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Top Vitamin D News: Dec 22, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Autism and Vitamin D - Dr. Cannell in Life Extension Mag - Jan 2014   includes text and graphics
Also has information on Dr. Cannell's previous work, including the 27 reasons to believe that Autism is connected to Vitamin D

If You're Low in This Nutrient, It Doubles Your Odds of Many Cancers– Interview Dr. Holick Oct 2013   Skype interview by Dr. Mercola
Vitamin D from 1940 and into the future – Holick video Nov 2013   Dr. Holick at Boston U., with lots of his great charts

50,000 IU of vitamin D monthly in winter gets most above 20 ng – RCT Nov 2013   AND 500,000 IU IS SAFE!!
Well, 50,000 is the bare minimum: need more vitamin D and/or more frequently if elderly, obese, dark skin, want more than 20 ng, etc. etc.

Active Rheumatologic disease was 5X more likely with low vitamin D – June 2013  
No proof yet that vitamin D will treat RA, but 5X is interesting

Different amounts of vitamin D needed to prevent different diseases – Dec 2013  
Vitamin D is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution, like many regulatory agencies would have us believe.

5,000 IU recommended by Vitamin D Council - Dec 2013  
One of the reasons: 5,000 IU will get at least 97% of people above 30 ng/ml. WITHOUT TESTING

Vitamin D testing using smartphone camera: Prototype – Dec 2013  
The smartphone camera is just one of the reasons we can anticipate <$10 vitamin D tests in a few years

Death by Calcium, book by Thomas Levy – Dec 2013  
Beware excessive Calcium, especially when taking lots of vitamin D

Typically takes a century for govts to fortify food with nutrients (like vitamin D)  
And, even after a century, governments rarely provide enough fortification.

Solanum glaucophyllum (a purple flower) produces active vitamin D3  
Hmm! Yet another natural source of a form of vitamin D. Should be of great interest to those with poor guts, livers. or kidneys

Hypothesis -Tissue barriers, created to protect body, block vitamin D – Dec 2013  
Interesting, I have never seen the concept before that injured tissues appear to block things like vitamin D
Wonder if tissue barriers might account for the approximate 4X more vitamin D needed to treat a disease.

Far too expensive to have FDA approve vitamin D – Dec 2013   A simple application costs $800,000

Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol) had a vitamin D deficiency – Dec 2013   The lighter side
Smaug, Gollum would suffer from vitamin D deficiency – Dec 2013
Vitamin D cartoons   such as

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Top Vitamin D News: Dec 4, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Reason that VitaminDWiki was offline Dec 1-3, 2013

Now have PROOF that Vitamin D prevents/treats 38 health problems

Vitamin D prevents or treats 94 health problems

ADHD,  Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis,  ALS,  Alzheimer's,  Antibiotic Use in Seniors,  Asthma,  Autism,  Autoimmune Diseases,   Back pain,  Blood Cell Cancer,   Breast Cancer,   Cardiovascular,  Cholesterol,  Chronic Hives,  Chronic Kidney Disease,  Cluster Headaches,  Congestive Heart Failure (Infants),  COPD,  Crohn's Disease,  C-Section and Pregnancy Risks,  Cystic Fibrosis,  Depression,   Diabetes,  Diabetic Neuropathy,  Eczema,   Falls,  Fatigue,  Fatty Liver (Child),  Fibromyalgia,  Gestational Diabetes,  Gingivitis,  Growing Pains,  Hay Fever,  Heart Attack,  Hemodialysis,  Hepatitis-C,   Hip Fractures,  Hypertension,  Influenza,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  Ischemic Stroke,  Knee Osteoarthritis,  Leg Ulcers,   Low Birth Weight,  Lupus,  Male Infertility,   Menstrual Pain,  Metabolic Syndrome,  Middle Ear Infection (Infants),  Mite Allergy,  Multiple Sclerosis,  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease,  Osteoarthritis,  Parkinson's Disease,  Perinatal Depression,  Pneumonia (Ventilator-associated),  Poor Sleep,  PreDiabetes,  Preeclampsia,  Pre-term Birth,  Prostate Cancer,  Quality of Life,   Raynaud's Pain,   Respiratory Tract Infection,  Restless Leg Syndrome,   Rheumatoid Arthritis,   Rickets,  Sarcopenia,  Sepsis,  Short Neonates,  Sickle Cell,  Stronger Senior Muscles,  Survive ICU,  TB,  Tonsillitis,  Trauma Death,  Traumatic Brain Injury,  Tuberculosis,  Ulcerative Colitis,  Urinary Tract Infection,  Vaginosis,  Vertigo,  Warts,  Weight Loss

