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How you might double your response to vitamin D

There are many ways to increase the response to the amount of vitamin D you take

    % ? = guess - there is very little data

  • Take vitamin D with the largest meal of the day 56%, or evening meal
    • This was a pilot study in 2010. A clinical trial is underway - results due in 2017
    • Apparenly supplements/pills taken just after the last meal of the day have the longest time to be absorbed
  • Consider taking a different form of vitamin D: 50% ?
  • Have far more mono-unsaturated fats in your diet than poly-unsaturated fats
    Every 1 unit increase in the Mono/Poly ratio ==> 6.5 ng/ml increase in vitamin D in blood
    Suggest taking vitamin D with a few almonds.
  • Get more Magnesium say 500 mg daily (of the element, not the compound) 20% ?
    • Of some interest - one woman successfully takes her vitamin D and Magnesium just one day a month.
  • Get more vitamin K2: 10% ? especially benefits the bone. perhaps
  • Have enough Boron: 20% ?
  • Have at least some fat in your diet in that meal, or perhaps just in a meal the day you get additional vitamin D: 10%?
  • Have enough cholesterol in your diet: 10% ?
    • Cholesterol is essential for your skin to make vitamin D from the sun as well as adsorb vitamin D in your gut
  • Have enough, but not too much Calcium 1   2 500 mg
  • Have some, but not too much, vitamin A: 20% ?
  • Reduce weight if obese - not an easy thing, but vitamin D will help about 30% of the obese lose weight: 70% ?
  • Do not smoke - Smoking decreases Calcium which uses up vitamin D: 20% ?
  • Do not use cola soft drinks - Cola, like smoking, reduces Calcium and thus vitamin D: 20% ?
  • Omega-3 fatty acids may increase active vitamin D levels in your body by 60%
    The study showed the increase for those with kidney failures who took 3 grams of Omega-3 daily
    Hope to find a study of Omega-3 for those with functioning kidneys

Here is the summary of Co-factors web page - Aug 2012

Co-factor How Much Benefit BoneBioavailability Balance body Notes
Calcium <750mg Yes probablyYes Avoid getting too much
Magnesium 500mg Yes Yes Yes Very important, big range in bio-availability
Vitamin K2 Yes maybe ?
Vitamin A maybe ? controversy
Boron 5-10mg Yes 25% ?
Silica Yes no ?
Strontium Yes no ? rarely available
Zinc Yesmaybe?

Studies have shown that, taken separately, the changes listed above will increase the benefits to oral vitamin D3 by a total of at least 2X

So far, there is no indication as to the benefits if you have a combination of the above changes

We speculate: 3X?, 4X?

I, Henry Lahore, the admin of VitaminDWIki, did all of the above and seem to have gotten a HUGE (perhaps 60 ng) increase in my Vitamin D blood level

But, some of the increase might have been due to my trying to optimize the vitamin D from the sun

Note: some of the above may also increase the benefits of vitamin D from the skin (sun or UV)

No data - just guess that you will increase the benefit of vitamin D from the skin by:

  • Increasing Magnesium, Cholesterol, Vitamin K2
  • Reducing smoking, weight, cola drinks, vitamin A

See also VitaminDWiki

Many ways to increase Vitamin D

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How you might double your response to vitamin D        
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