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Loss of muscle strength –sarcopenia – one of the suspects is vitamin D – Aug 2012

Sarcopenia: Pharmacology today and tomorrow

Journal of Pharocology and Experimental Theraputics August 28, 2012
Marco P Brotto brottom at umkc.edu, and Eduardo L Abreu
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Sarcopenia remains largely undiagnosed and undertreated, because of the lack of a universally accepted definition, effective ways to measure it, and identification of the outcomes that should guide treatment efficacy. An ever growing number of clinicians and researchers along with funding and regulatory agencies have gradually recognized that sarcopenia is a human condition that requires both prevention and treatment. In this "Pharmacology in Perspective: article, we briefly reviewed sarcopenia; its common and less known pharmacological treatments, and attempted to define sarcopenia in its broader context, and presented some new ideas for potential future treatment for this devastating condition. ?

Figure 1:Interventions


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d) Vitamin D:

It is now very well established that low levels of blood vitamin D levels are associated with decreased muscle strength and statin-induced myopathy, but vitamin D supplementation results are still under investigation. Given the beneficial results of calcium + vitamin D supplementation on bone function (Recker et al., 2006), it is expected that correcting vitamin D levels will also be beneficial for muscle function. Furthermore, results might also be dependent on the form of Vitamin D used and whether vitamin D intake is combined or not with calcium. We believe that it will be important to follow individuals longitudinally and test their muscle function as a function of age and levels of calcium plus vitamin D. In addition, vitamin D supplementation might be beneficial for overall health, since Lappe and colleagues have recently reported a 63% reduction in all types of cancers in subjects receiving vitamin D3 (figure 2C) supplementation (Lappe et al., 2007).

Loss of muscle strength seems to happens when away from sunlight:

  • Age – especially if in a senior center, no longer in parks, no longer gardening, etc.
  • Long time in bed (hospital, etc)
  • Long time in space

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