbladder removal and vitamin D deficiency
Germany does not fortify ANY food with vitamin D, is considering 1000 IU from bread – Nov 2013
Gestational Diabetes reduced with 50,000 IU of vitamin D every 3 weeks and daily Calcium – RCT June 2014
Getting Vitamin D into your body includes chart
Group is giving only 200 IU of Vitamin D to 70 million women and children to prevent Rickets
Gut microbiome massively changed by weekly vitamin D – July 2015
Half-life of vitamin D varies weeks to months
Headache with vitamin D may mean you need Magnesium
Health and Light - Ott 1973
Health problems that run in families are often associated with low vitamin D
Healthy in Seven Days - Loading dose of Vitamin D – book 2014
Healthy pregnancies need lots of vitamin D
Hearing Loss appears to be prevented and treated with vitamin D
How 60 ng of vitamin D enabled pregnancy - a personal story
How Much Vitamin D
How often might 50,000 IU vitamin D be taken - results of clinical trials
How to significantly reduce your risk of contracting the Zika virus
How vitamin D is made from sheep wool - Feb 2011
How you might double your response to vitamin D
Hypothesis – Fatigue the day after sex is due to deficiency of Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc
Hypothesis – Vitamin B-12 deficiency is associated with Vitamin D deficiency
Hypothesis of cause and effect of vitamin D deficiency
Hypothesis: bags under eyes are due to lack of vitamin D and vitamin K- Dec 2011
Hypothesis: Some Mental Illness could be treated or prevented with vitamin D
Incidence of 22 health problems related to vitamin D have doubled in a decade
Increase your vitamin D from the sun by wearing a tan-through instead of standard shirt
Inflammatory diseases: review of vitamin D, with many tables – May 2014
Interview and transcript: Vitamin D protocol for Autoimmune diseases – Dr. Coimbra 2016
Interview of Vitamin K2 and Calcium Paradox author by Dr. Mercola – Dec 2012
Investigation on Roundup - glyphosate at VitaminDWiki
IoM again fails to look at interactions - Nov 2010 with Calcium
Iron deficiency is a cause of Vitamin D deficiency
Large dose of vitamin D (200,000 IU) lasts for about 100 days – Feb 2015 loading
Low cost cofactors for vitamin D
Low Cost vitamin D - including liquid and bulk
Low cost vitamin D Blood Tests
Lupus flares totally eliminated by loading dose then 100000 IU of vitamin D each month – Oct 2012
Magnesium and vitamin D discussions on Facebook
Magnesium can occasionally make you feel worse – Aug 2013
Magnesium may be an important way to treat brain trauma
Major interactions between Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Influenza – Sept 2013
Many diseases of aging are associated with low vitamin D – Dec 2014
Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic
Masterjohn on relationships between Vitamin A D and K – Dec 2010
Minutes in the Sun for 1000 IU
Most people have pale palms which do not tan
Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D - book by patient on Coimbra protocol - Feb 2016
Muscle cells differentiate into fat cells if there is low vitamin D in petrie dish – April 2013
Muscle strength in youth increased with 60,000 IU vitamin D per week and 1 g Calcium – April 2010
Nanoemulsion Vitamin D faster and better (paywall) – RCT Dec 2021
No – 10 minutes per day of sun-UVB is NOT enough
No longer easily bruised: due to vitamins, probably vitamin D
Off topic: Skin aging reversed with by oral collagen – trials and reviews
Obesity epidemic: a perfect storm of deficiency of vitamin D, Magnesium, Iodine, etc – May 2012
One pill every two weeks gives you all the vitamin D most adults need
Overview COPD and Vitamin D - 50,000 IU weekly helps a lot
Overview How Much vitamin D
Overview Vitamin D Dose-Response
People who get little noon-day sun must supplement with Vitamin D – systematic review June 2017
Personal Stories of getting lots of Vitamin D
Photosensitivity (sun allergy) and vitamin D
Poor sleep and lack of vitamin D - Nov 2011
Proof that Vitamin D Works
Quick, free, self test of vitamin D deficiency test
Raynaud's pain decreased with 600,000 IU monthly vitamin D – RCT May 2012
RDA, EAR, UL, RDI, AI, UL, and SONA described
Reasons for low response to vitamin D
Recommended levels of vitamins and minerals - history RDA DRI
Redhead – Red hair - vitamin D
Reducing vitamin D reduces cathelicidin which reduces immunity
Respiratory infections (RTI) cut in half by 20,000 IU weekly vitamin D if initially deficient – RCT March 2015
Respiratory infections reduced by 63 percent with 4000 IU vitamin D daily - RCT Dec 2012
Restless Legs Syndrome dramatically reduced by vitamin D, etc
Review of the Benefits of Vitamin D and Recommendations – Jan 2017
Sarcoidosis (rare) problems when taking vitamin D - many studies
Sepsis is both prevented and treated by Vitamin D - many studies
Side Effects and Warning for vitamin D
Sleep Apnea and vitamin D - Jan 2011
Some people have problems with vitamin D
Stop Zika Birth Defects with Vitamin D
Sublingual vitamin D
Supplementing Vitamin D
Take vitamin D3 daily, weekly, or bi-weekly
