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Increased Vitamin K2 reduces the problems of excess Calcium – Nov 2013

Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Connection

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"VITAMIN K2 S THE CALCIUM CONNECTION" presentation on NutraIngredients is sponsored by NattoPharma.
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Calcium in Men and Women vs age

Calcium in men and women vs age2 @ is.gd/K2Calcium

Vitamin K2 helps heart

Vitamin K2 helps heart2 @ is.gd/K2Calcium

Benefits of Vitamin K2


Calcium and health


Vitamin K2 in Diets in the West and Japan

Note: Japanese take what the US consders to be a toxic amount of Vitamin K2. Suspect that Japanese are correct

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Items in both categories Calcium and Vitamin K are listed here:

Items in both categories Bone and Vitamin K are listed here:

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