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Vitamins To Speed Up Metabolism And Aid Weight Loss – May 2011

By Jeff Anderson on 29, May 2011

Henry James once wrote that the two sweetest words in the English language are ‘Summer Afternoon’- and he wasn’t talking about the effects of the sun’s essential vitamin on our abilities to speed up metabolism and fat loss. Indeed, there’s no end to the amount of happy times we can associate in the summer sun, either through playing outdoors as a kid, or playing outdoors as adults! Studies show that one Vitamin D, found in large amount through sunshine, is deficit in the industrialized world’ and pharmaceutical companies are trying to capitalize on this fundamental vitamin through fancy pills and potions. Believe it or not, this sun-sational vitamin, is also an essential part of our heart health and metabolism, as well!

The Best Vitamin to Speed Up Metabolism

Vitamin D is often trumped by an array of vitamins and minerals you find in capsules or ostensible injected into our food supply. Advertisers found that promoting calcium for fat loss has made a pretty penny. However, if you’re truly looking at the science to speed up your metabolism, you’ll find that Vitamin D is technically the vitamin that trumps calcium and may be the best vitamin to speed up metabolism’ and contribute to heart health, as well!

Why is Vitamin D So Vital To Increase Metabolism?

Without Vitamin D we’re at an acutely greater risk of fatal heart attacks and disease. A lack of Vitamin D inclusively contributes to cancer and obesity, as well. The University of Minnesota caught on to this. They studied two groups, one which took 1000 IU of Vitamin D versus no additional Vitamin D to their diets. Over just 11 weeks the Vitamin D consuming group lost 5 pounds; which equals about 230 calories burned per day. This is equivalent to 13% of an average American resting metabolic rate. Best of all, there were no fancy supplements involved; just Vitamin D in a pure form.

Why Are We Devoid of This Essential Vitamin That Fights Disease?

Vitamin D is largely devoid in 80% of Europeans and Americans. Industrialized nations in general are grossly deficient in Vitamin D. This is due in part to the fact that industrialized nations spend a lot of time indoors. Sunlight exposure really is essential for getting enough Vitamin D in our bodies. Walking to and from our cars on the way to work is not sufficient. Going to the beach once a week in the summer isn’t enough either. Our bodies aren’t trained to absorb this essential nutrient.

Three Ways to Boost Vitamin D Levels, Speed Up Metabolism, and Fight Disease!

A simple blood test can help you understand just how greatly you lack Vitamin D in your own body. Doctors can pinpoint exactly how to supplement natural vitamin D with this test and prescribe Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3, as opposed to Vitamin D2, is fat soluble. Don’t believe the companies that push powdered pills for Vitamin D boosting. To combat the deficiency you’re going to need an oil-based supplement. In cases where you have indicators of heart disease like elevated lipid levels or triglycerides, be especially cautious. Too much Vitamin D can potentially be harmful. So head out to the doctor today and get an idea of how to supplement with natural Vitamin D to speed up metabolism, lose weight, and even help your heart and overall well-being!

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