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Vitamin D aids the clearing out of old cells (autophagy) – many studies

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Vitamin D in autophagy signaling for health and diseases: Jan 2022

Insights on potential mechanisms and future perspectives FREE PDF

Vitamin D in Autophagy Signaling for Health and Diseases: – Aug 2021

Insights on Potential Mechanisms and Future Perspectives
J Nutr Biochem. 2021 Aug 14;108841. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2021.108841 PDF is behind a paywall
Sujit K Bhutia 1

Vitamin D regulates the pleiotropic effect to maintain cellular homeostasis and epidemiological evidence establishes an association between vitamin D deficiency and various human diseases. Here, the role of autophagy, the cellular self-degradation process, in vitamin D-dependent function is documented in different cellular settings and discussed the molecular aspects for treating chronic inflammatory, infectious diseases, and cancer. Vitamin D activates autophagy through a genomic and non-genomic signaling pathway to influence a wide variety of physiological functions of different body organs along with bone health and calcium metabolism. Moreover, it induces autophagy as a protective mechanism to inhibit oxidative stress and apoptosis to regulate cell proliferation, differentiation, and immune modulation. Furthermore, vitamin D and its receptor regulate autophagy signaling to control inflammation and host immunity by activating antimicrobial defense mechanisms. Vitamin D has been revealed as a potent anticancer agent and induces autophagy to increase the response to radiation and chemotherapeutic drugs for potential cancer therapy. Increasing vitamin D levels in the human body through timely exposure to sunlight or vitamin D supplements could activate autophagy as part of the homeostasis mechanism to prevent multiple human diseases and aging-associated dysfunctions.

Table of Contents

2. Vitamin D, biosynthesis, and receptor
3. Autophagy: the self-degradative mechanism
4. Vitamin D, vitamin D receptor, and autophagy signaling
5. Vitamin D in health and diseases: the role of autophagy
5.1. Vitamin D-induced autophagy in maintaining cellular homeostasis
5.1.1. Skin and vitamin D: the complex relationship
5.1.2. Maintaining healthy bone, periodontal health, and muscle function
5.1.3. Heart and blood vessel abnormalities
5.1.4. Nervous system and neurological disorder
5.1.5. Gastrointestinal system and gut microbiome
5.1.6. Liver and inflammation
5.1.7. Pancreas, kidney, and diabetes pathogenesis
5.1.8. Lungs and pulmonary diseases
5.1.9. Ovary and gynecological disorder
5.2. Vitamin D-induced lethal autophagy controls cellular transformation and cancer
5.3. Vitamin D-induced autophagy in immunity and infection
5.4. Vitamin D, Autophagy, and aging: Does it have a role in controlling COVID-19?
6. Conclusion and future perspectives

Vitamin D-Cathelicidin Axis: at the Crossroads between Protective Immunity and Pathological Inflammation during Infection - 2020

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Vitamin D aids the clearing out of old cells (autophagy) – many studies
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