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Better than Daily

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Vitamin D non-daily is sometimes better - Possible reasons include:

  1. Better compliance
    Fewer opportunities to forget
    Fewer times to have to take a pill - for those who dislike it
  2. High concentration resulting from infrequent dosing gets past some gene and gut limitations
    • Note: Many studies have found non-daily to be better than daily
      I am unaware of a single study which has found daily to be better than non-daily - Founder of VitaminDWiki Dec 2019

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Example of Health Problem Studies with non-daily vitamin D

Intervention - non daily AND Diabetes (see also Metabolic Syndrome)

Intervention - non daily AND Pain

Intervention - non daily AND Pregnancy

Some people believe that daily Vitamin D dosing is needed while breastfeeding or supplementing infants
  However, it turns out that infants, like all humans and animals, can store Vitamin D, which is necessary to exist in rainy seasons, etc.
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Better than Daily        

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