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Dr. Stasha Gominak Discusses Sleep and Vitamin D and B Vitamins - video Nov 2023

72 minutes

Three Simple Steps for Healthier Sleep: Dr. Stasha Gominak video - Oct 2023

YouTube 64 minutes
Learning Objectives:

  • 1.Recognize that sleep disorders and chronic illness have become pandemic in last 40 years due to behavioral changes producing vitamin D deficiency.
  • 2.Recognize that illness and pain may result from inadequate repair during sleep.
  • 3.Acknowledge vitamin D as a hormone that is linked to the brainstem control of sleep.
  • 4.Be able to summarize how D deficiency leads to B deficiency.
  • 5.Understand how to return the microbiome to normal using vitamin D and high dose B’s for three months and why this is so effective.

Vitamin D - Conversation with Neurologist Dr. Stasha Gominak - Vitamin D, Sleep + Headaches Part 1 - video Nov 2022

122 minutes

How does Vitamin D deficiency and your gut microbiome affect your sleep with Dr. Stasha Gominak video Feb 2023

51 minutes
Do you have trouble sleeping or feeling rested after you wake up? Did you know your vitamin D levels are related to sleep?

We discussed the relationships between vitamin D, brain neurotransmitters, the gut and sleep for this week’s episode of the Weekend Wellness Hour Show with Harvard trained neurologist, Dr. Stasha Gominak. Dr. Gominak is recognized as a leader in the new field of neurotransmitter-based treatment of sleep disorders.

Dr. Gominak shared her journey into the world of sleep disorders after focusing on peripheral neuropathy for years. She realized that those with headaches had disruptions in their sleep phases, specifically deep sleep which includes slow deep sleep and REM sleep.

We then discussed how she stumbled on the relationship between vitamin D and poor sleep. She stressed that vitamin D is a hormone produced by skin in response to sun.

Dr. Gominak mentioned the importance of vitamin D in all the body processes, including fertility, hibernation, gut health, bones and so much more. In all her cases where people were not getting quality sleep, their blood vitamin D levels were low.

We dove into the specifics of what are the ideal blood vitamin D levels for someone looking for quality sleep when they’ve had disruptions. She explained that dosage does not equate to blood levels so if you begin a certain dose, you need to regularly check your blood vitamin D levels to see if it has responded appropriately to get you where you need for restful sleep.

She also mentioned the role of B vitamins and the gut microbiome and how both affect the sleep switch in the brain to help us sleep soundly. She highlighted the effect of low vitamin D on the gut microbiome which impacts its ability to make all the B vitamins that impact the brain.

Dr. Gominak has the RightSleep® program that uses over-the-counter vitamins and changes in behavior to improve or normalize your sleep. She works on restoring your proper brain chemistry, and your gut microbiome, so you can experience consistent healing through sleep.

Dr. Gominak practiced Neurology in the San Francisco Bay area from 1991-2004 and then began to dedicate more of her practice to the treatment of sleep and sleep disorders. In 2012 and 2016 she published two pivotal articles about the global struggle with worsening sleep, the possible causes and solutions, related to vitamin D deficiency and the intestinal microbiome.

Please join us to learn how your sleep can be affected by vitamin D deficiency and a disruption of your gut microbiome.

Getting Started With RightSleep® (her $99 program)

Her RECAP (as of Nov 2023)
RightSleep® is an educational program that uses over-the-counter vitamins and changes in behavior to improve or normalize your sleep. It has worked successfully in over 6000 patients, with all types of sleep disorders, from apnea to insomnia and everything in between.

Though sleep can be restored by addressing deficiencies, RightSleep® is not a one-size-fits all vitamin recipe. Why? Because everyone is different and responds to vitamins and dosing differently.

To successfully participate in RightSleep® you will need:

To do an initial Vitamin D and B12 blood test, as well as regular Vitamin D levels thereafter
Vitamins: D, B50, and a multivitamin and in some cases, B12
To journal your observations as you go. Record how your body is responding, so you can course-correct if needed.

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Dr. Coimbra
books 2018 2016
Dr. Somerville
Optimal Dose
Dr. GominakMr. BatchellerDr. Bredsen
End of Alz.
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autoimmune, PD
sleep, flu, pain,
obesity, etc.
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Vitamin D targetPTH is target
typ: 150ng of D
100-140+ ng 60-80 ngPTH is target
typ: 80 ng of D
40-60 ng
Vitamin D daily dose
(K = 1,000 IU)
20K - 200K
1,000 IU/kg
30K 2K + monthly
test increasing
dose until goal
4K - 40K
110 IU/kg
Omega-3 * O-3 O-3- - - O-3O-3
Magnesium *MgMg - - - Mg (400 mg) -
Vitamin K2 K2 (no longer?) K2 - - -K2 -
Vitamin B...B2, B9, B12 B3 B50-B100
3 months
Zinc *Zn - - - Zn -
Boron *? B - - - B -
Minimize rock-based Ca
Decrease Ca - - -Ca-
Vitamin A
avoid extremes
avoid A avoid A - - - A-
Co-Q 10
- - - Co-Q 10-
Loading dose
Days instead of months
- - - - - - - - - Loading
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