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Health Problem Treat
Reduction by Vit DRCT = Randomized Controlled Trial
   * = link to additional RCT
CT = Clinical Trial
149 to 142 mm Hg
HT risk reduced 10X
RCT*  *, 2400 IU.  100,000 IU*
When Vitamin D > 40 ng
Cardiovascular after attack T 32 % fewer deaths CT 1000 IU
Diabetes Type 1 P 85 % 12,000 kids, 2000 IU
Diabetes Type 2T 62 % RCT* CRP reduction, 4000 IU
Injection is far better - RCT *
RCT 50,000 IU/2weeks + probiotics
RCT 5,000 IU daily 6 months
Back Pain T 95 %
reduced 50%
5000/10000 IU
60,000 IU weekly
Influenza P 90 % RCT *, 2000 IU
Falls P 50%RCT, 100,000 IU monthly
RCT with Meals on Wheels 2016
Hip Fractures P 30 % RCT * 800 IU
Rickets P 98 % Turkey, 400 IU
NOT RCT, given to all children
Raynaud's Syndrome T 40 % RCT, visual scale, 20000 IU Avg
Menstrual pain P 76 % RCT, 7000 IU Avg,
70% reduction 2018
PMS reduced by half
Pregnancy risks P 50 % RCT, 4000 IU
C-section, unplanned P 50 % RCT, 4000 IU, small study
Low birth weight P 60 % RCT * 1000 IU of D2
TBP 60 % RCT, 800 IU
Breast Cancer P 60 % RCT, 1100 IU (2007)
Rheumatoid Arthritis pain T 40 % RCT, 500 IU, added to prescription
Cystic Fibrosis T 75 %
2nd study improved
RCT, pilot 4X fewer deaths 250,000 IU
RCT, pilot 8,200 IU
Chronic Kidney T 90 to 70 PTH RCT, 3500 IU,
Respiratory Tract Infection P 63 % 3 RCT, 4000 IU 1 year 2nd 2000/800 IU
20,000 IU weekly
Lupus T
zero flares
Pain reduced
Loading then 100,000 IU monthly,
RCT too
RCT 4,000 IU
Sickle Cell T Less pain
RCT, up to 100,000 IU/week
Leg ulcer healing T 4X faster RCT, 50,0000 IU/week, small study
Traumatic Brain Injury T 2X RCT, 20,0000 IU/day with progesterone
Parkinson's DiseaseT StabilizedRCT, 1200 IU/day
Multiple SclerosisP
95% were CURED
RCT, 7100 IU prevent pre-MS ==> MS
20,000 to 140,000 IU/day
Congestive Heart Failure T 90 % RCT, 1000 IU infants (also: Adults, not RCT)
Middle Ear Infection P 30 % RCT, 1000 IU infants
GingivitisT 88 %RCT, 2000 IU
Muscle in seniors T 17 % more muscle RCT, 4000 IU
Antibiotic use when >70y T 47 % RCT, 60,000 IU monthly
Infants tallerBenefit1 cm tall RCT, 50,000 IU weekly,
for 8 weeks while pregnant
Gestational Diabetes T Reduced 3X RCT, 2 doses of 50,000 IU
After Heart Attack T +6% ejection fraction RCT, 800,000 IU one time
Prostate Cancer T Fewer +cores RCT, 4000 IU (2012)
Asthma P   T Reduced symptoms RCT, 60K IU/month;
RCT 50K IU/week
Need good D at 4 weeks into preg.
Depression T Reduced RCT 300,000 IU injection
RCT 1500 IU helped Prozac
RCT 50,000 IU weekly, elderly
Low vitamin D
while breastfed
P All infants > 20 mg RCT, 5,000 IU
Fibromyalgia T Half of many still has FibroRCT, 30-48 ng
RCT 50K IU/week
Hives, Chronic T Reduced 40% RCT, 4000 IU added
CholesterolT Reduced 4 mg RCT, 400 IU + Ca
Weight Loss T lost 5 more lbs RCT, 2000 IU +diet +exercise
Gestational DiabetesP 40% RCT * , 5,000 IU
Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease
T 17X improvement CT, 50,000 IU weekly
RCT 100,000 IU monthly
Asthma T 1/2 Asthma attacks RCT >42 mg of vitamin D
Quality of Life (QoL) T Nursing Home QoL CT, 4,000 IU in daily bread
Death of Critically Ill
T 20% increase in survivability RCT 540 K IU loading than 90K monthly
Restless Leg Syndrome T Score 26 ==> 10 CT, Vitamin D dose size
not stated in abstract
Hepatitis-C T Aided normal drugs RCT 2.000 IU
Crohn's disease T improved when > 30 ng
2nd study fewer relapses
RCT 2,000 IU
10,000 IU RCT
Pre-term birth P 2.5X decrease, also: fewer
c-section & better Apgar
RCT 2,000 IU India
Cluster headaches T CH eliminated in 60% 10,000 IU, Mg, Omega-3, etc
Autism T 80% improved CT 300 IU/kg/day for 3 months
PreDiabetes T ~20% reduced RCT 60,000 IU/month
Weight loss:
Overweight and Obese
T 12 lbs in 6 months RCT 100,000 IU/month
Sarcopenia = muscle loss T 27% increase RCT 1,000 IU
Growing Pains T 60% decrease ~100,000 IU/month -NOT RCT
2nd study, similar results
Osteoarthritis pain T 60% decrease 50,000 IU/weekly - NOT RCT
ALS T helped 2,000 IU - NOT RCT, given to all
Vertigo T 3X reduction if raised > 10ng 600,000 IU load, then maint.
NOT RCT, given to all
Warts T 80% eliminated injection NOT RCT
60,000 IU/injection
Metabolic Syndrome P reduced 44% when VitD
increased by 30 ng
NOT RCT, given to all
Hay fever P reduced 48% RCT   1,000 IU for 30 days
Preeclampsia P Recurrance cut in half
3 RCT 3.6 X less likely if > 30 ng
50,000 IU every 2 weeks
4,000 IU daily
Blood cell cancer
Multiple Myeloma
T Survival 90% vs 50%10,000 IU/week
NOT RCT, given to all
Irritable Bowel Syndrome T Reduced3,000 IU spray RCT
Urinary Tract Infection P 50% reduction RCT 20,000 IU weekly
Mite Allergy P 5X reductionRCT 2,000 IU preg, 800 IU child
Perinatal depression
(depression near birth)
T 50% reduction RCT 2,000 IU for just a few weeks
Vaginosis T 10X reductionRCT 2,000 IU
Eczema T Reduced2 RCT 1,600 IU
Fatty Liver Disease
T Reduced RCT 20,000 IU weekly
Knee Osteoartiritis T Pain Reduced RCT 60,000 IU monthly after loading dose
Tuberculosis T Faster Recovery RCT single 450,000 IU dose
Stroke - Ischemic T Faster Recovery RCT single 600,000 IU injection
RCT single 300,000 IU injection
Sepsis T Reduce ICU and Hospital
length of stay by 7 days each
RCT 400,000 IU
Trauma deaths T 50% fewer deaths Vitamin D & Glutamine
NOT RCT, given to all
Hemodialysis patients T helped 50,000 IU weekly NOT RCT, given to all
Fatty liver - child T 2 X reduction RCT  Vitamin D & DHA
Fatigue T Reduced 100,000 IU single dose
NOT RCT, given to all
Sleep Disorders T Nicely treated RCT  50.000 IU bi-weekly
T RCT   Death rate cut in half300,000 IU injection
Infertile males T birth rate doubled RCT   300,000 IU + maint
Waist size T Waist size reduced 3 cm 100,000 IU loading + maint for 6 months
for those with Metabolic Syndrome
NOT RCT, given to all
Attention Deficient
Hyperactivity Disorder
T Reduced
RCT  3,000 IU for 12 weeks
RCT  50,000 IU weekly
Alcoholic liver cirrhosis T improved survival1,000 IU of vitamin D NOT RCT
Diabetic nephropathy T Reduced HOMA-IR, FRS RCT 50,000 IU weekly
Ulcerative Colitis T Reduced 60% RCT 50,000 IU nano daily for a week
Obese weight loss T Lost 3X more pounds $10 of Vitamin D added to
  calorie restriction & walking
Endometriosis T Nicely treated RCT  50.000 IU bi-weekly
Diabetic Wounds T 4X more likely to heal RCT  6,400 daily
Alzheimer's T Often reverseEach person gets a different amount of
Vit D, Omega-3, B12, Iron, etc
Autoimmune P Decrease 30% RCT  Vit D + Omega-3
Smoking T reduce problems RCT  50,000 bi-weekly
Tonsillitis T Virtually eliminated RCT  50,000 weekly

