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Advanced Searching in VitaminDWiki

Google find chart/image 

Then you must select   IMAGES

  You can also filter the results by DATE - for example: last month, last year
for Search - help

Title Search (better than Google)

shows popularity, category, as well as very recent items
  You can search for one or more character strings - which do not have to be complete words
Finds titles which contain STRING1 OR STRING2
Note: Search hair (also also finds chair)

Google - words in title 

Finds titles which contain: WORD1 AND WORD2

Search other Vitamin D web sites

List of all pages which were recently changed

Allows you to type query in in your language, then copy and paste it into Search boxes

  1. Search all of VitaminDWiki
  2. Search just the text within a category - example, items in Category Pregnancy in the column at the left

Use cntrl+f to search any current page

Tips on searching with Google

AND, OR, phrases, exclude word, must have the word, number range, not permit synonyms, etc
Many places on the web, such as


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