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Extremely Big Pharma - many studies

In 1994 the phrase Big Pharma was invented
Big Pharma has gotten much much BIGger since then

Fortune 500 company profits in 2002

10 Pharmaceutical companies combined made more than the other 490 companies
$35.9 billion vs $35.7 billion
      Apparently first mentioned in the book The 100-Year Lie

Return on investment for Obamacare lobbying by Big Pharma = $44 profit for every $1 spent

Spent $290 million in lobbying for Obamacare
Expected to increase in Big Pharma profit of $13 billion over a decade

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  • Big Pharma: How the World's Biggest Drug Companies Control Illness - 2006 book
  • Pharmaceutical industry WikiPedia
    Outside of the US new drugs must be shown to be cost effective.
    US drugs need only be better than a placebo drug (does not have to show that it is better than a supplement)
    Global spending on prescription drugs topped $954 billion (2011)
    The top ten best-selling drugs of 2013 totaled $75.6 billion in sales
  • Big buck, big pharma 2006 video - free
  • Why Drugs Cost So Much NYT Jan 2014
    Laws force US insurance companies to pay for drugs, no matter how expensive or little benefit
    US laws should change to that of Europe - where they get 97% of thedrugs and 1/2 the price

Doctors are still given extremely little nutrition & supplement instruction
60% of med schools surveyed said in 2006 that they teach less than 25 hours of Nutrition and Life-Style
    Note: in 1985 25 hours was the recommended minimum - 60% not even achieving the minimum!
Ref: Adams, Kelly et al. 2006. Status of nutrition education in medical schools. American Society for Clinical Nutrition.
   Update 2024 - ZERO hours on nutrition in many medical colleges

"Extremely Big Pharma" was not found by Google Search - this appears to be the first use of the phrase.

The goal of the Big Pharma is to indefinitely "manage" disease
   curing a disease would destroy the market (Talk about a perverse incentive structure).

The prime directive of any individual or institution is self-preservation

Big Pharma has made it illegal to claim that a supplement can treat a disease FDA Website
". . a product sold as a dietary supplement and promoted on its label or in labeling* as a treatment, prevention or cure for a specific disease or condition would be considered an unapproved- - and thus illegal - drug"

Number of existing drugs which have increased in cost by 2X in a year


Big Pharma's Favorite Prescription: Higher Prices Bloomberg May 2014


Revenue of just 2 of Extremely Big Pharma companies = Revenue of all Illegal drugs in US

Illegal drug revenue: US annual $10 Billion RAND
Big Pharma Revenue Wikipedia

Deaths due to Big Pharma exceed that from illegal drugs

Drug-Induced Deaths 40,000, Illicit Drugs 17,000

Emergency Room visits due to Big Pharma = 3X of Illicit drugs

1,400,000 Emergency Room visits were related to pharmaceuticals. CDC 2011
440,000 Illicit drugs

400% increase in price of generic medications in US in one year (1200 drugs)

Soaring Prices Of Generic Drugs, Authorities Warned Nov 2014
Examples from US Congressional study

  • Two tablets of Albuterol Sulfate (asthma) $11. ==> $434.
  • Bottle Doxycycline Hyclate (antibiotic) $20 ==> $1,849.
  • Chairman of committee: "Drug companies have seen the chance to make a ton of cash and they are seizing that opportunity. This is gluttony at work in the pharmaceutical business”.

Congress considering buying drugs from Canada NYT Nov 24, 2014

DrugGeneric US Branded Canada
digoxin 90 day supply $187 $24
pravastatin (Cholesterol) 3 month $230$32
  • "The idea of allowing Americans to import drugs from Canada or other developed countries is strongly opposed by the powerful United States pharmaceutical industry"
  • "Last fall, a new law in Maine began allowing residents to mail order prescription medicines from licensed pharmacies in Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand"

Observation by VitaminDWiki
US laws changed recently - Each drug company no longer has any competition and no longer has to justify their prices.
The US law states, for example, that Medicare is not allowed to look for a lower price for a drug inside nor outside of the US.
Doubt that the international price of drugs went up by even 20% during that same time period.

760X return on investment for lobbying congress Propublica Dec 2014

Automotive, McDonalds, Banks got far bigger return on lobbying investment than did BigPharma

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