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12 UK MPs listened to COVID problems - Dec 4, 2023

Testimony in UK Parliament: Show us the data!

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Members of Congress in the USA and in Parliaments all over the worlds
  are hearing one main topic from their constituents.

  • What about the cover-up about the origins of the virus?
  • What about the dangers of the vaccine?
  • What about the cover-up of the effectiveness of early treatments?
  • What about the censorship?
  • When is the government going to come clean?

Problems "that did not matter"

  • It didn’t matter that that the Sargent of Arms downgraded the room request, to only fit a third of those that wanted in.
  • It didn’t matter that the Sargent of Arms refused the application of various media outlets to film the testimony.
  • It didn’t matter that “they” turned off all the cameras - that are meant to record every meeting in the building.
  • It didn’t even matter that “they” had “AV issues”, so a muted video feed was all that was available.
  • It didn’t matter that the TV in the room for presentations was muted- with no remote controls.
  • It didn’t matter that “they” placed many uniformed guards outside the hearing room, something people in the room said had not witnessed before
Only 12 of the 650 Members of Parliament attended

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