Note: 95% of the proofs for vitamin D were published after the Institute of Medicine stopped looking at data and mistakenly declared that 20 ng was enough.

Vitamin D video progress

CLICK HERE to see the first 16 seconds of the 5 minute video
CLICK HERE to read and listen to the script with links to the supporting data
Credits Data by Henry Lahore, Script by Judy Lahore, Production by Harry McAlister at www.AmpleEarth.com, Animation by Kipp Jarden,
$20,000 funding by Bio-Tech Pharmacal

French uncertain as to acceptable vitamin D levels: 11, 20, 30, 46 ng ( 80 percent less than 30 ng) - Oct 2013  
It will be years before governments have certainty about Vitamin D.
40 ng seems like a conservative low range of optimum vitamin D for now

Two minutes sun is all you need for vitamin D (not) - Dec 2013  Some Australians still do not understand Vitamin D
There is a huge amount of proof that 10 minutes of sunshine is not enough. Yet some Australian doctors still say that just 2 minutes is enough

Hip fractures reduced 2X to 6X with just 10 minutes of sunlight daily – RCT 2003-2010
3 Delightful RCT from the the past 10 years. 3 RCT showing that a tiny amount of sunshine (and thus probably vitamin D) reduces hip fractures

Dr. Oz recommends at least 50 ng of vitamin D  
This is the third time that Dr. Oz has recommended 50 ng that VitaminDWiki is aware of
CLICK HERE for the discussion of Optimal Level of Vitamin D

Toward predicting vitamin D levels without a blood test.  
VitaminDWiki believes that vitamin D ranges can be predicted without a blood test
Now to see if we just have the time and money to implement it in 2014

Melanoma is 44 percent LESS LIKELY if get sun on the job – Nov 2013  

WHO still says mistakenly says NO vitamin D during pregnancy, and only 200 IU after  
Hmm: World Health Organization, based on a single random controlled trial which they labeled as being low quality, says that pregnant women should get NO vitamin D
Meanwhile, most researchers are arguing: should pregnant women get 4000 or 6000 IU of vitamin D