The lungs can activate vitamin D locally – a Vitamin D inhaler may help lungs – Aug 2016
Tinnitus is treated by Magnesium and perhaps Zinc or Vitamin D
Topical vitamin D raised blood level to 38 ng (used Aloe Vera gel) – RCT March 2014
Traumatic brain injury treated by Vitamin D Progesterone Omega-3 and glutamine – May 2013
Units Conversion ng - nmol
US Cities with least amount of sunshine - top 15 all in Washington
UTI associated with low Vitamin D as well as treated - many studies
UV and Vitamin D calculators
Vaginal suppository of 6300 IU vitamin D stopped vaginal infection – Feb 2011
Video by Dr. Coimbra – 95 percent of auto-immune cured with vitamin D in high doses - April 2014
Vitamin D and fertility: a systematic review – May 2012
Vitamin D and Iodine are similar, and both are deficient and important to health
Vitamin D bulb for use in the home - or perhaps office
Vitamin D can inhibit enveloped virus (e.g. Corona, Herpes, Zoster, Epstein, Hepatitis, RSV) – March 2011
Vitamin D content of over 400 types of food
Vitamin D Cure- book
Vitamin D decreases incidence of disease
Vitamin D from animal increases 6X when consider that already processed by animal livers meat eggs
Vitamin D from low-cost UVB lamps
Vitamin D increased absorption of Phosphorus and Calcium in steers – April 2012
Vitamin D infographics (1 image summaries)
Vitamin D injection lasts longer and has bigger response than weekly oral – Jan 2017
Vitamin D is important for the central nervous system and cognition – May 2013
Vitamin D levels in healthy populations around the globe – Aug 2012
Vitamin D may protect against Ebola
Vitamin D needs some vitamin A, but not too much
Vitamin D Recommendations around the world - IU and ng
Vitamin D sachets in India – fewer than a third had the stated amount – Nov 2013 supplementation
Vitamin D vs angle of the sun
Vitamin D3 becomes Calcidiol which becomes Calcitriol
Vitamin D3 for Vegans
Vitamins To Speed Up Metabolism And Aid Weight Loss – May 2011
Warning – Medicare will pay for just 1 vitamin D test PER LIFETIME (if not related to a few diseases)
Ways to block UVA but not the UVB which makes vitamin D
Ways to improve health
Williams-Beuren Syndrome (rare) and too much Vitamin D

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Vitamin D at CureTogether: Fibromyalgia, MS, Psoriasis, etc - Dec 2013
IoM again fails to look at interactions - Nov 2010
Obesity epidemic: a perfect storm of deficiency of vitamin D, Magnesium, Iodine, etc – May 2012
Overview Meta-analysis of Vitamin D
Lupus flares totally eliminated by loading dose then 100000 IU of vitamin D each month – Oct 2012
10,000 IU of Vitamin D for 7 years with no excessive Calcium in 4,800 patients – Dec 2018
For Medical Professionals
Healthy bones need: Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Silicon, Vitamin K, and Boron – 2012
Topical vitamin D raised blood level to 38 ng (used Aloe Vera gel) – RCT March 2014
Just mark your calendar for vitamin D days
Personal Stories of getting lots of Vitamin D
Why are doctors reluctant to accept vitamin D
Vitamin D needs some vitamin A, but not too much
Minutes in the Sun for 1000 IU
Bursitis and Vitamin D
Do not expect your doctor to know about vitamin D
Health problems that run in families are often associated with low vitamin D
Vitamin D and fertility: a systematic review – May 2012
Gut microbiome massively changed by weekly vitamin D – July 2015
Ways to improve health Magnesium, vitamin K2, cofactors, Omega-3
The lungs can activate vitamin D locally – a Vitamin D inhaler may help lungs – Aug 2016
Many diseases of aging are associated with low vitamin D – Dec 2014
Comparing High-dose vitamin D therapies
Major interactions between Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Influenza – Sept 2013
Should adults take vitamin D supplements to prevent disease (No, if you ignore most of the studies) - Nov 2016
Epilepsy and deficiency of vitamin D and-or Magnesium – Feb 2013
Vitamin D and the skin: Focus on a complex relationship - Nov 2015
Growing pains reduced 60 percent by monthly Vitamin D – March 2014
How, when to take Vit. D
Influenza prevented by 40 ng levels or treated with vitamin D hammer (50,000 IU) – June 2015
Type 2 muscles, not all muscles, get benefit from Vitamin D - Dec 2012
Diabetic Foot Ulcer 3.2 X or 3.6 X more likely if low vitamin D – several meta-analyses
Low risk Prostate Cancer decreased with 4,000 IU of vitamin D – July 2012
Cholesterol, Vitamins D3 and K2, heart disease, sulfates, LDL, – Masterjohn Interview Jan 2013
Need at least 80 ng of vitamin D if have chronic kidney disease – May 2012
Vitamin D reduced so low that Victorian age diseases are returning
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Vitamin D - multiple studies
Sun and UV
100000 IU vitamin D monthly helps COPD patients – 3 RCT
Response and adverse effects of 20,000 and 30,000 IU Vitamin D weekly - Feb 2015
Tests for Vitamin D
Essential Tremor and low Vitamin D
Can get 50,000 IU Vitamin D anywhere on the globe
Weight loss and Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium
