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Overview Seniors and Vitamin D

Just 22 cents for a 50K IU capsule once a week

  • reduces falling and fractures,
  • improves cognition,
  • decreases chance of Alz and Parkinson’s,
  • increases chance of surviving hospital,
  • Improves balance,
  • reduces muscle loss,
  • reduces flu,
  • reduces need for antibiotics,

From 13 reasons why many seniors need more vitamin D (both dose and level) - July 2023

  1. Senior skin produces 4X less Vitamin D for the same sun intensity
  2. Seniors have fewer vitamin D receptor genes as they age
    Receptors are needed to get Vitamin D in blood actually into the cells
  3. Many other Vitamin D genes decrease with age
  4. Since many gene activations are not detected by a blood test,
    more Vitamin D is often needed, especially by seniors
  5. Seniors are indoors more than when they were younger
    not as agile, weaker muscles; frail, no longer enjoy hot temperatures
  6. Seniors wear more clothing outdoors than when younger
    Seniors also are told to fear skin cancer & wrinkles
  7. Seniors often take various drugs which end up reducing vitamin D
    Some reductions are not detected by a vitamin D test of the blood
    statins, chemotherapy, anti-depressants, blood pressure, beta-blockers, etc
  8. Seniors often have one or more diseases that consume vitamin D
    osteoporosis, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, ...
  9. Seniors generally put on weight as they age - and a heavier body requires more vitamin D
  10. Seniors often (40%) have fatty livers – which do not process vitamin D as well
  11. Reduced stomach acid means less Magnesium is available to get vitamin D into the cells
  12. Vitamin D is not as bioavailable in senior intestines
  13. Seniors with poorly functioning kidneys do not process vitamin D as well
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There are not just association of low vitamin D and falling/fractures, but scores of actual random controlled trials – from all around the world

15+ studies: Seniors and Fraility

23 studies in both Seniors & Intervention

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14 studies in both Seniors & Cognitive

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12 studies in both Seniors & Depression

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15 studies in both Seniors & Breathing

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Should take bone supplement along with Vitamin D – but only 500 to 750 milligrams of Calcium– see supplements section and graph
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VitaminDWiki – Cancer category contains:

Cancers get less Vitamin D when there is a poor Vitamin D Receptor

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Potential Elderly interactions with vitamin D

Elderly vitamin D interactions
CLICK HERE for the Vitamin D Deficiencies page - which has a more complete chart for all people

Half of seniors did not respond to 1600 IU of vitamin D daily for a year - 2011

RED square = reduction in serum level
from slide presentation: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=2269
from slide presentation: https://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=2269

World population 65+: 10% in 2024, 20% by 2070

Wahington Post Jan 2024

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  • 1700 IU daily average did not help seniors Phd dissertation 2012
  • Everything You Need To Know About Senior Isolation 2022
  • Social isolation increases the risk of premature death.
  • The risk of heart disease increases by 29 percent among seniors that experience social isolation.
  • Socially isolated seniors are 32 percent more likely to experience a stroke.
  • The proportion of people above the age of 50 who indicated they often or sometimes feel isolated grew from 27 percent in 2018 to 56 percent at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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Overview Seniors and Vitamin D        
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