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Excess death rates in high-vaccinated countries exceeded COVID death rates by 3.4 X in 2023 - May 2024

Big Data Analysis Paper Suggests COVID Vaccination Increases Excess Mortality

which was reporting on the following preprint

Big Data Analysis Suggests COVID Vaccination Increases Excess Mortality Of Highly vaccinated North Temperate Zone and North Frigid Zone Countries

Preprint by Ken Sakura]

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What is the conclusion of the study? Asked Perplexity AI

The conclusion of the study is:The massive vaccination campaign is proven to be a huge mistake and should be stopped immediately. According to the analysis, COVID vaccination increases excess mortality in post-vaccination periods and the effect keeps increasing over time. Furthermore, the excess mortality caused by COVID vaccination is higher than COVID itself. Specifically:

  • The average daily excess mortality caused by COVID vaccinations (0.226) is about 1.7 times that of COVID itself (0.132) among the 29 highly vaccinated countries studied.
  • The most current daily excess mortality caused by vaccinations (0.449) is about 3.4 times that of COVID deaths.
  • The increasing trend of excess mortality caused by vaccinations doesn't seem to be ending, as new vaccines are still being administered gradually.

The study concludes that although the COVID pandemic will eventually end, the pandemic level excess mortality rate will be artificially perpetuated and increased in amount due to the negative effects of COVID vaccinations. This is considered an unacceptable failure, and the authors state the massive vaccination campaign should be terminated immediately.

What are possible errors in their analysis - Asked Perplexity AI May 2024

The analysis presented in the paper has several potential errors and questionable assumptions:

  1. Selection bias in country data 
    Only including data from 29 highly vaccinated countries in the northern hemisphere introduces selection bias. The effects may not generalize to other regions or vaccination levels.
    Excluding countries with low vaccination rates means the analysis cannot properly compare vaccinated vs. unvaccinated populations.
  2. Assumptions about excess mortality causes 
    The paper assumes excess mortality not explained by COVID deaths must be caused by vaccine side effects, without considering other potential factors like disruptions to healthcare systems, deaths from other diseases, etc.
    It dismisses the possibility of long-term effects from COVID infections contributing to excess mortality based solely on the time period variable coefficients.
  3. Normalization of COVID deaths and excess mortality 
    Normalizing COVID deaths and excess mortality rates to  within each country may introduce distortions, as the maximum values can be impacted by random variation.
    This normalization assumes COVID deaths and excess mortality must peak at the same time in each country, which may not be valid.
  4. Interpretation of regression coefficients 
    The increasing trend in vaccination period coefficients is interpreted as increasing vaccine side effects, but could alternatively reflect increasing healthcare disruptions or other time-varying factors in highly vaccinated countries.
    The negative coefficients for some time periods are interpreted as mortality displacement, but could have other explanations like lags in reporting deaths.
  5. Lack of control groups 
    Without including unvaccinated populations as controls, it is difficult to conclusively attribute excess mortality to vaccines rather than other factors correlated with high vaccination rates.
  6. Oversimplified vaccine assumptions
    Assuming all vaccine types/doses have the same potential side effects is an oversimplification that could impact the results.
  7. Lack of validation
    The analysis does not appear to be validated on held-out data or compared to other models, making it difficult to assess predictive performance.

In summary, while the analysis attempts to account for some confounding factors, there are many assumptions and potential biases that undermine the strong conclusions drawn about vaccines causing excess mortality. Independent validation and analysis of more comprehensive data would be needed to substantiate such claims. 
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