Most read pages on VitaminDWiki  The top 50 pages. Interesting – strong interest in Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D

Kids less fit than their parent were (perhaps low vitamin D) – Nov 2013  
The article did not mention the lack of Vitamin D as a possible cause for decreased fitness

Only 1 in 3 in Scotland is vitamin D deficient ( less than 10 ng) - Nov 2013   If you set your standards low enough (10 ng), not many will be deficient
It appears that the standard should be 40 ng: but then >90% of the population on the planet would now be deficient.
But, it appears that just 100 years ago only a fraction of of people on the globe had <40 ng of vitamin D
CLICK HERE to see the 37 reasons why most of the world is now Vitamin D deficient

Review of Vitamin D recommendations and knowledge – Oct 2013  Good overview

20X increase in vitamin D sold and 36 percent decrease in osteoporosis business in Australia – Nov 2013  
Wonder when they will realize that increasing D might indeed result in less osteoporosis
Note: There are now 117 items in Osteoporosis and Vitamin D in VitaminDWiki

Vitamin D is not a cardiovascular fad like Vitamins C, E, Folic Acid, selenium, beta-caroteen, etc. – Circulation Nov 2013  Their title, not ours.
Yet another medical group is starting to becoming aware of the importance of vitamin D.
By the way, there are 226 items in the category Cardiovascular and vitamin D

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Top Vitamin D News: Nov 10 - 25, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

More medical specialists are becoming aware of vitamin D
Bone   20X increase in vitamin D sold and 36 percent decrease in osteoporosis business in Australia – Nov 2013
Heart   Vitamin D is not a cardiovascular fad like Vitamins C, E, Folic Acid, selenium, beta-caroteen, etc. – Circulation Nov 2013
Gut   Inflammatory bowel diseases are helped by vitamin D – commissioned review Nov 2013  
     Gut doctors appear to be not aware of other forms of vitamin D for poor guts nor that loading dose restore levels more quickly
From earlier this year: 17 reasons why are doctors reluctant to accept vitamin D 10 reasons as of Nov 2013

Great Vitamin D webinar for doctors - Plotnikoff Nov 2013   You can read my many notes and perhaps then view his great video

Patent application for a skin cream which enhances production of vitamin D – Holick July 2013  
If this becomes a product everyone will be able to make vitamin D at other than midday summer
Also, seniors will be able to make a lot more vitamin D than they can now.

Germany does not fortify ANY food with vitamin D, is considering 1000 IU from bread – Nov 2013  
Unfortunately the study mistakenly assumed that the dose-response relationship was linear.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis has 4X faster decline if severely low Vitamin D – Nov 2013  
Yet another disease which is strongly associated with low vitamin D

Vitamin D important papers from 1645 to 2013 – Nov 2013  Science has known of the benefits of vitamin D for a long time. Wonder when the public will benefit
Actually, it has been much longer than 350 years: Sunny side of the hill is the healthiest – 400BC

Most European infants get vitamin D supplements, vs only 1 in 50 in US – June 2013  
Why so little supplementation for US infants?
Perhaps because the US supplements milk and formula with a little bit of vitamin D and Americans think they are getting enough?

Sports benefits from up to 50 ng of Vitamin – meta-analysis - Nov 2012
Sports benefit up to 50 ng @ /is.gd/Vitdsports

Vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health problem – Maps Nov 2013
Color code: RED < 12 ng, Orange < 20 ng, Yellow < 30 ng

Updated chart
Possible Vitamin D Interactions

Is this a major reason for vitamin D deficiency?
Playground @ is.gd/aanov2013

VitaminDWiki news
In Nov VitaminDWiki moved to a faster and more reliable web host (ElasticHost)
Currently making a version of VitaminDWiki for devices with small screens – such as iPhones

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Top Vitamin D News: Oct 26 - Nov 10, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

UV, sunshine, and vitamin D (87 charts) - Holick March 2013   here are a few of the charts
Elderly get less benefit from single dose of UVB than youth

Elderly can benefit from added indoor UVB

Blood pressure varies with latitude (UVB)

Vitamin D update – Holick Sept 2013  highlights by VitaminDWiki
Describes how vitamin D does it's magic for a wide variety of diseases - at the molecular level
Reviews results of many studies - including some published in the first half of 2013
Ideal level 40-60 ng/ml - maintenance dose 50,000 IU every two weeks
Loading dose 50,000 IU weekly
Calcium increase 2X to 3X with lots of vitamin D (> 40 ng?)

