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The potential role of vitamin D binding protein in kidney disease: a comprehensive review – Jan 2024

Jan 2024 study

International Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine https://doi.org/10.1080/17843286.2023.2301278
Joris R. Delanghe,Charlotte Delrue,Reinhart Speeckaert &Marijn M. Speeckaert ORCID

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing health concern with a complex etiological landscape. Among the numerous factors implicated, vitamin D binding protein (VDBP) has emerged as a focal point of scientific studies because of its critical role in vitamin D metabolism and immune modulation. The relationship between VDBP and CKD reveals a complex web of molecular and biochemical details that have great potential for improving diagnostic understanding and treatment strategies for CKD. This review summarizes the multifaceted roles of VDBP, including its molecular dynamics, interactions with vitamin D, and subsequent implications for kidney function.

The main focus of the discussion is how VDBP affects bone mineral homeostasis, highlighted by the dysregulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, which is a part of the pathophysiology of CKD.

The discussion also touches on the immunomodulatory scope of VDBP and how it may reduce the chronic inflammatory environment that accompanies CKD.
The diagnostic potential of VDBP as a biomarker for CKD has been rigorously examined, highlighting its capacity to improve early detection and prognostic assessment. Modification of VDBP activity has the potential to slow the course of CKD and improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, a detailed examination of the genetic polymorphisms of VDBP and their implications for CKD susceptibility and treatment responsiveness provides a perspective for personalized medical methods. Prospects for the future depend on the expansion of studies that try to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the VDBP-CKD interaction, in addition to clinical trials that evaluate the effectiveness of VDBP-focused treatment approaches.

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Vitamin D Binding Protein (GC) gene can decrease the bio-available Vitamin D that can get to cells,

  • GC is not the only such gene - there are 3 others, all invisible to standard Vitamin D tests
  • The bio-available calculation does not notice the effect of GC, CYP27B1, CYP24A1, and VDR
  • The actual D getting to the cells is a function of measured D and all 4 genes
  • There is >2X increase in 8+ health problems if have poor VDBP (GC)
  • It appears that VDBP only blocks oral vitamin D,

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Health Problem
11 XPreeclampsia
6.5XT1D in SA Blacks
6 XFood Allergy
4 X, 5XKidney Cancer
4 XPoor Response to Oral Vitamin D
3 XEar infection
2.8 X MS
2 X Colorectal Cancer
2 XProstate Cancer -in those with dark skins
1.3 XInfertility

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