VitaminDWiki interview and transcript - Jan 2022
Breast milk resulted in 20 ng of vitamin D for infant if mother had taken 5,000 IU daily – RCT Dec 2013
D Minder: Vitamin D calculator for Smartphones and iPad
Gluten Intolerance - with notes on vitamin D
High Risk of little Vitamin D
Nitric oxide (from Sun, UVA, Vitamin D) reduces cardiovascular problems
Cancer Gallery and Category
Menstrual Pain (PMS) reduced by vitamin D – RCT 2012, 2014, 2016
Vitamin D levels around the world - DSM review June 2014
Risk of going from pre-MS to MS reduced 68 percent with 7100 IU vitamin D – RCT Dec 2012
Vitamin D from phototherapy lamps, tanning beds, and the sun – Jan 2012
Cataracts prevented and perhaps treated by Vitamin D - 2015
Seniors Vitamin D Workshop - Sept 2011
Dieters lost 5 more pounds if achieved more than 32 ng of vitamin D – RCT March 2014
Hypothesis – Fatigue the day after sex is due to deficiency of vitamin D or Magnesium
Be informed of updates by RSS, etc
"No hat, no play" in Australian primary schools
DDT 3.8 X more prevalent with Alzheimer disease (no mention that DDT decreases vitamin D) – Jan 2014
How much vitamin D and other nutrients do I take
Vitamin D increases mineral availability which protect against toxic elements - July 2015
Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox – 2012 book
Prisoners have very low vitamin D and get TB, influenza, and depression
Alzheimer's Disease more likely with low vitamin D – meta-analysis Oct 2012
People in Louisiana may be avoiding the hot sun like those in Middle East – May 2012
Active Vitamin D (Calcitriol) reference ranges, why too high is a problem– April 2015
Vitamin D aided progesterone in reducing traumatic brain injury – RCT Dec 2012
Hypothesis: Low vitamin D linked to Myopia
HMOs will save millions of dollars with vitamin D
Vitamin D – water-soluble is far more absorbable than fat-soluble – Nov 2016
Just 1500 IU of Vitamin D significantly helps Prozac – RCT March 2013
Handout on Vitamin D (Hormone D) and sleep - Gominak 2012
The Shadow Rule – you make more Vitamin D when you are taller than your shadow – 1992
Forms of Vitamin D
Overview Evidence for vitamin D
Overview Vitamin D books and videos
If you cannot readily get medical treatment, consider Alternative Med such as vitamin D
Ensure a healthy pregnancy and infant with as little as $20 of Vitamin D
30 to 50 ng of vitamin D is optimal – Central Europe consensus Sept 2013
Vitamin D injection of 600,000 IU (response by 10 individuals)– Sept 2017
Air Conditioning probably has decreased vitamin D
Many hints that vitamin D megadoses cure some diseases
Toxicity of Vitamin D
Resveratrol improves health (Vitamin D receptor, etc.)
Cancer risk reduced 65 percent by vitamin D levels greater than 40 nanograms – April 2016
Vitamin D levels are strongly associated with genes: overview of twin studies – Nov 2012
400,000 IU of vitamin D reduced adult pain and improved quality of life – March 2014
Possible reduction in nocturia, nighttime urination, or BPH after taking vitamin D
Vitamin D from the sun without the heat (silver-coated plexiglass)
Vitamin D provides faster recovery after muscle overuse – April 2013
Boron improves magnesium absorption and may help vitamin D non-responders – Aug 2015
Statin-induced Myalgias corrected with 100000 weekly Vitamin D2
Brain lesions might be associated with vitamin D deficiency – March 2012
Sleep disorders cured by 60-80 ng of vitamin D and some B vitamins – March 2013
Hypothesis: Drug addiction in humans can be prevented and treated by vitamin D -May 2014
Decrease Calcium and Increase Magnesium when increasing vitamin D
Vitamin D fortification of food - review Dec 2011
Costs of Pregnancy much reduced by Vitamin D
Gestational Diabetes reduced 40 percent by 5,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT April 2014
Increased visibility for VitaminDWiki pages
Parkinson's disease stabilized with just 1200 IU of vitamin D – RCT May 2013
Natural Ways to Increase Calcitriol and Activate The Vitamin D Receptor Gene – Oct 2017
test of overviews
VitaminDWiki News for Feb and March 2013
Overview Leukemia and Vitamin D
Vitamin D levels are dropping rapidly – what you need to do
Vitamin D overdose items from Easy Immune System Health – April 2011
Controversy cats and vitamin D
Vitamin D - new popular pages in VitaminDWiki - 2014
Links at VitaminDWiki
Vitamin D - Facts and Myths
Too much Vitamin D
"Free Range Lard" has lots of vitamin D and is good for you
Obese need 2X to 3X more vitamin D - Nov 2014
Vitamin D, K2, Magnesium, etc increase bone density when taking together– Jan 2012
7 improvements in lives of veterans with chronic pain with 50,000 IU vitamin D weekly – June 2012
No noticeable decrease in Autism in child with high level of vitamin D – July 2012
Blacks may not need as much Vitamin D (for their bones)
Cancer survival 4 percent more likely with just a little more vitamin D (4 ng) - meta-analysis July 2014
Is too much vitamin D bad – possible causes and cures
Veterinary and D
Scared Out of the Sun for Fifty Years – Jan 2011