35,000 IU vitamin D daily for 6 months helped ALL psoriasis suffers (106 ng) – Brazil March 2013  

Reduced depression with single 300,000 IU injection of vitamin D – RCT June 2013   the 37th proof that Vitamin D works

People more likely to freckle are more likely to get prostate cancer (low vitamin D) – April 2013  

A few Vitamin D Overviews summaries  which includes
37 proofs, Likelihood of health problems 2x-25X more with low vitamin D
Get disease X then likely to get disease Y – where both X and Y are associated with low vitamin D
Overview Pregnancy, Overview Cofactors, Overview Sports, Overview Alzheimers-Cognition, MS cures with 150 ng of vitamin D
How often to take 50,000 IU of vitamin D (based on double-blind intervention proofs)

Surprise:Three different types of vitamin D can activate the vitamin D receptor – Oct 2013  

Vitamin D Webinars by DiaSorin 2013-2014   some interesting webinars, such as
The Shocking Truth About Vitamin D Status
Vitamin D: Optimizing Pain Management

Updated the section on Optimum level of vitamin D – how has 37 supporting items
Optimum/Optimal is being used with Vitamin D more frequently in PubMed papers

Low sun==> Low Vitamin D ==> Low Health is no longer a HYPOTHESIS (chart had been made 3 years ago)
Less Sun Less D Less Health

VitaminDWiki moved to a new web host in November, so as to have more visitors without crashing

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Top Vitamin D News: Oct 8-25 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Vitamin D podcast with VitaminDWiki - Oct 2013  Voice and transcript.
Wide discussion of vitamin D concerns with some emphasis on sports.

Severe tooth decay in children unless supplemented with Vitamin D drops – Oct 2013  

Hypothesis: Magnesium accounts for some of the variation in vitamin D response – Oct 2013   one of several recent articles of synergism of Mg and Vitamin D

Diabetes prevention RCT kicked off: adding 4,000 IU vitamin D - Oct 2013  Prediction: Will fail due to not finding enough suckers willing to limit their vitamin D to only 600 IU

Type 1 diabetes starting to decrease in Finland, they started Vitamin D fortification in 2003 – July 2013  
they are just starting to study other health changes. Should be interesting

Cooking reduces vitamin D content by about 30 percent – Oct 2013   Nice to find.
You can add vitamin D as home to foods which will be cooked, in addition to adding it to sugar, salt, jams, etc,

Gestational Diabetes mostly treated with just 2 doses of 50,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Dec 2013   the 33rd disease that Vitamin D is proven to prevent/treat
Vitamin D intervention for 8 weeks of pregnancy: infants taller, heavier and bigger heads – RCT Oct 2013  the 32nd disease that Vitamin D is proven to prevent/treat
Antibiotic use cut in half by elderly (over 70) after monthly 60,000 IU of vitamin D – RCT Dec 2013  the 31st disease that Vitamin D is proven to prevent/treat
Muscle increased 17 percent in vitamin D insufficient elderly getting 4,000 IU for 4 months – RCT Oct 2013  the 30th disease that Vitamin D is proven to prevent/treat

World Osteoporosis Day sponsored by Big Pharma – does not give good sun or vitamin D info Oct 20 2013  
5 of the 6 sponsors are big pharmaceutical firms, which have no interest in the no-profit vitamin D

Any supplementation with vitamin D reduced chance of pneumonia by 50 percent – Oct 2013  
The analysis most likely would have found more reduction in pneumonia if they had looked at just high doses – say >2,000 IU

Colorado has the best UV (and thus best health) in the US  
First noticed that they had lowest obesity in the US.
“Best” UV because they do not also have the high temperatures which cause people to go indoors.
Image One of the maps: Diabetes Deaths

Vitamin D deficiency diseases in dark skinned people living far from equator – Meta-analysis Oct 2013  
As we have seen in many previous studies, dark skin = 24 hour a day sunscreen, which is not good for health when there is not a hot sun.

Yet again, 800 IU of vitamin D was found to be barely enough to help bones – Lancet Oct 2013  
Amazingly this study resulted in 40 different article titles saying that this proves that vitamin D does not help bones
AND, an additional 13 articles claimed that Vitamin D has not benefit at all (based on this single Osteoporosis publication)
By the way – many studies have shown that 2000+ IU of vitamin D is needed to reduce the chance of osteoporosis

Vitamin D video and marketing plans are progressing extremely nicely   
You can both hear and read the nearly final version of the script. Some neat animations will be started soon.

One test to estimate Vitamin D, A, Cu, Se, etc : measure proteins in blood – Oct 2013   measures many blood proteins which are proxies for vitamins and minerals

2 out of 3 people think that they get enough vitamin D, but only 1 in 3 get even the absolute minimum – Oct 2013  Survey of 1000 Americans
2 of 3 believe they get enough D, but @ is.gd/enoughd

See also VitaminDWiki

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Top Vitamin D News: Sept 16 - Oct 8, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Vitamin D test: 20 dollars via some Walgreens Drug Stores – Oct 2013   a slow roll-out of a very low cost vitamin D test

Vitamin D podcast with VitaminDWiki - Oct 2013    some emphasis on recreational running, exercise, not professional

– – – – OPTIMUM LEVEL – – – – – A new category at VitaminDWiki – – – –
Sleep disorders cured by 60-80 ng of vitamin D and some B vitamins – March 2013   
Optimum Vitamin D level: Evidence for 30 and 40 ng – Grant Aug 2013   
Vitamin D provides many benefits and is cost-effective (need 32-40 ng) – Summer 2013   
Restoring vitamin D - ways to encourage    Ways to encourage people to restore to optimum levels, like those of their great grandparents
Update on Treating Multiple Sclerosis with high dose vitamin D - Sept 2013    appears that the goal is 150 ng
Multiple Sclerosis prevention by Vitamin D: 10 year, 30 million dollar trial - Sept 2013    wish that this trial were using a higher dose level

Restless legs and growing pains may be both due to low vitamin D – Sept 2013   
EVERY restless leg symptom is also a symptom of growing pains.
There are several references to both health problems being associated with low vitamin D.

