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Early puberty during pandemic (low vitamin D) - several studies

Increase in early puberty during COVID: Italy 2.2X, China 6.2X, Brazil 1.5X - 2023

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Surges in Early Puberty Reported During COVID-19 Pandemic: Verified in Multiple Observational Studies - Sept 2022

4 studies. Rate doubled in 2 of the studies

Early puberty cases among girls surged during pandemic - April 2022

MDEdge no mention of lockdown ==> lower level of vitamin D

  • "In another study, a Turkish pediatric endocrinology clinic reported 58 cases during the first year of the pandemic, as compared with 66 total cases during the 3 previous years."
  • "Doctors have tied the current uptick to the stress of the pandemic and lockdowns, including reduced physical activity and increased consumption of unhealthy food, which are things linked to a higher risk of early puberty."

Precocious Puberty and Covid-19 Into Perspective: Potential Increased Frequency, - Sept 2021

Possible Causes, and a Potential Emergency to Be Addressed
Front. Pediatr., 20 September 2021 https://doi.org/10.3389/fped.2021.734899
Maria E. Street1*, Chiara Sartori1, Cecilia Catellani1,2 and Beatrice Righi1
1Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology, Unit of Pediatrics, Department of Mother and Child, Azienda USL-IRCCS di Reggio Emilia, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2PhD Program in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy

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A significant increase in precocious puberty, rapidly progressive puberty and precocious menarche has been reported in Italy since the initial lockdown because of the pandemic, and this could represent a new emergency to be addressed during this pandemic. There is a need, therefore, for further understanding and research. Many causes could account for this. Initially, it was thought that the changes in life-style, in screen time, and sleeping habits could be the cause but if considered individually these are insufficient to explain this phenomenon. Likely, changes in central nervous mediators, and an increase in catecholamines could contribute as a trigger, however, these aspects are poorly studied and understood as well as the real perceptions of these children. Finally, staying more indoors has certainly exposed these children to specific contaminants working as endocrine disruptors which could also have had an effect. It would be of utmost importance to compare this phenomenon worldwide with appropriate studies in order to verify what is happening, and gain a new insight into the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic and into precocious puberty and for future prevention.
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Note: COVID infection reduces both vitamin D in blood and Vitamin D in getting to the cells

VitaminDWiki - Early Puberty if low vitamin D - many studies

Note: Vitamin D is reduced when outdoors less (during pandemic)

VitaminDWiki - Vitamin D Receptor activation can be increased in many ways

Resveratrol,  Omega-3,  MagnesiumZinc,   Quercetin,   non-daily Vit D,  Curcumin,   Berberine,  intense exercise, Butyrate   Sulforaphane   Ginger,   Essential oils, etc  Note: The founder of VitaminDWiki uses 10 of the 16 known VDR activators

VitaminDwiki COVID infections and vaccinations decrease Vitamin D – many studies


Vaccination and/or Infection

Hypothesis: The body consumes Vitamin D each time the immune system is activated
The "GREEN" person started with a high level of Vitamin D
This assumes no vitamin D supplementation by supplements, sun, etc.

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