Endocrine Society recommend higher vitamin D levels – June 2011
High dose vitamin reduced pain of fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis - July 2015
7100 IU (50000 weekly) got most women to 30 ng of vitamin D - Aug 2012
NCAA trainers are getting on board the Vitamin D train (40-50 ng)– Nov 2019
Too much D
Allergic to the sun (Polymorphic light eruption) – you may need UVB or vitamin D
Active vitamin D treats Chronic Kidney Disease by stimulating Klotho production – Dec 2012
VA showed increased vitamin D associated with lower health costs - Lancet May 2012
Vitamin D - Health panacea or false prophet (Klotho gene) – Jan 2013
Monthly vitamin D dosing is better than daily dosing for children and elderly (more likely to be taken) – June 2017
Presenteeism reduces productivity (Vitamin D can help)
High-Dose Vitamin D Therapy – book July 2018
Alaskan Resolutions to increase vitamin D
Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (4 in 10 seniors) and Vitamin D
Vitamin D Wiki summarized in 1 poster
Acute lower respiratory infection 5X more frequent with low vitamin D intake – June 2012
Pregnancy helped by single dose of 60,000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT March 2015
Lyme disease appears to massively deactivate the Vitamin D Receptor - 2019
Fibromyalgia pain with trazodone reduced by 50 percent with weekly 50,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Nov 2014
Major review of Vitamin D – Holick Feb 2013
Magnesium and Vitamin D - similar, different and synergistic
Bronchial Asthma reduced with 60,000 IU monthly vitamin D – RCT Nov 2013
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has 4X faster decline if severely low Vitamin D – Nov 2013
Blood pressure in diabetics reduced by 12 weekly doses of 50,000 IU vitamin D – RCT Jan 2014
Semen worse when vitamin D lower than 20 or higher than 50 ng – Oct 2012
Vitamin D is NOT snake oil
Vitamin D dose for 140 lb woman - Sept 2015
Influenza of 1918 and vitamin D - July 2010
Low Vitamin D breaks down muscle by interferring with protein - Editorial Nov 2013
VitaminDWiki old Newsletters
Off Topic: Cataracts can be dissolved away in 6 months
Is HyD (25(OH)D) a better form of vitamin D for some animals and maybe humans with liver problems
US Minorities have poor health – how much is due to little sun – Feb 2013
The Vitamin D Diet – book Sept 2012
Appears that Vitamin D can induce remission in recent Multiple Sclerosis
Muscle increased 17 percent in vitamin D insufficient elderly getting 4,000 IU for 4 months – RCT Oct 2013
Review of Vitamin D (including free, frequency, injection, how much.) – Sept 2013
Iran Multiple Sclerosis review finds huge increase in women (no mention of clothing) – Nov 2013
Vitamin D math mistake had been made, adults need at least 8000 IU – July 2017
Vitamin D is suppressed by both Roundup and Genes
Coronary artery calcification associated with low vitamin D
Quantifying the vitamin D economy in the body - Heaney Jan 2015
Diabetes rising quickly in areas with recent air conditioning – June 2011
Growth Hormone problem (Acromegaly) more likely if vitamin D gene problems
19 reasons for not taking Vitamin D debunked
Lupus flareups cut in half by just 2,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Dec 2012
Clinical Trials Vitamin D
A balanced diet is no longer enough – supplements needed - VitaminDWiki Oct 2012
VPS Healthcare in Abu Dhabi invested million dollars in Vitamin D research - Sept 2014
Vitamin D increases HDL
Sports benefits from up to 50 ng of Vitamin – meta-analysis - Nov 2012
Asthma attacks reduced in half if Vitamin D level higher than 42 nanograms – RCT May 2014
Common cause of dizziness (BPPV) reduced 5 X by several doses of 50,000 IU of vitamin D – 2015, 2016
4000 IU Vitamin D Safe and Effective For Healthy Pregnant Women – RCT June 2011
C-section 4X more likely when vitamin D less than 15 ng – many items
1 watt optical output UVB LED array – Feb 2012
Sunlight for babies – US Govt 1933
Opinion: sun better than UV better than vitamin D
Acute respiratory distress – 100 percent of patients were vitamin D deficient– April 2015
Prostate problem (BPH) reduced by herbs, Zinc, Vitamin D etc.
Congestive Heart Failure patients helped with Vitamin D intervention – May 2013
Many sleep disorders cured with vitamin D levels of 60 to 80 nanograms – May 2012
Improved health due to vitamin D fortification in Finland
Many more people now have vitamin D levels above 50 ng, especially seniors – May 2015
Dr. Coimbra explains his treatment with high dose vitamin D for multiple sclerosis – Feb 2015
Possible ways that vitamin D does its magic
First episode psychosis associated with a 33 percent lower vitamin D in 3 races – Sept 2013
Schizophrenia veterans with low vitamin D more likely to smoke and have OCD, Parkinson's – April 2014
Alzheimer’s 4X less likely with high level of vitamin D – 2 studies April 2012
Premature ejaculation associated with low vitamin D – 2018, 2019
Antibiotic use cut in half by elderly (over 70) after monthly 60,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Dec 2013