– – – – – FORTIFICATION – – – – – –
Type 1 diabetes starting to decrease in Finland, they started Vitamin D fortification in 2003 – July 2013    Fortification appears to help
Danish study of childhood diseases vs vitamin D fortification – May 2013    should publish some interesting results in 2014

Fewer heart attacks, hip fractures and deaths if more skin cancer – Sept 2013   
This study has a great way to estimate the benefits of vitamin D back before there were vitamin D tests.

20 ng is enough vitamin D for healthy Nordic Caucasians: 5th Nordic meta-analysis – Oct 2013   
2/3 of the proofs that Vitamin D intervention works had been published when the Nordic study stopped looking

– – – – – – COFACTORS – – – – – – – -
If at high risk of vitamin D deficiency, get a higher response if take more Magnesium – Sept 2013   
Supports previous idea that having enough Magnesium would increase response to a dose of vitamin D by about 30%
Synergism between Vitamin D, Vitamin K-2, and Vitamin A: Masterjohn – Sept 2013   Masterjohn always has excellent insight in vitamin D and its cofactors

Image Image Image

Handbook of Vitamin D in Human Health – June 2013   Large technical book – you might find the book for free on the web

Presentation: pre and post natal vitamin D, with audience comments – Manchester UK Sept 2013    Excellent ideas about vitamin D information-sharing and education

Prediabetics not helped by weekly vitamin D (perhaps D2) – RCT Oct 2013    Wonder why

Cluster headaches virtually eliminated in 7,000 people with high-dose vitamin D and cofactors - Feb 2022   I had an excellent conversation with the person.

Both Vitamin D and Calcium are needed to reduce bone loss – RCT Sept 2013    Need BOTH.
So many reports of this study (incorrectly) stated that vitamin D does not help with osteoporosis.

3 to 55 X more likely to have these health problems if low Vitamin D    Summary of Vitamin D data at VitaminDWiki sorted by biggest possible benefit.

Life extension and health improvement: Calico (Google) and perhaps Vitamin D   
Google is interested in life extension and improved health– perhaps we should point out the benefits of vitamin D to both

– – – – – HOSPITAL – – – – – – –
2X more likely to get hospital infection if low vitamin D (10 ng) when enter – Oct 2013   
3X more likely to die within 3 months of being in ICU for 2 days if less than 20 ng vitamin D – Sept 2013   

– – – – – – CANCER – – – – – – – –
Far fewer Pancreatic Cancer deaths at stage III and IV with more than 20 ng vitamin D – Sept 2013   
This is not proof that increasing vitamin D reduces Pancreatic Cancer, but it is a good indication
Molecular Link between Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention – Oct 2013    further proof as to how Vitamin prevents Cancer
Walking an hour a day (more vitamin D) decreased chance of breast cancer by 14 percent – Oct 2013
Probably just $5 a year of vitamin D supplements would get the same level of benefit

Backlog of files to upload to VitaminDWiki = 1270

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Top Vitamin D News: Sept 1-15, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Grassroots Health participants Vitamin D vs age, intake, and resulting level – Sept 2013

Grassroot participants age @ is.gd/vitdage Grassroots Intake is.gd/vitdage Vitamin D levels of participants is.gd/vitdage

Benefits of supplements (vitamin D is not snake oil) - Aug 2013
    Proof via PubMed for various supplements, including vitamin D. Nice update from 2010 and 2011
Benefits of supplements  @  is.gd/benefitd

Obese need 2.5 IU of vitamin D per kg to increase 1 ng (about 3.4 X more) – RCT Sept 2013
    Those who are 2X heavier need 3.4X more I.U. of vitamin D – (supposed dilution effect would be only 2X)

Superbug (Clostridium difficile) 4.7X more of a problem if low vitamin D – Sept 2013
    Yet another hospital acquired infection is treated with vitamin D

Far fewer Pancreatic Cancer deaths at stage III and IV with more than 20 ng vitamin D – Sept 2013
    Another study showing that vitamin D might treat Pancreatic Cancer

Vitamin D reduced bacterial infection in cows – RCT Sept 2013
    Animal doctors appear to be learning about vitamin D faster than doctors for humans. (But vets have an incentive - they are paid to keep their clients healthy)

2X increased chance of anemia (low iron) associated with low vitamin D – Sept 2013
   This adds to the previous 5 or so articles on Iron and Vitamin D

Interactions of Vitamins D, A, and K, should measure calcitriol, calcification – Masterjohn Aug 2013
    Masterjohn continues to have extremely interesting ideas. The title includes a few of the topics of an audio recording

100,000 IU of vitamin D every 90 days was not frequent enough to prevent Diarrhea – Sept 2013
    When will researchers learn that infrequent doses of vitamin D (quarterly, semi-annual, annual) provide less benefit and actually can harm?
see wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=2475

Suncation adds 12 ng of vitamin D to Sweden women – Sept 2013
    $20 of vitamin D provide a year's worth of vitamin D. An expensive annual trip to a sunny climate provides only a few months worth of vitamin D.

