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Female preemies become women with low hand grip strength - Dec 2023

Preterm-Born Young Women Have Weaker Hand Grip Strength Compared to Their Full-Term-Born Peers

Children (Basel). 2023 Dec 7;10(12):1898. doi: 10.3390/children10121898.
Ella Bruun 1 2 3, Pauli Pätsi 1 2 3, Markku Leskinen 1 2 3, Krista Björkman 1 2 3, Petri Kulmala 1 2 3 4, Mikko P Tulppo 4 5, Marita Valkama 1 2 3, Marja Ojaniemi 1 2 3

Female preemies become women with low hand grip strength

Prematurity has been linked to lower muscular fitness and increased morbidity across the human lifespan. Hand grip strength is widely used as a measure of muscle strength. Previous studies have shown inconsistent results regarding the role of vitamin D in hand grip strength. Here, we investigated hand grip strength and the effects of a yearlong vitamin D supplementation in healthy preterm-born young adults. We recruited 38 young adults born preterm at either ≤32 weeks' gestation or <34 weeks' gestation and weighing <1500 g, as well as 39 gender- and age-matched controls, for this study. Anthropometric measurements, hand grip strengths, and vitamin D concentrations were recorded. These investigations were repeated after a yearlong vitamin D supplementation intervention. There was a significant difference in the age- and gender-specific hand grip strength ranks between the preterm- and full-term-born young adults: 57.9% and 30.7%, respectively, were below average (p = 0.009). In the preterm-born group, the females had significantly lower hand grip strengths compared to their full-term-born peers, with a mean difference of -3.46 kg (95% CI: -6.68 to -0.247; p = 0.035). In a linear regression analysis, the preterm-born female adult height was negatively associated with hand grip strength (R2 = 0.24, F (1.43) = 13.61, p < 0.001). The vitamin D concentrations were increased after the supplementation period, with no association with hand grip strength. According to our results, preterm-born young females are at risk for lower muscle strength, independent of their current vitamin D status.
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Female preemies become women with low hand grip strength - Dec 2023        
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