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Vitamin D Cofactors in a nutshell

Cofactors need to be adjusted when taking a lot of vitamin D for more than a month

"A lot" is more than 4,000 IU Vitamin D daily (average)
There is virtually no agreement as how much of each cofactor is needed vs vitamin D level
The first three cofactors have, like vitamin D, greatly decreased in the human diet in the past 50 years
The goal is to restore Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega-3, and Vitamin K back to where they had been
   in a nutshell = summed up = condensed


  • About 1 in 300 people have a poor reaction to increasing Vitamin D
       but the Vitamin D reaction (muscle pain) is almost always due to lack of Magnesium
  • Magnesium increases the benefits of vitamin D by about 30% (Mg and Vit. D are synergistic)
  • Magnesium provides a great many health benefits independent of Vitamin D
    • Magnesium is used at 8 stages of Vitamin D metabolism
  • 100 milligrams of Magnesium (say from Magnesium Chloride) seems to be enough, even with high levels of vitamin D
    Some people (not a consensus) believe that only 100 mg of Mg can be taken up by the gut at a time
    If possible, take your Magnesium several times during the day - not just once
    • Vitamin D appears to consume Magnesium
    • People with > 100 ng of Vitamin D (and do not supplement with Mg) are 2.5X more likely to have A-fib
  • Overview Magnesium   Magnesium category has 228 items


  • Omega-3 increases active vitamin D - especially in people with poorly functioning livers or kidneys
  • 1 gram of Omega-3 seems to be enough. Note: different brands have widely different bio-availability
    I prefer Vetomega brand
  • Overview Omega-3  Omega-3 category has 266 items

Vitamin K2

  • K2 Keeps Calcium in bones and out of arteries
  • Calcification due to K2 deficiency may be a reason for increased mortality for some diseases for high vitamin D
  • Probably need 100 micrograms per 2,000 IU of vitamin D (i.e. 500 micrograms for 10,000 IU of Vit D)
  • Overview Vitamin K2   Vitamin K category has 111 items


  • Too much Calcium is associated with cardiovascular problems years later, not stronger bones
  • Should have less than 750 milligrams of Calcium supplementation
  • Drinking a lot of water helps flush any excess Calcium from the Kidneys
  • Overview Calcium   Calcium category has 180 items

Boron - good, but not as essential

  • Boron increases Vitamin D and Magnesium in the body by ~ 20%
  • Most people Boron deficient now that commercial fertilizers are used
  • Should have 3-10 milligrams of Boron element daily
  • Boron can be extremely low cost, less than $0.01 a day
  • Boron category has 23 items

Zinc - good, but not as essential

  • Extra Zinc does not appear to increase Vitamin D in the blood
  • Zinc is, however, essential to make Vitamin D Receptors and utilize Omega-3
  • Low zinc is associated with many autoimmune diseases,infections, colds, etc
  • Zinc, like Boron, is extremly low-cost and safe
  • Zinc category has 29 items

Not co-factors, but have also recently become low and are important for health

Unfortunately cofactors as pills are costly and typically need to be taken daily

Ways to improve health

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Vitamin D Cofactors in a nutshell        

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