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  • Most cancers reduce vitamin D levels
  • Most cancer treatments (chemo, radiation) further lower Vitamin D
  • Higher levels of vitamin D minimize many side-effects of cancer therapy
  • High levels of vitamin D augment many chemotherapies
  • High levels of vitamin D augment cancer immunotherapies
  • High levels of vitamin D can kill some cancer cells 1,720 items 12/2023
  • Some cancers deactivate the vitamin D receptor

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Breast Cancer

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Cancer studies include:   Breast 252   Colon 141   Lung 54   Prostate 101   Pancreatic 55   Skin 121
Colds and flu   Dark Skin 464   Diabetes 541   Obesity 432   Pregnancy 896   Seniors 431
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Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D 05 Mar, 2023
Poor chemotherapy results if low vitamin D (leukemia in this case) – May 2022 17 Aug, 2022
Vitamin D, Gut Microbiota, and Chemo-radiation interactions – Dec 2019 25 Feb, 2021
Trial: Can 50,000 IU of Vitamin D weekly help with Breast Cancer Chemotherapy - Early 2021 21 Dec, 2020
4X less of one chemo needed after vitamin D receptor activation - June 2020 02 Jun, 2020
Breast cancer chemo made more women vitamin D insufficient, even 6 months later– 2019 12 May, 2020
Improved long-term chemo survival if good Vitamin D (1.8 X better - Hodgkin Lymphoma) – Oct 2019 27 Nov, 2019
Chemotherapy hair loss – prevented or treated by Vitamin D, US patent application – Nov 2019 24 Nov, 2019
Relapses of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) – 1 in 5 are due to genes mutated by chemotherapy – Nov 2019 10 Nov, 2019
Breast Cancer chemo reduces Bone Mineral Density, injecting Vitamin D increases it – Sept 2019 07 Sep, 2019
Omega-3 reduced by 4X the interruption of Cervical Cancer chemotherapy due to toxicity – RCT June 2019 18 Jun, 2019
Chemo only as needed for Prostate Cancer is working well - March 2019 28 Mar, 2019
Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer lowers Vitamin D levels – Oct 2018 25 Sep, 2018
Vitamin D prevents breast cancer, reduces BC mortality, and reduces BC chemotherapy problems – Sept 2018 21 Aug, 2018
Chemotherapy drugs often reduce Vitamin D levels, restoring levels helps– Aug 2018 16 Aug, 2018
Cisplatin chemotherapy dose size might be reduced by Omega-3 – Jan 2018 06 Jan, 2018
Breast Cancer Chemotherapy initially decreases vitamin D levels – May 2012 13 Dec, 2017
Breast Cancer chemotherapy 2.7 X more likely to be successful if not vitamin D deficient – Dec 2017 13 Dec, 2017
Cancer Chemotherapy and vitamin D – Review March 2013 14 Jul, 2017
Chemotherapy might be augmented with Vitamin D – Jan 2017 14 Jul, 2017
Breast Cancer Chemotherapy dropped Vitamin D levels by 6 nanograms – Nov 2015 14 Jul, 2017
Hypothesis – Chemotherapy can be aided by Vitamin D – March 2016 14 Jul, 2017
Chemo reduced leukemia patients vitamin D levels – Jan 2013 08 Jan, 2017
Breast cancer chemotherapy benefits from highest vitamin D levels – June 2014 03 Mar, 2016
Chemo drug (Nitrogen Mustard in this study) side effects minimized by vitamin D (mice) – March 2015 03 Mar, 2016
If vitamin D levels were not changed, toxicity to chemotherapy did not vary with levels – May 2012 11 Jan, 2016
Aromatase inhibitor chemotherapy after breast cancer not associated with vitamin D levels – Dec 2011 24 May, 2015
Vitamin D2 patent granted to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy – 2002 11 May, 2015
Hypothesis: Chemo brain and other cognitive impairements are associated with low vitamin D 09 Jul, 2014
Chemotherapy (cisplatin) and vitamin D synergistically stop stomach cancer – Feb 2014 28 Feb, 2014
Vitamin D levels dropped 3 ng during cancer chemotherapy – May 2012 08 Jan, 2014
Vitamin D Shows Potential in Natural Chemotherapy April 2010 30 Apr, 2010

40% less Cancer recurrence after Breast Cancer surgery if NO radiation treatment - Dec 2023

Compelling case for skipping RT in some early breast cancers - MD Edge

  • Recurrence rate: 1% in 5 years if no radiation therapy vs 1.7% if radiation therapy
  • "Omitting radiation therapy led to better health-related quality of life and functional and cosmetic outcomes, and the women viewed not having radiation as highly acceptable and appropriate treatment, not undertreatment."
  • Based on a study in Lancet: Postoperative radiotherapy omission in selected patients with early breast cancer following preoperative breast MRI (PROSPECT): primary results of a prospective two-arm study, which is behind a paywall
  • VitaminDWiki suspects that the radiation wounds the immune system, making it less likely to be able to fight off future cancers. Wonder if radiation decreases vitamin D levels on a long-term basis?
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