Vitamin D charts from GrassrootsHealth - May 2016
Sepsis associated with low vitamin D - April 2012
Reduce probability of getting the Flu
Restless legs syndrome 5X more likely if low vitamin D – May 2014
Vitiligo (loss of skin pigment) treated by narrowband UVB
Muscular Dystrophy probably treated by high-dose Vitamin D plus muscle rehab
Vitamin D Intervention Clinical Trials - Feb 2013
Musculoskeletal pain reduced with 4,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT April 2015
Vitamin D insufficiency in UK youths – 37X more likely if dark skin – July 2011
Vitamin D Random Controlled Trials are becoming impossible
Intense exercise increases vitamin D receptor activation
Synergism between Vitamin D, Vitamin K-2, and Vitamin A: Masterjohn – Sept 2013
Variety of evidence that Vitamin D helps the brain – July 2014
Cognitive Impairment 2.4X more likely if low vitamin D – meta-analysis July 2012
Loading dose of 300,000 IU of vitamin D does not last long – March 2014
Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D ~ 50,000 Facebook members in 13 languages – Jan 2017
Low fat milk provides 2.5 times less vitamin D – May 2016
Multiple Sclerosis etc. strongly associated with Epstein-Barr virus (and vitamin D)
Diabetic Neuropathy sometimes can be reversed by vitamin D
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury reduced by Vitamin D – May 2014
Evidence-Based Vitamin D Conference - Dec 2014
Flu vaccine effectiveness and side effects
Cholesterol reduced by Vitamin D plus Calcium – RCT March 2014
UV produces more than vitamin D – Aug 2011
Parkinson’s Disease and the “Sunshine” Vitamin (vitamin D) – July 2013
The Optimal Dose - Restore Your Health With the Power of Vitamin D3 - 2018
Anti-depression medication about as good as big increase in vitamin D – meta-analysis of flawless data April 2014
Vitamin D 100,000 IU daily was OK for Dr. Cannell for 6 months – Jan 2015
Autoimmunity, T Cells and vitamin D: A chemical network analysis – May 2013
Low vitamin D then Obesity then adenovirus-36
Questions about vitamin D
Seniors, like everyone else, need vitamin D and should avoid sunburns – 2011
Sclerodoma and vitamin D deficiency
Is this better than Vitamin D - sunlight (Wunsch, Mercola) - March 2015
Magnesium may not be as available if have low stomach acid (seniors)
UV LEDs (293 nm) produce the more Vitamin D in skin than 290-305 nm UVB – Sept 2017
MS and vitamin D consensus from Brazil - 40-100 ng, not monotherapy – Feb 2014
Wonder about conflict of interest of IoM panel members
70 percent of some skin problems resolved with 7100 IU vitamin D (50000 weekly) – Jan 2011
Is a health problem associated with Low vitamin D, Low Magnesium, or too much Calcium – Jan 2016
Pure North (Calgary) improves health by raising vitamin D to 60 ng
Ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby - take Vitamin D before conception
Hypothesis - Reduce insomnia with vitamin D
Perhaps Vitamin D can augment or replace some vaccines – March 2015
Vitamin D Far from Equator
Price and Masterjohn on Vitamin A Vitamin D and Vitamin K – 2010
Problems with low UV and vitamin D in Scotland - Jan 2012
5000 IU Vitamin D3 with some cofactors
Primates Nutrient Requirements – 2003
DDT and other pesticides decrease vitamin D
Vitamin D and Respiratory Tract Infections – meta-analysis with charts June 2013
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is needed to process vitamin D – March 2014
Every person having Verneuil's disease (skin) was vitamin D deficient – Dec 2014
Optimal Vitamin D during pregnancy - 4000 IU March 2012
Muscle fatigue reduced with 10,000 IU of vitamin D – March 2013
Summary of Vitamin D trials - Grant Nov 2012
Take vitamin D with or before evening meal
Off Topic: 10 ways to find medical studies on the web
Treatment by Vitamin D
Acne - Accutane - vitamin A - vitamin D and suicide - Nov 2010
Children with mental disorders have somewhat less vitamin D levels (graph) Jan 2014
Even small amounts of UVB result in increased vitamin D levels – March 2012
Vitamin D history back to Egyptians and fortification - Aug 2011
Global Map of vitamin D deficiency – Dec 2012
UVB added in classroom reduced cavities, increased height, increased academics. etc
What can Vitamin D learn from Baby Aspirin
Better total hip replacement if have high vitamin D
CDC Nutrients: 30 percent dark skinned have less than 20 ng of vitamin D - March 2012
Native American Indians mostly died of skin cancer (nope)
Sleep, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, jaw, etc. Dr. Gominak transcript - 2016
Silicon or silica as a vitamin D co-factor
Air Pollution 2000-2012
Lumbar spinal stenosis pain strongly associated with low vitamin D – March 2013
Vaginal Vitamin D reduced vaginal infections - Jan 2014
Is excess calcium harmful to health - 2010
VitaminDWiki provides answers to Vitamin D questions
Guidelines on prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency – Nov 2011
Vitamin D level can be high, but little benefit: due to kidney, genes, low Magnesium etc.
