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Did you know?
  • Wide variety of possible causes for Psoriasis: antibiotics, medications, vaccines, toxins, etc.


  • Consensus: A few natural treatments: Vitamin D, Ultraviolet Radiation, and perhaps the sun
  • One doctor in Brazil cured ALL Psorasis patients with 35,000 IU Vitamin D daily
  • Vitamin D treats many skin and autoimmune diseases
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Learn how Vitamin D is essential for good health
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If you have a disease associated with low Vit D take Vit D
Raising your Vit D levels will substantially prevent other low-Vit D health problems
Proof that Vitamin D Works   Getting Vitamin D into your body

Is 50ng enough?   How to restore levels quickly
Books and Videos 212   Diseases which are related due to vitamin D deficiency
Reasons for low response to vitamin D   Why are doctors reluctant
Cancer studies include:   Breast 231   Colon 124   Lung 52   Prostate 95   Pancreatic 56   Skin 113
Colds and flu   Dark Skin 444   Diabetes 485   Obesity 379   Pregnancy 794   Seniors 367
COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

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Note: Topical Vitamin D appears to provide several orders of magnitude more vitamin D to an area of skin than would result from taking Vitamin D orally.
Several topical treatments with Vitamin D oil (2,000 IU per drop) every few months eliminated my knee psorasis which I had for 40+ years
   Update 2021 - not longer any psorasis after my blood level increased to 200 ng/ ml
A nanoemulsion form of Vitamin D might work even better .
It is known to have better bioavailability and penetrates the skin well.

35,000 IU reduced Psorasis: click on chart for details

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  • How Psoriasis Costs Us Billions Mercola Jan 2015 virtually the whole article is on Vitamin D
    $112 Billion = $63 Billion medical+ $36 Billion work-related + $36 Billion diseases associated with Psorasis
  • Sunshine and Spice Is Everything Nice for Treating Psoriasis Mercola Dec 2016
    5 types:- Plaque psoriasism, the most common, is treated by Vitamin D: , .
    Psoriasis is closely associated with eczema - which has been treagted with Vitamin D
    "Interestingly, illnesses commonly associated with psoriasis, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome, are also associated with low levels of vitamin D"
  • Psoriasis Success Stories CureZone Feb 2015
    60 success stories and 15 educational stories.
    Anything that has a potential to cause long term damage to your microbiota and to your liver is the underlying cause of Psoriasis.
    To name a few: antibiotics, other medications, vaccines, heavy metals, other poisons and toxins, diet, infections, tobacco, constipation, hidden toxins in our foods and our environment.
    To cure Psoriasis you must cure your liver, your GI tract and your microbiota and you must cure your life. A factor causing your psoriasis may be an allergy or several allergies, food intolerance, poor digestion, liver congestion, leaky gut, candida, dental infection, etc. Diet is an important element of almost any cure protocol. Colon cleansing, fecal transplant and liver flush may also be of great help to many people.
  •  Download 2017 PhD dissertation on Psorasis from VitaminDWiki__
  • British Medical Journal on UV treatment of Psoriasis 2009

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  • Aloe Vera Effective for Most Psoriasis Mercola Dec 2017 - using the gel from the leaf - not from a bottle.
    Mercola also mentions other treatments including Magnesium and Omega-3 but did not mention Vitamin D
    Note by Founder of VitaminDWiki: my wife also used aloe leaf to reduce radiation burns associated with breast cancer

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