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Back pain cured with vitamin D – Book May 2014

Healed from Chronic Pain

Amazon US May 2014, updated July 2014 Kindle $10

Nice description of a personal journey from low vitamin D and major chronic back pain for 10 years to high vitamin D and Magnesium and no back pain.
Appears to have used dose up to 4400 IU of vitamin D
His back pain did not significantly reduce until about a year.
Suspect would have been much faster if he had used a loading dose. Graphic description of intense pain and his techniques to minimize it.

Professionally edited edition became available July 2014. First edition has minor errors in English usage, but did not notice any technical errors.
After getting the benefits of vitamin D he is very frustrated in getting people and doctors into increasing their levels of vitamin D

  • Could hide even extreme pain
  • Pain ages the brain: 10 year for 1 year of pain

His blogging website is http://pandemicsurvivor.com/
This book is a personal journey with some reference to studies.
Book was not written to be the only book which a person has read on vitamin D.
He is intending to write a second book focusing on vitamin D treatment.

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