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Note: 25% of seniors (over age 65) have no natural teeth.
Note: Black and senior smokers (both of who have lower levels of vitamin D) have even fewer teeth left.

Intervention AND Dental

Pages listed in BOTH Dental and Infant or Child

Pages listed in BOTH Dental and Vitamin D Receptor

Review of Dental Caries at Vitamin D Council (Sept 2014) includes the following

  • Taking vitamin D supplements resulted in a 47% reduced rate of dental caries.
  • Taking vitamin D supplements had no effect on caries in those older than 13 years old, especially in girls.
  • Dental caries are more common in late winter and early spring, which is when vitamin D levels tend to be lower.
  • Children with severe ECC have lower vitamin D levels compared to children without caries.
  • Mothers with low vitamin D levels are more likely to give birth to children who develop dental caries.
  • Vitamin D supplementation may help reduce the risk of developing dental caries.

See also: VDR and gingivalis - Jan 2015.pdf

Here are all of the articles in VitaminDWiki

I have been making a vitamin D mouthwash for over a year
About twice a month I pour 50,000 IU capsule of vitamin D powder into a tablespoon of water
I use the liquid as a mouthwash - running it between my teeth for about 1 minute
Then I swallow it.
In addition to the mouthwash, I augment my teeth brushing about 10 times a month
   with a charcoal, Bentonite clay and Vitamin D mixture (which I make)
My dental hygienist is impressed with the reduction in gum pockets.
My hygienist bill had dropped by about 40 cents per day
The procedures take an average of 1 minute per day
Which works out to saving $24 for 1 hour of Vitamin D
   Henry Lahore, Founder of VitaminDWiki - March 2019

 Download Oral Probiotics article from VitaminDWiki
Life Extension Foundation Jan 2016
Appears that 1 oral probiotic pill will provide good oral bacteria for 2 months. Nothing about vitamin D
 Download Orthodonics- 2018 PDF from VitaminDWiki
Vitamin D and orthodontics: an insight review, Almoammar K


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