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Vitamin D decreases incidence of disease

Wide range of health problems

derived from Grassroots 2013

Just pregnancy problems

Pregnancy problems reduced GRH 2015

Original chart (2011) from top of page

Disease Incidence chart Lahore

Text extracted from chart July 2011 - for translation and blind

More Vitamin D in blood reduces incidence of major health problems

Vertical axis: Incidence compared to normal 80% down to less than 20%
Horizontal axis: ng/ml of vitamin D in the blood

Rickets 128 items

Heart Attacks
Falls, fractures
Multiple Sclerosis

Breast Cancer 253 items

Renal Cancer
All Cancers
Type1 Diabetes

  • Chart above is based on several charts from GrassrootsHealth (file gallery -Overview)

updated March 2010   from http://www.grassrootshealth.org

  • and (GrassrootsHealth Spring 2010, in file Gallery = Dose)

2009 number of ng/ml needed to deal with various diseases

  • and (GrassrootsHealth Spring 2010, file Gallery = Dose)


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