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Low Cost vitamin D - including liquid and bulk

Many low-cost suppliers with 5000 IU for about 5 cents each

Planet RX 100 capsules $3.30 = 3.3 cents
Doctors Best 180 for $7.14 = 4 cents
NSI 365 for $17 = 4.7 cents
Healthy Origins 360 for $18 = 5 cents
WalMart 100 for $5.00 = 5 cents
Future Biotics 90 for $4.62 = 5.1 cents

Cost is less than 3 cents per 5,000 IU from some suppliers

  • Bio-Tech 100 (of 50,000 IU) for $20 = 2 cents per 5,000 IU; the one I take since 2011
    Their capsules are made from beef (non-pork: Kosher/Halal approved), Vegi capsules (V-Caps) are more expensive
  • Costco 5,000 IU 500 for $12.50 = 2.5 cents

Some companies provide Vitamin D AND cofactors - Nov 2012

As of Dec 2010 there were 64 companies selling 10,000 IU capsules of vitamin D3

By Dec 2015 there were 10+ manufacturers of 50,000 IU capsules of vitamin D3

Noticed Mar 2012 Vitamin D3 and many co-factors in one pill 5,000 IU per serving of 3 capsules

50,000 capsule is a very low cost way for a person to take vitamin D3 once a week

  • 20 cents per 50,000 IU capsule taken once a week ==> 7100 IU per day average = 3 cents per day
  • There appears to be no reason not to take vitamin D3 once per week
  • There have been many studies showing that taking it once every 4 weeks is not a problem either
  • But those studies were not done with high levels of vitamin D, and there are some indications that the half-life is much shorter for high levels.
  • How often should I take 50000 IU of vitamin D

A typical 5,000 IU capsule of vitamin D ls smaller than a kernel of corn or a pea

Pea Corn and capsule of vitamin D - picture .jpg

Be aware that since some oils can become rancid, it is probably a good idea to check each bottle you get

Unless it is an oil which does not get rancid: such as coconut oil and glycerin

Microtab - even smaller than an kernel of corn or a pea, is available in 5,000 IU

$18 for 200 microtabs of 5,000 IU with no shipping charge to US, Canada. separate site ships to UK (Dec 2015)


  • Source Naturals $11 for 296 liquid servings of 5,000 IU = 3.7 cents/ 5000 IU
    $11 for 4 ounce 5 drops = 2000 IU and 739 servings per bottle; Servings of 5000 IU = 739 * 2000 / 5000 = 296
  • Bio-D-Mulsion2000 IU vit D per drop $16 for 1 ounce
  • Vitamin Shoppe 1,000 IU per drop $8.50
  • DDrops 400 IU per drop, $20 bottle lasts for a year for children and adults
  • Natures Answer Vitamin D3 drops 2,000 IU per drop, 15 ml for $13
    assuming 20 drops/ml, the bottle has 300 drops of 2,000 IU each = 600,000 IU/ $13 = 460 IU per cent = 5,000 IU costs 8.7 centsr

Swanson Vitamins has vitamin D in many forms

Bears (1), Caps (21), Chew Tabs (2), Cplts (10), Dots (1), Drops (1), Gummies (2), Kit (1), Liquid (20), Oil (3), Pwdr (5), Sgels (50), Tabs (26), Vcaps (2), Veg Caps (1), Wafers (1)

Stop Aging Now Has pills and liquid -5,000 2,000 and 1,000 capsules and 100 IU per drop of liquid

"We are proud to offer one of the industry's best return policies. You have a FULL 180 DAYS from the date of shipment to return your purchase (or any unused portion of your purchase) for a full refund (less shipping and handling). No questions asked. "
90 pills of 5,000 IU each for $9 + shipping

For poorly functioning gut


"Bio-D-Mulsion Forte® from Biotics Research Corporation supplies 2,000 IU per drop of vitamin D3 as a microemulsion form for enhanced absorption and utilization, which is particularly important for those with malabsorption conditions. "
Apparently costs $1.50 per month. Available at Amazon: 590 drops of 2000 IU each for $14.71 (March 2013), About 6 cents per 5,000 IU = very low cost
Be aware that a similar named product by the company has just 400 IU per drop, be sure to get Forte which had 2000 IU/drop
It does not need to be refrigerated, and in fact, it become too thick to make drops when cold

Detailed research on Biotics Research product

VitaminDWiki comment: should be a useful form of vitamin D for those with gut problems

Poor guts need different forms of vitamin D

Guesses of Vitamin D response if poor gut

Bio FormSpeedDuration
10Injection ($$$)
or Calcidiol or Calcitriol
D - Slow
C -Fast
10 Sun/UVBSlowLong
(skin patch/cream, vagina)
Fast nano
9Nanoemulsion -mucosal
perhaps activates VDR
9?Inhaled (future)FastNormal
8Bio-D-Mulsion ForteNormalNormal
6Water soluble (Bio-Tech)NormalNormal
(some goes into gut)
3Coconut oil basedSlowNormal
2Food (salmon etc.)SlowNormal
2Olive oil based (majority)SlowNormal

10= best bioavailable, 0 = worst, guesses have a range of +-2
Speed: Fast ~2-6 hours, Slow ~10-30 hours
Duration: Long ~3-6 months, Normal = ~2 months

Liposomal Vitamin D on Amazon - Dec 2015

  • Valimenta Liposomal $20 for 60 servings of 2500 IU
    Fairly expensive form, but this is the lowest cost supplier- there were 4 other suppliers

Unaware of any benefits of Lipsomal form of vitamin D - Feb 2016


10,000 IU microtablets $20 for 100 pills no cost for shipping

'appears' that sublingual microtabs, spray, or drops directly enter the bloodstream without going thru the intestinal tract.

