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COVID and Vitamin D book by Anderson and Grimes - Sept 2023


A journey from global D-deficiency and Lab-leaked viruses,to Nuclear Vaccines from the Gates of Hell
Prof David Coussmaker Anderson with Dr David Stuart Grimes
The author's central message is that Vitamin D3, acting with vitamin A and zinc, is essential for natural immune defence against threats from infections and cancers, yet global D-deficiency is rife. A uniquely flexible sterol, D3 is formed by solar radiation on the skin, and through its metabolites it controls 3% of our genome, and not just calcium absorption. It is central to the miracle of human life on Earth. Big Pharma knows this, but needs patentable drugs and vaccines, and weakened immunity. The authors are two retired doctors, who from the start questioned the scripted story-line of SARS- CoV-2 virus and Covid-19. They realized that viruses exploit seasonal defects in natural immunity, as well as blocking out of sunlight by impacts and eruptions. 12,900 years ago melting of the North American Ice Sheet after a meteorite impact raised sea levels by 100 metres and so almost wiped out humanity. This time the impact is virtual and driven by psychopathic greed of the 1% in a Brave New World of Big Money, Big Brother, Big Pharma, and the WEF-promised Great Reset. The overwhelming evidence for SARS- CoV-2 virus being a Pentagon-funded bioweapon chimera, formed the 2022 submission with Prof Joseph Tritto to the International Criminal Court, citing at least nine individuals responsible for this primary Crime Against Humanity from which others have flowed. Such action is needed to restore the concept of personal responsibility in science. In his four chapters, David Grimes analyzes the deliberate mismanagement of Covid-19; the evidence for deliberate denial of natural immunity; and the hubris and nemesis of criminal, mandatory untested nucleic acid pseudo-vaccines to harm and kill especially the D-deficient. Finally, some important suggestions are made for our species' survival, because otherwise Big Pharma and Bill Gates will just carry on as promised.

David Anderson,

an ‘ideas man’, clinician and research endocrinologist, was Professor of Medicine in Manchester and Hong Kong, and has a lifelong interest in the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Early in 2020 he realized the Covid-19 pandemic was compounded by D3 deficiency. He argues that Medicine has been taken over by Big Pharma and that the patented synthetic virus and pseudo-vaccines are bioweapons financed by illegal ‘Gain of Function’ Research. He calls for a Great Biology Reset to restore Vitamin D and Natural Immunity centre stage, thereby sounding the death knell for a criminal Big Pharma, which depends on exploiting D-deficiency in order to make money.

David Stuart Grimes,

a British gastro-enterologist, first studied D-deficiency in the Asian population of North West England, and has an important blogsite on Vitamin D. His 2020 book with David Anderson explored the central role of its deficiency in Covid-19. His four chapters in the present one also put under the microscope the money-driven mismanagement of the pandemic, with suppression of truth and obvious simple solutions. He then examines the hubris and nemesis of the pseudo-vaccine roll-out, and a global conspiracy to conceal vaccine deaths and damage, which are greatly worsened by weakened natural immunity.

Interview of author Dr. Anderson by Dr. Campbell Nov 2023 and Feb 2024

Nov 2023 - 73 minute
Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic – Campbell and Anderson video – Feb 2024

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Table of Contents

  1. Surviving in a Hostile and Virus-riven Universe....... 7
  2. Mammalian Hormones and how they work.. 23
  3. Is SARS-CoV2 a wholly natural or a lab-manipulated virus? ....... 41
  4. The multiple roles of Vitamin D in sustaining body integrity.. 53
  5. How Big Pharma depends on Vitamin D negation . 75
  6. Bayer-Monsanto, Roundup and the Great Agricultural Reset........ 85
  7. Three Bigs in the Covid Disaster; Money, Brother and Pharma........ 95
  8. Big Pharma and the Corporization of medical practice.... 103
  9. Masks, Myths, Muzzles, Isolation and Social Distancing... 113
  10. The deplorable story of official treatments for Covid-19... 123
  11. Covid-19 & Vitamin D 2020-21: Nature and anti-nature . 137
  12. What are the Limits to Vaccination as a Public Health Policy?..... 149
  13. Jabs Galore - the Dystopian Gatesian Health Strategy ..... 165
  14. On Bat-person Virologists, Bats, Pangolins and Vitamin D3......... 181
  15. The unfolding of the Covid-19 vaccine disaster ....... 191
  16. On real conspiracies versus mere conspiracy theories........ 203
  17. Has the WEF inspired Megacrimes against Humanity? ... 219
  18. Retrospective on studies of Vitamin D and Covid-19..... 231
  19. 2020-2023. The Hubris of Covid-19 Vaccines ........ 261
  20. Towards the Nucleic Acid Vaccine Nemesis... 287
  21. Repossession of Planet Earth by Caring Beings......... 319
  22. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel ..... 327
  23. Vitamin D3: Conclusions and Suggested Actions.... 335
  24. APPENDIX Sudden or Unexpected Deaths .... 345
  25. APPENDIX The Sunshine Vitamin’s Lament . 351

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