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4 Reasons why Vitamin D levels are crashing

1) Less sunshine

Air conditioning more available than in the past
Indoor work
indoors more to stay away from air pollution
Indoors due to fear of skin cancer with sun exposure
Indoors more to use the internet

2) Less from Food

Direct Reasons:
4 X less Vitamin D from farmed fish
3 X less Vitamin D from chickens, pork, etc, raised indoors
2 X less Vitamin D from low-fat milk is less bioavailable than whole milk
Indirect Reasons:
More Omega-6 - which blocks Omega-3 needed to get Vitamin D to cells
Roundup In food decreases both Vitamin D and Magnesium (needed to process Vitamin D)

3) Decrease in nutrients decreases Vitamin D

30% less Vitamin D response in blood if low Omega-3 *
20% less Vitamin D getting to cells if low Magnesium *
10% less Vitamin D getting to cells if low Zinc *
   * Estimates are based on multiple studies across a variety of health conditions

4) Immune systems getting worse with each generation

Does survival of the less fit mean less health
   Better hygiene, Antibiotics, vaccines, medical treatments have resulted
     in people with worse immune systems surviving to pass on their poor genes
The risk of 44 diseases at least doubles with poor Vitamin D Receptor as of Oct 2019
Incidence of 22 health problems related to vitamin D has doubled in a decade

Vitamin D blood levels have been crashing

Drop in Vitamin D levels VDW#10189
click on charts for details

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