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Healthy in Seven Days - Loading dose of Vitamin D – book 2014

By Dr. Raimund von Helden

Translated in 2014. German 1st edition 2011, 18th edition 2015
Excellent vitamin D book for both patients and doctors
Review of the book - translated from German - June, 2018 starts with the following
   "The booklet should be introduced as a compulsory subject in biology education and health care
Free with Kindle Unlimited in 2020
ebook: 5 EURO ($5.60) PayPal and Skrill
Epub format – which can be directly read on iPad and iPhones
There are many free online epub ==> PDF conversion services on the web

He has an excellent Vitamin D web site with a Free Vitamin D evaluation service in English and another in German

Ask yourself if you have these symptoms of low vitamin D is a copy of the service on VitaminDWiki

A few of the many interesting items in the ebook
Response with 400,000 IU loading dose @ is.gd/7DayVitD
Note: Start with 400,000 IU of vitamin D to restore levels quickly to 50 ng and continue with maintenance of 3,333 IU average

  • Initially 400 pills of 1,000 IU in a few days to weeks (recall that Germany restricts over-the-counter Vitamin D dose to 1,000 IU)
  • Maintenance (not in Germany) would require only One pill every two weeks


  • 1. Body weight: 70 kg (154 lb).
  • 2. Vitamin D level increased by 1 ng/ml with a one-off dose of 10,000 units.
  • 3. No vitamin D gained through UVB radiation on the skin.
  • 4. Vitamin D level drops by 20 percent a month
  • 5. Initial value: 10 ng/ml.
  • 6. Target value: 50 ng/ml.


Case studies

Months of body achesDizziness caused by Meniere's diseaseCalf cramps
Muscle twitchesBack painBack and leg pain
Chronic fatigueLethargyFatigue
ExhaustionNeck painLimpness and weariness
Loss of appetiteAdynamia and debilityNo more morning blues after 15 years
Emergency relief from exhaustionThe absent-minded apprenticeMigraines
DizzinessTremblingDizziness and headaches
Sleep disordersHallucinations: Hearing voicesRaynaud's circulatory disorders
Morning vomitingGrowth painSun allergy
AllergyAsthma and susceptibility to infectionNervous breakdown
Back pain and weaknessBrittle fingernailsMyocardial insufficiency
TinnitusEnteritisColitis with Raynaud's disease
Multiple sclerosis and neuropathic painDepression Heartburn

Normal, natural, optimum vitamin D levels

Toxic effect over 300 ng/ml
Risk of excessively high calcium over 150 ng/ml
Recommended upper limit in the blood 100 ng/ml
Level with regular sunbathing 50 to 90 ng/ml
Optimal (minimum risk of illness) 50 to 90 ng/ml
Good (low susceptibility to illness) over 40 ng/ml
Satisfactory (good calcium intake) over 30 ng/ml
Deficiency (risk of osteoporosis in old age) under 30 ng/ml

The standard baby doses of 400 or 800 units will do nothing.
This dose for infants with a body weight of three kilograms was purely aimed at preventing rickets.
Adults' requirements are much greater.

Formulae for calculating doses for the initial and ongoing treatment.
The incremental factor and loss rate are average values, and vary in individual cases.
Short formula for initial treatment (capsules with 5,000 units):
Number of capsules = Desired increase x body weight x 0.028
Example: 40 ng/ml x 100 kg x 0.028 = 112 capsules initially
Short formula for maintenance treatment (capsules per month):
Number of capsules = Target value x body weight [kg] x 0.0056
Example: 50 ng/mlx 68 kgx 0.0056 = 19 capsules

In Germany, all pre-formed vitamin D medications containing more than 1,000 units require a prescription.
But this is a mistaken preventive measure.
French pharmacies have for years been selling drinkable 200,000-unit ampoules on prescription for less than 2 Euros without any problems.

The MANOS concept (Muscles , Adynamia, Nervous system , Orthostasis , Skeletal damage) covers the main symptoms of acute vitamin D deficiency .
  Note: Adynamic disorders : Debility , listlessness, lack of energy , permanent exhaustion and constant fatigue.

He was a doctor for 20 years, then discovered Vitamin D

He comments in the introduction that animals get much higher vitamin D supplementation than Germans
(VitaminDWiki notes that vets around the world give animals a good level of vitamin D because vets are typically paid to keep their patients healthy, vs doctors are typically only paid when the patient is not healthy) see Overview Veterinary and vitamin D

Hippocrates himself recommended daily sun bathing.

See also VitaminDWiki

Vitamin D vs Race at is.gd/vitD_race

Short url = http://is.gd/7DayVitD

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