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France has injected 200,000 infants with RSV vaccine, based on no long-term data - Here we go again - Dec 2023

BREAKING - Infant Mortality Concern Emerges with Nirsevimab RSV Monoclonal Antibody Given to Newborns - Dec 2023

Dr. McCullough Substack

  • Annual risk of RSV hospitalization is well under 1%.
  • "The Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex has targeted RSV as we emerge from the pandemic as a viral threat to propagandize young parents in an all-out war against the virus."
  • "... ~200,000 babies in France who have been injected since September 15, 2023."
    • Note: only a fraction of whom were newborns
  • "In France, according to Banoun, Sanofi is directly financially incentivizing hospitals and midwives to give the injection. Corruption is wide open. Banoun, while calling for EMA investigation of the deaths, is being heavily censored including complete shadow-bans and inability to stream videos from her home computer IP address over her internet provider Orange Internet"

Increased death rates 2-6 days after birth
Note: Most of the vaccinations were given later, so deaths would not show up on this chart

French Researchers Identify ‘Improbably High Rate of Deaths’ in Newborns Who Received New RSV Shot - Jan 2024


  • "According to Banoun, “The French government is recommending that Beyfortus be injected into newborns before they leave the maternity ward, from Sept. 15, 2023, even though the product has not been tested on this age group,” Banoun said."
  • According to Banoun, the data show “a 50% increase in deaths of babies between 2 and 6 days of life compared with what would be expected,” noting that “the reference is obtained by dividing the number of deaths by the total number of births in 2018 and 2019; the result is 0.69 deaths between 2 and 6 days per 1,000 births.”
  • In September, the observed mortality rate was 0.97 deaths per 1,000 births, and in October, it was 1.05 deaths per 1,000 births, Banoun said. “It is anomalous that this very significant increase should be found two months in a row. It may well be due to the injection of Beyfortus since Sept. 15, 2023.”
  • "She also pointed out that “there are no excess deaths less than 48 hours after birth.” The deaths all occurred in babies between 2 and 6 days old — and that’s when the antibodies are administered."


  • Target Young infants represent the main target population because the peak of severe RSV disease occurs in the first 2–3 months of life.
  • As of Dec 9, 2023, 17.0% of adults 60 years and older reported having received an RSV vaccine. CDC
  • $200 cost of vaccine in the US is typically paid by insurance and Medicare

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