European adults can take 4000 IU of vitamin D – July 2012
Plants and UVB
Vitamin D from animal products - July 2013
Hepatitis B virus might be treated by Vitamin D – April 2015
Neurofibromatosis – 1 in 3500 have it, associated with low vitamin D
Skin color may not be entirely related to amount of sunshine
UV, sunshine, and vitamin D (87 charts) - Holick March 2013
Why deficiencies in vitamin D and magnesium are linked to asthma
Obama - vitamin D is probably his only supplement - June 2014
Free range eggs have 4X as much vitamin D
Vitamin D and bicarbonate perhaps synergistically reduce muscle loss – June 2013
Inflammation, infection, active vitamin D, and Olmesartan - Sept 2014
People with health problems lacking noon sun (severe Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) have even lower levels of vitamin D – March 2015
Off Topic: 4X increase in Americans taking morphine-type drugs in last decade (consider Vitamin D instead) – Aug 2014
Chronic Fatigue and Vitamin D insight – Jan 2014
Free Vitamin D evaluation service
Four antiviral strategies – includes vitamin D – Vasquez Dec 2014
Low vitamin D strongly related to death due to tobacco cancer, but not others – March 2013
Vitamin D levels in Europe – Sept 2014
Gingivitis inflammation (retracted) -Jan 2013
Military in hot climates and vitamin D deficiency - 2010
Vitamin A (Cod Liver Oil) blocks vitamin D – 2008
Why India's vitamin D deficiency is grim - 40 pages Feb 2014
Vitamin D and pregnancy – review Nov 2015
Vitamin D math mistakes made 7 years ago – K Baggerly 2016-2017
Increased growth factors with vitamin D and Vitamin K2 – May 2012
Elderly lower limb muscle strength improved with Vitamin D supplementation - Meta-analysis Oct 2013
Vitamin D and Glutamine reduced Trauma Center deaths by half – March 2017
Reduced depression with single 300,000 IU injection of vitamin D – RCT June 2013
Smaug, Gollum would suffer from vitamin D deficiency – Dec 2013
Response to 150,000 IU vitamin D once vs 5,000 IU daily – RCT May 2014
Theories on the interaction between statins and vitamin D – 2012
Superbug (Clostridium difficile) 4.7X more of a problem if low vitamin D – Sept 2013
Vitamin D after breast cancer diagnosis - May 2012
Consultation to medical professionals on Vitamin D Testing - Sept 2011
Oral steroid users were 2X more likely to have Vitamin D levels less than 10 ng– Sept 2011
7 signs you may have a vitamin D deficiency - April 2014
Vitamin D3 vs serum D3 (Calcitriol, HyD) – Jan 2012
Interactions between Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Calcium – April 2016
80 X increase in Vitamin D testing in Australia in a decade - June 2013
Parkinson’s Disease relationship to Vitamin D
1000 IU per kg Vitamin D for autoimmune diseases – Coimbra Aug 2013
Osteoporosis increasing and vitamin D decreasing in Middle East - Oct 2011
Vitamin D intervention for 8 weeks of pregnancy: infants taller, heavier and bigger heads – RCT Oct 2013
Would you be opposed to my getting more vitamin D
Recommend 100 IU of vitamin D per kg of infant - Poland July 2011
13 reasons why many seniors need more vitamin D (both dose and level) - July 2023
If born in the winter, 11 percent more likely to be vitamin D deficient as an adult – Sept 2015
Cheese fortified with vitamin D
Striking ethnic health disparity – blacks dying due to lack of vitamin D – Nov 2011
Vitamin D injection is far better than oral for diabetics (poor gut) – RCT March 2017
Fibromyalgia benefits from transdermal magnesium chloride – Sept 2015
Controversy: Too much Calcium if increase Vitamin D
The vitamin D receptor and T cell function – June 2013
Magnesium update by Dr. Dean – Dec 2013
Fewest Google searches for Mental Health when there is lots of vitamin D from the sun – May 2013
Embrace the Sun – benefits of the sun throughout the day and year – book June 2018
MRI fields might reduce vitamin D – May 2013
Video presentation including proof of vitamin D - Nov 2012
Comparison of Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease – Sept 2013
Magnesium L-Threonate – tiny amount more bioavailable to brain but far more expensive– June 2016
Overlap between Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Pains – 2012
Nanoemulsion Vitamin D may be a substantially better form
5 Amazing Properties of Sunlight You've Never Heard About
Parkinson's Disease perhaps prevented and treated by Vitamin D – July 2013
COPD 2X as likely if low vitamin D – review of 3 studies – March 2014
2000 IU of vitamin D- doctors trained that it was too much, but it is often too little
Vitamin D and MS, ALS, Autism, Alzheimer’s and other nervous system diseases – review Aug 2013
100 percent of Acute Respiratory Failure patients had low vitamin D - April 2012
Vitamin D and breast cancer radiation
Food sources for Vitamin D
Decidua immunity and Vitamin D – dissertation July 2018
Deaths due to drugs -NSAID - Supplements - vitamin D
Fortification with Vitamin D
Como reduzir significativamente o risco de contrair o vírus Zika
Fewer white spots in MRI brain scans if had more vitamin D – Jan 2014
Vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health problem – Maps Nov 2013
Rickets in England – huge recent increase – Feb 2014
Factors (including skin temperature) Influencing Vitamin D Status – 2011
Back pain cured with vitamin D – Book May 2014
Vitamin D deficiency in Middle East and North Africa - June 2013
Instant vitamin D Yes-No test now available
IBD more likely in areas with low UV ( and thus low vitamin D) – June 2014
Solanum glaucophyllum (a purple flower) produces active vitamin D3
Vitamin D - roles in women's reproductive health - Nov 2011
Infant sepsis strongly associated with low vitamin D – Aug 2014
Kawasaki disease (strawberry tongue) associated with very low vitamin D – May 2015
Season of Birth
300000 IU injection of vitamin D3 – Mar 2010
Rickets in 30 percent of infants in India who had low vitamin D – March 2011
