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Vitamin D and Vitamin A

Studies indicate that Vitamin A can both harm and help Vitamin D
Excessive Vitamin A should be avoided.

See also: Vitamin A Misc
("vitamin A" OR retinol) AND "vitamin d"
PubMed Search in title or abstract 1193 items as of Oct 2018

Bar graph: 28 papers in 2006 has risen to 68 papers by 2015

49 items

The TOP articles in Vitamin D and Vitamin A are listed here:

Concern on the web Jan 2015. that Vitamin A supplements for infants may cause problems
Did not notice any comment about interaction with vitamin D

Vitamin A appears to be both an Antioxidant and a Pro-oxidant
Is Vitamin A an Antioxidant or a Pro-oxidant? Sept 2017
publisher wants $40 for the PDF

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