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In situ Breast Cancer had been increasing for many decades
    Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki Breast Cancer Statistics, 2017, Racial Disparity inMortality by State

Has the risk of Breast Cancer due to poor Vitamin D Receptor increased in past decades?

24 Meta-analyses of Breast Cancer

8 studies of Genetics and Breast Cancer

20 studies of Breast Cancer AND Vitamin D Receptor

8 studies of Breast Cancer AND Vitamin D Intervention

12 studies of Breast Cancer AND Mortality

6 studies of Breast Cancer AND Dark Skin

5 studies of Breast Cancer AND Omega-3

Eating Flaxseed May Reduce Breast Cancer Mortality By Up To 70% - June 2023
GreenMedInfo Note: Flaxseeds are precursors of Omega-3

248 Breast Cancer items

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Cancer - Breast        
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