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Medical Papers – some full text

Medical Papers – all full text (but far fewer papers)


  • Examine.com great science-based review of supplements - some emphasis on fitness
    We are an independent organization that presents un-biased research on supplements and nutrition. We currently have over 17500 references to scientific papers
    Snapshot of their Vitamin D matrix of benefits

Overview of many diseases/treatments

Vitamin D

  • GrassRootsHealth includes videos, PDFs, source of VitaminD tests
  • Vitamin D Council huge website – has both links to abstracts and original information – on autism, etc.
    As of Spring 2011 must pay $5 a month for their newsletter
  • Vitamin D3 UK
  • Vitamind3 cholecalciferol has excellent Excel spreadsheet to calculate your solar vitamin D
    He lives in South Africa – which restricts people to 500 IU of vitamin D
  • Vitamin D3 Huge directory of information on the benefits of Vitamin D
  • Vitamin Delta – German Vitamin D site translated by Google
  • Vitamin D news - the last few days, from scores of sources
  • Vitamin D Deficiency101 which had the following topics May 2013
    Levels,Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and Calcium, Absorption, Metabolism, What is a Deficiency?, Deficiency Causes, Deficiency in Children, Deficiency in Women,
    Deficiency in Men, Deficiency in Pregnancy, Deficiency Symptoms, Deficiency and Osteoporosis, Deficiency and Osteomalacia, Deficiency and Weight Gain,
    Deficiency and Rickets, Deficiency and Multiple Sclerosis, Deficiency and Hair Loss, Deficiency and Depression, Deficiency and Fatigue,
    Deficiency and Cancer, Deficiency and Diabetes, Deficiency and Psoriasis, Deficiency Treatment, Sun Exposure, Rich Foods,
    Recipes - Rich Meals, Supplements, Recommended Supplements

Medical News

Clinical Trials

General Health – which includes vitamin D


Videos on Vitamin D

Links at VitaminDWiki        
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