Why do gardeners live longer (vitamin D, etc.)
    Note also: Most elderly in cultures with the most longevity have gardens

30 to 50 ng of vitamin D is optimal – Central Europe consensus Sept 2013
Vitamin D provides many benefits and is cost-effective (need 32-40 ng) – Summer 2013
    FYI: 40 ng is the minimum optimal vitamin D level being proposed in our upcoming video

Even if a J curve exists, it is 50X better to give vitamin D than not give it – May 2013
    This editorial nicely puts the worry about possible problems with high levels of vitamin D into perspective.

Recommended increasing vitamin D for space flight – NASA Sept 2013
    NASA scientists keep re-discovering that vitamin D is needed in space flight, yet NASA procedures have not changed.

Off topic: Low salt is actually bad for you - IoM reversal Summer 2013
    Off topic, but most interesting. A complete reversal of the Sodium thoughts of the past 40 years.
      How many decades will it take to change perceptions about sodium (and vitamin D)?

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vitamin D video Would appreciate your comments

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Script as of Sept 16

Animation Script 9/16

Have you ever wondered why so many people today are suffering from health problems that our grandparents and great grandparents seldom had?

There have been dramatic increases in cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism - and even rickets, which should have gone away 50 years ago.

Let’s look at what might have changed.
People are now working and playing indoors much more than they used to do.
150 years ago, 98% of us spent most of the day outside. Now, less than 10% do.

Air conditioning, urbanization, changes in work have changed our lifestyles tremendously.
We work on computers rather than on farms.
We ride in enclosed autos, buses, trains, and airplanes.
We play video games instead of going outside to play.
And when we do go outdoors, many of us wear sunscreen and protective clothing.

So, what is missing from this picture? The sun!
Why is that important?
From the sun, our skin makes a vital substance: Vitamin D!

Why is this such a big deal?
Vitamin D makes positive, immediate changes in perhaps 2000 genes in the body.
Increasingly, Vitamin D deficiency is being implicated in more and more diseases, including some of the big ones: cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and heart disease.

Vitamin D deficiency is now associated with over 100 diseases and health problems, either as a cause, or as a contributing factor.
Many scientific studies – over 5000 of them – have shown these associations.
In fact, 33 double-blind randomized controlled trials have demonstrated that Vitamin D prevents or treats 29 serious diseases.

Are you at risk? Are you deficient in Vitamin D?
Do you spend a lot of time indoors, or when you go outdoors, do you wear sunscreen or protective clothing?
Did your ancestors live near the equator or eat a traditional diet that you no longer eat? (Show dark-skinned people outdoors with traditional minimal clothing – perhaps fishermen in Hawaii, Masai warriors.)

An example of our changed diet: In 1900, pie crust was made with lard from pigs raised outdoors. Just one piece of a double-crust pie (illustration) provided 2000 I.U. of Vitamin D, more than the amount now recommended daily by many governments and doctors.
Today, pie crust is made from vegetable oil or shortening. How much Vitamin D? Zero.
And because most animals are now raised indoors, many foods that used to contain Vitamin D no longer have it. (Bacon, beef, etc. – illustration.)

Between getting less sun and less Vitamin D in your diet, you are probably deficient.
This is especially true for the elderly, dark-skinned, pregnant, or breast-fed infants, and also for people who have experienced severe stress, such as serious illness or surgery.

How can you tell if you really are deficient?
Of course you can have a blood test. A reading of less than 40 nanograms per milliliter (100nanomoles/liter) of Vitamin D in the blood is less than optimal.
Or you can do a very simple test on yourself. Just press hard on both of your shin bones and also your sternum – the bone in your chest between your lowest ribs. Did at least 2 of them hurt? Sore bones are an indication that you are probably very deficient.

How can you get more Vitamin D? You’re probably not going back to your great grandparents’ lifestyle, and you may find it difficult to get enough sun in your busy day.
Actually, more sun exposure is needed than you might think, so you are unlikely to get enough from just a few minutes a day of sunbathing, even at noon in summer, and even if you live near the equator or in a sunny climate.

A good way to get enough Vitamin D is to take a simple, inexpensive supplement.
While the recommended dose will vary according to your individual situation, most people should take at least 4000 I.U. per day (less for children).
Much more typically is needed to prevent or treat specific health problems.

You may especially want to raise your Vitamin D levels if you are pregnant – this will benefit both you and your unborn child – or if you are preparing for surgery.
Vitamin D greatly improves surgical outcomes.

If you have been deficient, you should notice a feeling of greater health and energy within a few months of taking 4000 I.U. of Vitamin D daily, and fewer aches and pains if you are elderly. Starting with a larger initial dose can speed up the benefits to just a few weeks.

Are people starting to notice the benefits of Vitamin D? You bet!
When one doctor raised all of his patients’ levels to 80 nanograms (200 nanomoles), he noticed that no matter their age or health condition, their average of 4 office visits per year dropped down to one visit.
In fact, more research is now being done on Vitamin D than on Vitamins A, C, E, and K combined.
And more and more people are getting Vitamin D tests, a 10 times increase in 3 years.

