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Each death within 90 days of COVID vaccination paid 22,400 dollars (S. Korea) - Sept 2023

South Korea: Government to compensate for all post Covid-19 vaccination deaths within 90 days of the jab, regardless of proof of causality

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Some questions in #1

  1. Does it make sense to have a compensation system, from the tax-payer to the tax-payer, for harms caused by a product produced by a profit making private entity?
  2. Is financial compensation a just response to post-vaccination adverse events if proper informed consent was never disseminated, and people were misinformed, misled or even coerced to get jabbed?
  3. What about justice for the un-jabbed who chose not to expose themselves to known & possibly unknown adverse effects of a novel medical product, and were unfairly discriminated against as a "consequence" of this "choice"?
  4. Given the massive Covid-19 waves post mass administration of vaccines, and thousands who've been compensated for vaccine injury, has there been a tremendous toll on life, limb & tax payer's money? What would've the impact been in the absence of any vaccination campaign?

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