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Redhead – Red hair - vitamin D

Red hair "might" allow more production of vitamin D from the same amount of sunlight
The portion of the UK with the least amount of sunlight, Ireland and Scotland, is also the portion of the UK which has the least amount of sunlight. Wikipedia

One person in 2010 made the observation that there are a higher percentage of diabetics with red hair than the general population.
This is understandable since diabetes is associated with low levels of vitamin D and people with red hair tend to stay away from the sun, and thus have low levels of vitamin D

Probably taking vitamin D will permit a redhead to not burn in the sun

Google Search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" ("burn less" OR "not burn") 15,000 hits Jan 2015
There has been several anecdotes about this. Seems as though if a red head cannot make melanin to protect the skin from burning that adding vitamin D should not help reducing burning. Wonder if the vitamin D in the skin, rather than the melanin prevents burning.


What Causes Freckles? At EzineArticles
“The underlying freckles cause is a cluster of concentrated melanin”
Melanin helps to protect against damage caused by overexposure to the sun”
“Others are referred to as senile freckles, age spots, liver spots, sun spots or lentigines. They do not fade in the winter. But, the underlying freckles cause is still the production of melanin clumps.”

Many diseases appear to be associated with redhair – examples (based on Google searches):


Google search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" "Multiple Sclerosis" got 104,000 hits Dec 2016
1 example   Another example


Google search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" autism got 503,000 hits Dec 2016
1 example


Google search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" cancer got 333,000 results Dec 2016


Google search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" lupus got 137,000 results Dec 2016


Google Search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" rickets got 192,000 results Dec 2016


Google Search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" tuberculosis got 459,000 results Dec 2016


Google Search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" (RA or Arthritis) 103,000 results Dec 2016


Google Search ("red-hair" OR redhead) "vitamin d" allergy 125,000 results Dec 2016

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