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Boron increases vitamin D in the blood

Pilot study found that 10 of 11 people increased Vitamin D levels by 24% by just taking 6 mg of Boron daily

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In this study, supplementation of two levels (5 and 25 parts per million; ppm) of boron into broiler diets including
125 IU kg(-1), (inadequate) and
2000 IU kg (1) (adequate) vitamin D-3
as investigated. The effects of supplementation on performance and biochemical characters (Ca, P, Mg, glucose and AP) of broilers from 1 to 45 days of age were evaluated. Boron provided significant increases in performances of chicks fed both adequate and inadequate vitamin D-3-containing diets. The improvements in the inadequate vitamin D-3-containing group were higher than that of adequate vitamin D-3-containing group. The boron addition had a positive effect on Ca, P and alkaline phosphatase levels of chicks. Boron might be regarded as beneficial in inadequate vitamin D-3-containing broiler feed.

physiological effects of boron.pdf

Boron helped with Vitamin D, Calcium, and magnesium

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Covers all of the vitamins and elements

Boron at Examine.com - describes health benefits

Here is their Boron/Vitamin D section as of March 2015
Boron supplementation interacts with Vitamin D metabolism.[33] This is exemplified by a boron-deficient diet (marginal in Magnesium and copper) reducing Vitamin D levels to 44.9nM 25-hyroxyvitamin D after 63 days but being increased back to 62.4nM after 49 days of repletion with 3mg Boron34 and an intervention using 6mg fructoborate (fruit storage form of boron) noting a 20% increase in 25-hydroxyvitamin D in Vitamin D deficient individuals, and was said to not be due to seasonal fluctuations.[33]

Currently, these observations do not have proven mechanisms; one author hypothesized that boron may be reacting with a vitamin D metabolite to form a competitive inhibitor of 24-hydroxylase, an enzyme in Vitamin D synthesis, or otherwise directly inhibiting the enzyme.[33] These hypothesis' has not been tested.

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