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Alternatives if not swallow pills or not absorb vitamin D

Ways to increase your vitamin D levels even if you:

- Do not like to, want to, cannot remember to swallow pills/capsules
- Have a poorly functioning gut

Source of vitamin D Not Swallow Not Absorb Notes
Sun/UVB Great Great Sun is best, UV is good, vitamin D is OK - but lowest cost and easiest to get
Sublingual/liquid Great GreatSeveral suppliers, 3X to 5X the cost of vitamin D in capsules, which is still low cost
Bio-emulsified drops GreatGreat Designed for this purpose, amazingly just as low cost as vitamin D capsule
InjectionGreatGreatLasts many months, requires going to doctor each time
Calcidiol?Great - if injectclick on chart below
Calcitriol?Great - if injectclick on chart below
Skin PatchGreatGreat Expensive?
Use powder from capsuleGreatperhaps
Bio-Tech and several others
Bulk Great no Add it to juice, food, etc.

Getting Vitamin D into your body has the following chart

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Vitamin D from low-cost UVB lamps
Vaginal suppository of 6300 IU vitamin D stopped vaginal infection – Feb 2011
Spray vitamin D inside cheek in case of emergency - Nov 2012
Optimize vitamin D from the sun
Topical vitamin D raised blood level to 38 ng (used Aloe Vera gel) – RCT March 2014
Reasons for low response to vitamin D