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Off Topic: Cataracts can be dissolved away in 6 months

(There does not appear to be any need for vitamin D in the following)

50% of people get cataracts which impare or totally stop vision by age 80

For those individuals or societies which can afford it cataract surgery has become the standard solution

Unfortunately the surgery, while very common, has complications

about 30% have to be done a second time

A non-surgical solution was developed in Russia in the 1990's.
It is truly a solution, in which drops containing a tiny amount of a chemical are put into the eyes.

Just 2 drops per eye each day for 6 months disolves the cataracts

The PDF of one of the many studies is attached at the bottom of this page

The company which patented the product (internationally?) is Clear-eye
which costs $80/month

Life Extension makes a very simillar product Bright Eyes II
which costs $22 a month for members

My wife, who is 70 years old, has noticed that she is starting to get cataracts
We studied thru the literature and decided that the solulion was far far less expensive and troublesome than the surgery.
She started using Bright Eyes II Jan 2013
The expectation is that the cataracts will be gone before July.

I (Henry Lahore) am also taking Bright Eyes II, but at 1/4 the dose rate (1 drop in each eye every other day)
as a guess at the maintenance dose to prevent cataracts in my eyes.

We will see how our experiments work out.
Update Feb 2019
Appears to have eliminated my cataracts (Yay!)
Delayed cataracts for my wife by a few years.
She had cataract operation in late 2018 and her downstream problems continue 4 months later
Update April 2023
Had not continuted taking Bright Eyes for the past several years
Was diagnosed with Cataract in right eye

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