Very useful for people whose intestinal system is not operating normally.

  • 5000 IU Vitamin D sublingual with vitamin K2 (90 mcg) $8 for 90 microtabs
    Thishich ends up costing 11 cents per 5000 IU, but INCLUDES Vitamin K2, a useful cofactor. Note: contains soy and sorbitol
  • DLux 3000 IU Spray for under the tongue or inside the cheek
    8 pounds from UK,100 spays per can, says that 30% is absorbed directly in mouth, comes in various sizes besides 3,000 IU
    Also sold via Ebay, Amazon, etc. - typically at lower cost

Topical cream

Best Vitamin D Cream date unknown, added to VitaminDWiki March 2017

Now Foods 1,000 IU/gram
AnuMed International 10,000 IU/gram
AnuMed International 5,000 IU/gram + Magnesium vitamin K2
Vita Sciences 1,000 IU/gram


Amazon Vitamin D Spray 25 types as of July 2018

Fastest way to get vitamin D (without an IV) = spray the inside of your cheek

Emergency such as: Flu, cold, trauma, etc.

Bulk (powder)

vitamin D costs about 1.2 cents per 5,000 IU
http://purebulk.com/vitamin-d3-cholecalciferol They sell a wide variety of supplements in bulk
They appear to buy 1,000 KG vitamin D wholesale (2200 lbs) and re-sell it in amounts of 100 gm to 25 kilogram
Smallest amount which they sell is 100 grams = 10 million IU (100,000 IU = 1 gram ) for $20
Cost of 4,000 IU for 1 person year = $3.00 (1.5 million IU X $20/ 10 million IU)
1 person year = 4 persons/3 months = $3.00, so 4 persons for 1 month = $1
10,000,000 IU for $23 ; so 5,000 IU = 2300/2000 = about 1.1 cent per 5,000 IU

Large quantity:25 kg for $3,336 =13 cents/gram (vs low quantity price = 20 cents/gram)
Note: Annual cost of vitamin D for a cow getting 40,000 IU per day is $1, which is 10X cheaper than from Pure Bulk (25 kg size)
   4,000 IU/dayfor humans at "cow prices" cost would be 10 cents for entire year ($1 X 4,000 IU/40,000 IU)
   see Vets and vitamin D

  • Note: this is NOT pure: cut 400X to 1 by manufacturer. Thus It is not 40 IU per microgram, but rather 0.1 IU per microgram

See also

Topical patches (on skin)

Vitamin D3 Topical Patch - 30 Day Supply PatchMD, Amazon $20 for 30 days
75 cents per day vs 2 cents per day for oral version = very expensive
5000 IU of vitamin D + 250 mg of Magnesium
Vitamin D3 5000IU Sunshine Patches Topical 32 day supply, Amazon $22
Vitamin D 5,000 IU is Vegan Plant-Derived (wild lichen ?)
+250mg Magnesium +120 mcg of Vitamin K2 (MK-7)

Avoid Vitamin D2, even in a multivitamin

Vegan, etc

Vegan forms of Vitamin D3 - made from Lichen and, surprise, mushrooms

5000 IU Vitamin D3 with some co-factors expensive but simple, Added April 2012

NoorVitamins Halal Vitamin D (No pork for Muslims) 5000 IU

$16 for 60 pills = 27 cents per pill (5,000 IU)
Another brand which is Halal approved: Bio-Tech Phramacal is far less expensive
  $20 for 100 pills of 50,000 IU = 2 cents for 5,000 IU = 13X less expensive

NATURELO Vitamin D - 2500 IU - From Organic Lichen Amazon

13 cents per pill, 26 cents per 5,000 IU

See also at VitaminDWiki

See also web

  • Reader made an extended comparition of Vitamin D3 Suppliers Amazon updated Sept 2013
    Now Foods Vitamin D3, Life Extension Vitamin D3, Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Gold, Thorne Research D-5,000, and Schiff Mega D3 five stars.
    Nature Made Vitamin D-3 four stars because it contains soy, GMOs, and cholesterol.
    Nature's Bounty Vitamin D3 four stars because it contains soy and cholesterol.
    Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 four stars because it is only 1000 I.U. and is comparatively expensive given that small amount of Vitamin D3.

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Low Cost vitamin D - including liquid and bulk        
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