Alcoholics have osteoporosis – Nov 2010
Same dose of vitamin D for everyone is virtually impossible - Dec 2015
Monthly 100,000 IU of vitamin D is safe (and may be better than daily) – RCT Aug 2018
Alternatives if not swallow pills or not absorb vitamin D
A few Vitamin D Overviews summaries
Review of Vitamin D trials - Grant Jan 2012
Less Pneumonia in those having more activated vitamin D (kidneys working)– April 2014
Vitamin D and infectious diseases like RTI, TB and Sepsis – Nov 2014
Venous ulcers healed 4X faster with weekly 50,000 IU vitamin D – RCT Oct 2012
Infections and low vitamin D
Vitamin D is critical and essential, but only 1 in 10 people have more than 30 ng – July 2014
5000 IU of vitamin D in daily bread resulted in 50 ng and improved quality of life– May 2014
More blood was pumped by those getting 800,000 IU of vitamin D after heart failure – RCT Oct 2013
60,000 IU dose of VItamin D (weekly, monthly) is popular in India
Average vitamin D contained only 33% of what is on the label – June 2010
HIV interactions with low Vitamin D - May 2013
Role of vitamin D in Parkinson's disease - March 2012
291 genes improved expression by 2000 IU of vitamin D – RCT March 2013
Hypothesis: recent increases in flat-headed infants is due to low vitamin D – July 2013
Infectious Disease typically not treated if use less than 4000 IU vitamin D daily– review Oct 2014
Chronic Widespread Pain associated with Vitamin D under 10 ng – meta-analysis Oct 2015
Vitamin D toxicity problems from 600,000 IU weekly for 6 weeks – July 2017
Update on Treating Multiple Sclerosis with high dose vitamin D - Sept 2013
Hypothesis – Optimize vitamin D at home by measuring excess Calcium in urine
Autoimmune Hepatitis 8X more likely if low vitamin D – Dec 2014
Calcium supplements proven to NOT reduce fractures, but are proven to INCREASE heart problems – July 2015
The women who most need vitamin D are the least to get it – thesis March 2013
Magnesium roundup including bioavailability - Aug 2013
Respiratory tract infection eliminated in 36 percent of people by 4000 IU of Vitamin D – RCT Sept 2015
Vitamin D cartoons
How many minutes of sun do I need – age, skin color, UV index – Nov 2014
If you must take statins and want to avoid hardening of arteries, take vitamin K2 – RCT May 2015
Suicide 2X more likely with low vitamin D (in military) – Jan 2013
Dementia 19X more likely if low vitamin D – Jan 2012
Vitamin D is good, but must balance Vitamins A and K2 to prevent Calcification – Masterjohn Aug 2014
Frailty Call to Action: Vitamin D is one of the action items – June 2013
Vitamin D and Prevention of Cancer — Is it ready for Prime Time – March 2011
COPD and Osteoporosis are related – vitamin D is one possible connection – 2013
Distorted Pros and Cons of Vitamin D - March 2013
Several Vision problems may be the result of vitamin D deficiency
Vitamin D has treated Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune diseases for 16 years – Coimbra April 2018
Should You Worry if You Store Vitamin D in your body
Dr Oz recommends 50 ng vitamin D blood level
10X reactions to flu vaccine when vitamin D deficient
Dr. Holick video on vitamin D - March 2013
Fewer injuries and higher ballet jumps with 2,000 IU of vitamin D – April 2013
Athletic performance and recovery benefits of Vitamin D (4000-5000 IU and Vitamin K) – Aug 2015
Loss of muscle strength –sarcopenia – one of the suspects is vitamin D – Aug 2012
Hypothesis: Extensive burns reduce vitamin D, which increase bone loss – Nov 2012
Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health – June 2015
Malignant melanoma may be reduced by skin-activated vitamin D – Nov 2016
Vitamin D - Binding Protein, Receptor, enzymes and health benefits - review Jan 2016
Most cataract surgery intraocular lenses block UV
Swallowing problems (dysphagia): in Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease (perhaps low vitamin D)
Want to get vitamin D from the sun - there are many apps for that
Some athletes would benefit from more vitamin D – May 2013
On-line survey of drug uses and side effects – including vitamin D
Increased Vitamin K2 reduces the problems of excess Calcium – Nov 2013
Germans, Austrians, and Swiss declare that 800 IU and 20 ng vitamin D is enough – June 2012
Volleyball players jump higher with Magnesium - RCT 2014
Health Care Costs in US are increasing - infographics and Vitamin D - Dec 2016
Strontium and Vitamin D
Search in your language
Opportunity: Enhance Workplace Wellness programs with Vitamin D
Preeclampsia rate cut in half by high level of vitamin D – meta-analysis March 2014
Uterine fibroids (hysterectomy) 32 percent more likely if less than 20 ng vitamin D – May 2013
Obese lost more weight on diet if added 50,000 IU of vitamin D weekly – many RCTs
COPD reduce 2X if severely deficient and treated with 3,300 IU daily average of vitamin D – Jan 2012
Autoimmunity and vitamin D – review Jan 2013
Valley fever may be prevented and treated with Vitamin D
Cancer treatment needs Vitamin D, Selenium, and other micronutrients – March 2016
Is there really a UV winter
Scotland and Vitamin D
Blood clotting (Thrombosis) is associated with low Vitamin D (yet again)
Vitamin D once every two weeks is OK, daily is nice but not required – Aug 2014
Exposing some blood to Ultraviolet light has treated various health problems, then antibiotics came along – April 2016
Wear glasses when getting vitamin D from the sun – June 2011
Wide variety of data on vitamin D and breast cancer, but still insufficient clinical data – Feb 2013
African American Health Disparities are associated with low Vitamin D - Grant Feb 2021
Hypothesis: increased vitamin D will increase erections and decrease CVD – June 2012
Patent for combination of vitamin D3 and calcifediol– Sept 2009
Gestational diabetes – Vitamin D and Calcium provided huge benefits – RCT March 2015
Dose response equations for Vitamin D
