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People with Cluster headaches take 2X more days of sick leave – Feb 2020

Sickness absence and disability pension days in patients with cluster headache and matched references

Christina Sjöstrand, MD, PhD, Kristina Alexanderson, PhD, Pontus Josefsson, MSc, and Anna Steinberg, MD, PhD
Neurology May 26, 2020 94 (21) e2213-e2221 https://doi.org/10.1212/WNL.0000000000009016

To determine whether patients with cluster headache have more sickness absence and disability pension days compared to matched references and possible associations with sociodemographic characteristics.

We performed a registry study of all patients who had received specialized health care for cluster headache (ICD-10 code G44.0) aged 16–64 years and living in Sweden in 2010 (n = 3,240; 34% women) and matched references from the total population (n = 16,200) regarding their sickness absence and disability pension days in 2010.

Mean number of sickness absence days in 2010 was 16.13 (95% confidence interval, 14.05–18.20) among patients with cluster headache and 6.54 (5.97–7.11) among references. When combining sickness absence and disability pension days, patients with cluster headache had 63.15 (58.84–67.45) days, references 34.08 (32.59–35.57) days. Among patients, women had twice as many sickness absence days than men: 23.71 (19.36–28.06) vs 12.41 (10.19–14.63).
When adding disability pension days, those numbers were 83.71 (75.57–91.84) vs 52.56 (47.62–57.51). Patients with cluster headache had significantly more sickness absence days in all ages compared to the reference group. Patients with elementary education had more sickness absence/disability pension days (85.88 [75.34–96.42]) compared to those with high school (64.89 [58.82–70.97]) and college/university (41.42 [34.70–48.15]) education.

This nationwide study shows that patients with cluster headache have significantly more sickness absence and disability pension days compared to matched references. Furthermore, among patients, women had more sickness absence and disability pension days than men.

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Compared blood levels of 25 people with migraines to 25 people without GreenMedInfo

Metal MigraineNo Migraine Migraine Ratio
Cadmium 0.36 ug0.09 ug 4X MORE if increase
Iron0.97 ug0.48 ug2X MORE if increase
Lead1.48 ug0.78 ug 2X MORE if increase
Magnesium10.6 ug34.5 ug 3.5X LESS if increase
Zinc *0.24 ug 5.77 ug 24X LESS if increase

 * Note: Zinc increases the activation of the Vitamin D Receptor, which allows more vitamin D into cells


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