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Essential Tremor and low Vitamin D

Wondering about this topic after learning that Raynaud's Syndrome was reduced with vitamin D
Just realized that after taking vitamin D both my Raynaud's pain and Essential Tremors have gone away
Henry Lahore - admin of VitaminDwiki

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    individual totally eliminated her ET with Vitamin D
    Another person commented: Just remember that tremors are a side effect of low vit D. But it is truley a different illness than ET. If a large daily does of vit D resolves your tremors over time. you may not have ET. It may just be a Vit D issue. Alcoholics are most know for the low vit D do to the amount of alcohol they consume in a day. good luck all
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  • Treato on Shaking and Vitamin D deficiency 22 discussions as of May 2012
Essential Tremor and low Vitamin D        
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