Vitamin D and neurocognitive function – Holick April 2014
Causes, consequences, and treatment of osteoporosis in men– Aug 2013
Vitamin D test: 20 dollars via some Walgreens Drug Stores – Oct 2013
UK program to increase Vitamin D (Healthy Start) continues to be a farce - Nov 2014
Vitamin D conference in England - April 23-25 2014
Delima: Most youths are vitamin D deficient – what to do – April 2012
"Senior moment" 25X more likely with low vitamin D - Feb 2012
Supplements to Take in Your 50s, 60s and 70s (vitamin D is the only 1 in all 3) - AARP Dec 2014
Yet again, 800 IU of vitamin D was found to be barely enough to help bones – Lancet Oct 2013
Low vitamin D increased probability of low birth weight by 60 percent – meta-analysis June 2012
Spinal Surgery patients – almost all have low vitamin D – Nov 2016
US Army learning about benefits of vitamin D to trauma – Dec 2013
COVID-19 was 19X more likely if low vitamin D (may be invalid data)– April 2020
US truckers die 16 years earlier - partially due to vitamin D deficiency
Personalized Vitamin D treatment of Multiple Sclerosis - Michael Cawley
Nutritional Rickets in Denmark especially among immigrant children- Feb 2012
Rare Nutritional Rickets increased 10X in 20 years – Feb 2013
Central Nervous System helped by Vitamin D – Review – 2013
International Symposium on Vitamin D Deficiency - Abu Dhabi March 2012
HbA1c levels (Diabetes) reduced by monthly 50,000 IU of vitamin D – Dec 2017
Fructose reduces blood levels of active vitamin D
Skin benefits from vitamin D – major overview Feb 2014
Response to high dose vitamin D is limited by vitamin A - July 2013
Post menopausal vaginal dryness treated with vitamin D vaginal suppositories – RCT March 2015
Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) is needed for bone quality – Review Feb 2013
Soft Bones, Hard Arteries, Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 and antibiotics – Sept 2012
Risk Factors for Vitamin D Deficiency
Air pollution reduces UV and thus vitamin D - Aug 2010
Women can lose weight with vitamin D - Nov 2010
Reduce Coronavirus risk with Vitamin D (50,000 IU once a week)
Patent for Vitamin D
DNA and VDR tests - 120 to 200 dollars
Stretch marks (after pregnancy) prevented and treated by Vitamin D
73 percent of Australians had too little vitamin D – Dec 2011
UPF = SPF for clothing
Vitamin D, immunity and microbiome – Dec 2014
Vitamin K2-7 decreases arterial stiffness (cleans arteries) – RCT Feb 2015
Doctor got multiple sclerosis, rejected then embraced Coimbra protocol for herself and patients – Jan 2017
Time in sun (in Spain) to get 4,000 IU of vitamin D: half hour in July , 2 hours in October – Sept 2016
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome reduced by D-Ribose – 2012
Statins associated with 14X increase in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (a new disease) – Aug 2012
Vitamin D from the sun while minimizing skin cancer - Interview by Dr. Mercolla of Dr. Cannell - Nov 2014
Vitamin D: Deficiency, Sufficiency and Toxicity – Sept 2013
Omega-3 prevents PTSD and some mood disorders - Aug 2015
Many autoimmune diseases associated with latitude and vitamin D receptor – March 2016
Huntington disease patients also have low levels of vitamin D - July 2013
Some essential oils improve health by improving the vitamin D receptor
Perhaps wool allergy is the cause of some Vitamin D allergy
Vitamin D and N-acetylcysteine (NAC) both increase glutathione, a great antioxidant
Fibromyalgia treated with Vitamin D (50,000 IU weekly for 3 months) – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Autism treated by Vitamin D: Dr. Cannell - video June 2013
Vitamin D deficiency diseases in dark skinned people living far from equator – Meta-analysis Oct 2013
Breast Cancer reduces receptor and thus blocks Vitamin D to the cells – several studies
Tricyclic antidepressants reduce the active but not the normally measured form of vitamin D in seniors – April 2014
Calcium and bone disorders in pregnancy – May 2012
Boron is probably important to human health – 2003
All pregnant women (in UK) should have free vitamin D – Gillie Aug 2015
200 IU needed to increase vitamin D levels by 1 ng (not 100 IU) – summary of 25 studies – Feb 2014
Vitamin D supplementation - Grassroots Jan 2013
Many vitamin D articles and videos by Schwalfenberg in Canada
Vitamin D and Immune Function – Review July 2013
Telomeres (which extend life) appear to be extended by Vitamin D - March 2015
Drugs Deplete Magnesium
Hypothesis: Decreasing Magnesium and increasing CaMg ratio are increasing health problems – 2012 - 2013
Low Vitamin D and Vitamin K: brittle bones and hardened arteries – LEF Sept 2010
Conference on Vitamin D in Poland - Oct 2012
Respiratory Infection associated with vitamin D less than 40 ng – March 2015
Vitamin D Helps Atlanta High School Athletes - Feb 2012
Genes make Multiple Sclerosis 2X more likely unless get more vitamin D - Aug 2015
UK-NICE draft on vitamin D – extremely low doses and levels– May 2014
MRSA inpatient cost 2X higher if less than 20 ng vitamin D – June 2011
Vitamin D3 instead of D2
Your guide to understanding vitamin D – Vitamin D Council Dec 2013
Vitamin D Receptor role in Autoimmune Diseases and or cancers – Nov 2013
Jaw joint pain (Temporomandibular) is associated with low vitamin D in young adults – Nov 2017
Vitamin D blocks Vitamins K1, A – 2015
5,000 IU daily was just enough vitamin D for Irish athletes in the winter – March 2013
Vitamin D is treating and preventing Leprosy in Myanmar (Burma) - April 2019
Vitamin D, Sunlight and Cancer Connection – Holick Jan 2013
Calcitonin hormone works in opposition to Calcitriol – Dec 2017
Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis - book 2010, 2016
Overview Alcohol and Vitamin D
Acute Rehab. patients 2.3X more likely to have musculoskeletal pain if low vitamin D – Oct 2014

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