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COVID and Zinc - many studies

Twice daily oral zinc in the treatment of patients with Coronavirus Disease-19 A randomized double-blind controlled trial - Nov 2022

Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciac807, https://doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciac807
Saoussen Ben Abdallah, MD, Yosra Mhalla, MD, Imen Trabelsi, PhD, Adel Sekma, MD, Rim Youssef, MD, Khaoula Bel Haj Ali, MD, Houda Ben Soltane, MD, Hajer Yacoubi, MD, Mohamed Amine Msolli, MD, Nejla Stambouli, PhD ... Show more

Zinc supplementation has been considered one of the potential therapies for coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19). We aimed to examine zinc efficacy in adult patients with COVID-19 infection.
We conducted a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter trial. Patients tested positive for COVID-19 without end organ failure were randomized to oral zinc (n = 231) or matching placebo (n = 239) for 15 days. The primary combined outcome was death due to COVID-19 or ICU admission within 30 days after randomization. Secondary outcomes included length of hospital stay for inpatients and duration of COVID-19 symptoms with COVID-19 related hospitalization for outpatients.
One hundred ninety patients (40.4%) were ambulatory and 280 patients (59.6%) were hospitalized. Mortality at 30-day was 6.5% in Zinc group and 9.2% in Placebo group [odds ratio (OR) 0.70 (0.37-1.32)]; ICU admission rate was respectively 5.2% and 11.3% [OR 0.46 (0.23-0.88)]. Combined outcome was lower in zinc group compared to placebo group [OR 0.62 (0.38-0.99)]. Consistent results were observed in prespecified subgroups of patients with age < 65 years, those with comorbidity, and those who needed oxygen therapy at baseline. Length of hospital stay was shorter in zinc group compared to placebo group [difference 3.5 days, 95% CI (2.76-4.23)] in inpatients group; duration of COVID-19 symptoms decreased with zinc treatment compared to placebo in outpatients [difference 1.9 days, 95% CI (0.62-2.6)]. No severe adverse events were observed during the study.
Our results showed that in COVID-19 patients, oral zinc can decrease 30-day death and ICU admission rate and can shorten symptoms duration.
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