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Kidney Dialysis, low Vitamin D, low Magnesium - many studies

FACT: A health Kidney recycles Magnesium into the blood so as to keep a constant level
FACT: A health Kidney helps in the final activation of Vitamin D (cells can also perform this function)
LIKELY: A diseased kidney in less able to regulate Magnesium and activate Vitamin D
FACT: Often people with Chronic Kidney Disease are prescribed fully activated Vitamin D or analogs
SUSPECT: Some dialysis filters out both Activated Vitamin D and Magnesium

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Vitamin d levels were restored from hemodialysis by 70,000 IU weekly total in 4 weeks - Feb 2024 25 Feb, 2024
Hemodialysis and Vitamin D - many studies 20 Jan, 2023
Kidney Dialysis, low Vitamin D, low Magnesium - many studies 02 Nov, 2022
Poor cognition 2X more likely in Hemodialysis Patients if low Vitamin D – Sept 2022 20 Sep, 2022
Dialysis patients 23 percent more likely to live if had just 10 ng more Vitamin D – meta-analysis Feb 2018 29 Sep, 2021
Peritoneal dialysis probably consumes a lot more vitamin D than haemodialysis 29 Sep, 2021
Hemodialysis associated with very poor mRNA response (wonder if low vitamin D) – March 26, 2021 31 Mar, 2021
2.8X more likely to die of hemodialysis if low on vitamin D 26 Mar, 2021
Patients on Hemodialysis 3X more likely if die of heart failure if low Magnesium – meta-analysis Jan 2021 26 Mar, 2021
Vitamin D is needed during Dialysis – initially only 29 pcnt tested, extensive education raised it to 32 pcnt – May 2020 28 Feb, 2021
Kidney Dialysis often filters out Vitamin D, a problem for vegetarians and others- Feb 2021 14 Feb, 2021
Hemodialysis with low vitamin D increases risk of 2 health problems by 10 percent – Aug 2020 06 Aug, 2020
Hemodialysis deaths less likely if take vitamin D, especially if highest dose vitamin D – Nov 2018 10 Nov, 2018
Dialysis patients who added Vitamin D were 41 percent less likely to get infection – Meta-analysis July 2018 31 Jul, 2018
Vitamin D Receptor activators (such as paricalcitol) treat dialysis patients similarly – Aug 2017 27 Aug, 2017
Hemodialysis patients (CKD) helped by weekly 50,000 IU of vitamin D – Jan 2017 27 Jul, 2017
Kidney Dialysis clinics reluctant to add vitamin D treatment as they are not reimbursed – Oct 2012 27 Jul, 2017
Low vitamin D associated with hemodialysis problems – May 2010 13 Mar, 2017
Peritoneal dialysis probably consumes a lot more vitamin D than haemodialysis – April 2014 24 Jun, 2016
Hemodialysis low vitamin D status was normalized with 28500 IU avg daily – Jan 2012 10 Oct, 2015
Hemodialysis not helped by weekly vitamin D2 – RCT April 2015 08 Apr, 2015
Dialysis patients need real vitamin D – Editorial July 2013 08 Apr, 2015
Peritoneal Dialysis nicely treated by active vitamin D – July 2013 04 Feb, 2015
1700 IU of vitamin D not enough to help hemodialysis patients – March 2013 13 Jan, 2015
25,0000 IU vitamin D weekly only raised 60 percent on hemodialysis above 30 ng – Nov 2014 13 Jan, 2015
Application to FDA for use of active Vitamin D for hemodialysis patients – July 2011 18 Feb, 2014
Those Dialysis patients with low vitamin D were 75% more likely to die – July 2013 12 Dec, 2013
Vitamin D3 far better than D2 for hemodialysis – Oct 2012 24 Aug, 2013
Virtually all black dialysis patients with low albumin are vitamin D deficient in the winter – Mar 2010 23 Jul, 2013
Dialysis patients with less than 15 ng of vitamin D did not feel well – March 2011 23 Jul, 2013
Dialysis patients with low vitamin D were 2.7 X more likely to die of heart problems – Feb 2011 23 Jul, 2013
Vitamin D tester falsely said half of hemodialysis patients had less than 30 ng – Jan 2013 01 Jun, 2013
Telomeres longer for dialysis patients having higher levels of vitamin D – March 2012 11 May, 2013
5700 IU of vitamin D helped half with chronic kidney disease if not having dialysis – July 2012 01 Sep, 2012
Majority of blacks on dialysis were vitamin D deficient - March 2010 12 Nov, 2011
Dialysis patients with higher levels of vitamin D were better – May 2011 24 May, 2011
Wearable dialysis device being tested which also converts vitamin D - Mar 2011 04 Mar, 2011
Clinical measures identify vitamin D deficiency in dialysis – Feb 2010 19 Jul, 2010
1700 IU per day of vit D2 was not enough to help dialysis No value for 'modification_date_major'

Kidney dialysis clinics are aware of the problem, but are not paid to restore the removed Vitamin D

Hemodialysis and Magnesium

  • The effect of hemodialysis on serum magnesium concentration in hemodialysis patients May 2020 doi: 10.21037/apm-20-992 FREE PDF
    • "Hemodialysis treatment can decrease the total serum magnesium concentration.
  • Routine hemodialysis induces a decline in plasma magnesium concentration in most patients: a prospective observational cohort study - Jyly 2018 https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-28629-x FREE PDF
  • Serum Magnesium and Mortality in Hemodialysis Patients in the United States: A Cohort Study - Dec 2015 https://doi.org/10.1053/j.ajkd.2015.06.014
  • Magnesium in Hemodialysis Patients: A New Understanding of the Old Problem - 2018 https://doi.org/10.1159/000485700
    • "Summary: A growing number of observational studies have uncovered the relationship between lower serum magnesium levels and poorer survival of hemodialysis patients. "
  • Baseline Serum Magnesium Level and Its Variability in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients: Associations with Mortality - 2019 https://doi.org/10.1159/000498957 FREE PDF
    • 13.2 X more likely to die if low Magnesium

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