So, if you want to feel better and stay healthy, or reduce health problems that you already have, taking Vitamin D is probably the single best thing you can do for your body.

Do yourself a favor.
Read the studies if you need more proof.
Then try it!

(885 words)

(This video was produced by AmpleEarth.com and VitaminDWiki.com
Funded by Biotech Pharmacal

For more information, visit XXXXXX)

Vitamin D conference in England - April 23-25 2014 Update: Request for abstracts sent Sept 1.
I plan to attend, and hope to present. (Henry Lahore)

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Top Vitamin D News: Aug 19-31, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Incidence of 22 health problems related to vitamin D have doubled in a decade about 18 charts showing increased incidence of disease -typically by at least 3X
all of which appear to be associated with increased # of people who are vitamin D deficient
   Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer - Thyroid, Cancer - Childhood, Cancer - Breast, Cancer - Melanoma, B, TB and HIV in Africa, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism,
   Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease, Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury - military, Parkinson Diseas,|Pulmonary Hypertension
Example charts

Multiple Sclerosis
MS Increase
updated from http://autisminnb.blogspot.com/2011/01/autism-speaks-cdc-autism-prevalence.html
Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease
UC and Crohn's
Crohn's Disease
Crohn's Disease.png

Diabetics with low vitamin D had more cognitive impairment– Aug 2013 Should this be called Diabeticbrain, similar to Chemobrain?

Huge variation in taking vitamin D supplements with age of female, less than 1000 IU not help much – July 2013 5X variation in % of females taking vitamin D vs age

Magnesium and Vitamin D very synergistic – Aug 2013 as has been seen in many previous studies

45 ng vitamin D may be enough (what about vitamin A)- Aug 2013 Another study showing possible problem with high levels of vitamin D.
   Wonder if too much vitamin A or too little Mg or vitamin K-2

11,000 IU vitamin D daily from traditional Norwegian diet of cod, cod liver, cod-liver oil, and roe – 2004 People used to get enough vitamin D from foods in the winter.
    also used to get it from "Free Range Lard", liver, eel, pies and other baked goods, pemican (which was 50% lard/tallow - and may have had > 10,000 IU per pound)

Breed cows based on vitamin D production – Aug 2013 Some "free range cows" in sunny climates give 750 IU of vitamin D per liter of milk

To be reimbursed for supplements in the UK the benefits must now be approved by EU – Aug 2013 UK govt clamping down on supplements

Half of elderly care physicians in the Netherlands do not follow vitamin D guidelines – 2013 Many doctors still not following even the minimal vitamin D guidelines

Proven again, 400 IU vitamin D does not reduce joint paint - Aug 2013 We probably saw this study 50 times: with titles indicating that vitamin D does not reduce joint pain
    example titles: Calcium and vitamin D no cure-all for older women's joint pain, study says, Vitamin D & Calcium Are A Bust For Joint Pain

Repurposed the recent Grassroots data into the following chart

derived from Grassroots 2013

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Working intensely on vitamin D video Would appreciate your comments
Hired Heather as first hourly worker for VitaminDWiki. Heather is editing Overviews and popular pages, making press releases, doing web marketing
Started Search Engine Optimization - changed wording of about 50 items on the home page

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Top Vitamin D News: Aug 6-18, 2013    on the web at http://is.gd/VitaminDNews

Proven again, 400 IU vitamin D does not reduce joint pain - Aug 2013
there was also a recent study proving that 1,000 IU of vitamin D did not reduce hypertension
In both cases studies have shown success with higher doses

Deficiencies of iron and vitamin D are interrelated in women – March 2013

Squamous cell cancers of head and neck, vitamin D, and the immune system – Aug 2013

37 percent of globe under 20 ng of vitamin D (suspect 80 percent less than optimal ) – Aug 2013 unfortunately the data is behind a paywall
37% of studies < 20 ng. Since the highest was 52 ng, we will guess that 95% of the regions measured are < 50 ng

Elite outdoor athletes had 52 ng of vitamin D – March 2013 another indication that 50 ng is good

Cancer - Leukemia the latest category in VitaminDWiki

11,000 IU vitamin D daily from traditional Norwegian diet of cod, cod liver, cod-liver oil, and roe – 2004 occasionally during the winter.

Magnesium roundup including bioavailability - Aug 2013 no big differences between the Magnesium forms

Air conditioning has not totally canceled the latitude effective in the US yet – July 2013 it still persists. Not as strong as 50 years ago.

Kidney patients need some form vitamin D – the question is, which form – July 2013
Natural D3 or an Analog for which they can charge >100X more for. Does not appear that there is any significant difference in the benefits.

Mayo clinic starting Cancer RCT using grossly inadequate 2,000 IU of vitamin D – Sept 2013 yet another RCT using too little vitamin D

Might be able to predict who will benefit from vitamin D by just 2 genes – July 2013 seems that each study predicts a different set of genes

Diabetes 10X less frequent among people getting lots of vitamin D - Aug 2013 another great chart from Grassroots Health

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