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The ONLY Solution to Long COVID (Vitamin D) - video and transcript Sept 2023

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I'm really observing that the symptoms from this long COVID is a parallel epidemic, 10s of thousands of people worldwide are having post COVID long haul symptoms and the most common symptom is fatigue, but also headaches, decreased attention problems with the memory, shortness of breath.
Distortion of your smell, muscle weakness, brain fog, post exercise issues. There's really only one solution and that is attacking the root cause with a remedy or solution that doesn't give you more side effects. That's what I'm going to talk about. Long haul symptoms are usually worsened by stress, both mental stress and physical stress like exercise or overexerting yourself. So what the heck is going on with this condition? Well, I did a major deep dive on this topic and I have some really good news for you.
But first I want to give you a brief summary of what's really going on behind this problem? There's actually growing evidence showing this problem strongly associated with an alteration in the vitamin D genes. So if someone has a problem genetically that predisposes them to having vitamin D deficiencies.
They're going to have more long COVID symptoms, and there's going to be a much higher incidence of developing symptoms way past its original infection, when it should be normal.
Healed things just keep going and going and persisting, so unfortunately the medical profession just does not know what to do with this problem. And I I think I know why. I mean, what are they gonna do with it? Is there another drug that they can use? No. Especially as it relates to vitamin D there's no drug you can use to override vitamin D vitamin D deficiencies greatly increases a person's susceptibility to all viruses, including COVID-19 #2, the most important vitamin for the immune system is vitamin D and most of the evidence that I found relates to.
Genetic errors involving the enzymes that make vitamin D in your body. So whether you get vitamin D from the sun or you get it from the diet or even a supplement, it has to go through all these biochemical steps in order for it to be activated. And all of these steps involve different enzymes and different genes that can influence this whole manufacturing production line. Now, in a recent video, and this is very interesting. I don't know if you saw my video on vitamin D toxicity. I talked about this genetic piece of the puzzle because.
Been really interested in DNA and looking at what's called polymorphisms, which are alterations or genetic errors in various things, and this vitamin D gene connection is fascinating because I went through all 21 people that I evaluated. And there's one common theme that showed up with one.
100% of these people and that is this.
They all had at least one defect or error with their genetics relating to vitamin D Now this could be coincidence. It could be that the next 21 people that I evaluate have no problems with vitamin D, but I find it very, very interesting that all 21 had.
A problem with vitamin D which can relate to absorption, producing vitamin D, activating vitamin D from the inactive to the active, or even the absorption of vitamin D in the receptor in the 1st place, and like on your skin or in your immune system. Now if we compound that on top of.
The severe and significant demand for vitamin D when someone goes through an infection and the fact that viruses in general downgrade the vitamin D receptor as a strategy to starve you off of your immune system on top of a vitamin D deficiency because it's literally impossible to get vitamin D from the diet and you can get it from the sun if you expose yourself long enough to get it.
In the sun, but just walking outside having the sun on your face is not going to give you enough. You have to have your shirt off or expose a lot of your skin and vitamin D from the sun is kind of seasonal. You can't get very much vitamin D in the winter and also you get less as you live further away from the equator on top of other barriers too. Like being older decreases your ability to absorb vitamin D.
Having darker skin decreases your absorption. For vitamin D being overweight or having some.
Syndrome disease decreases your absorption of vitamin D as you can see, a lot of evidence points to this one problem of the vitamin D deficiency. But until recently I didn't know the significance of this genetic weakness. That explains a lot. It explains why some people that are taking the normal.
Amount of vitamin D like 600 IUS or 800 IUs are not even getting close to what they really need. And by the way, the research on these RDD's for vitamin D are based mainly on bone. They're not based on the new information with our other requirements for our immune system and other functions.
Your vitamin D level directly correlates with the complications of an infection, especially COVID and someone's outcome from COVID. Vitamin D also controls another vitamin called folate. As far as the receptors go, and folate is also heavily associated with problems with COVID, you could be getting enough folate right from the diet or a vitamin, but not having enough vitamin D8 to allow that folate to work, and that also relates to the severity of symptoms from COVID as well as post COVID long haul syndrome, the COVID virus.
Actually alters over 100 vitamin D related genes in the lung.
So if someone has shortness of breath or a tendency to have more inflammation in lungs or lower respiratory infections, suspect vitamin D deficiency, especially recurrent lung infections, because that virus tends to destroy or alter these genes. In fact, when someone has a vitamin D gene problem.
They're five times more likely to get viral infections and have worse complications. That's all really interesting. But what is the solution? How do we bypass this genetic barrier and the absorption barrier, et cetera? Well, you could use topical vitamin D it's called nano emulsion technology, where you're putting it right through the skin.
That's one option that some people do. You can also use semi activated vitamin D But the problem with that is it's a bit expensive and you have to get a prescription and or some people are even doing light therapy like UV B therapy. But I think the simplest.
Way to fix this problem is just to take more vitamin D, and I'm talking minimally 10,000. I use a day, but there's some additional really cool ninja things that you can do to make this thing work better and faster. The first thing relates to not taking vitamin D on a regular basis.
So I wouldn't necessarily.
Especially if you have this problem, I wouldn't recommend just taking 10,000. I use every single day. They found that if you take it irregular or not frequently OK, you'll get better outcomes. So for example, you were taking 10,000, I use for seven days. That would give you 70,000. I use the vitamin D3 per week. You would do much better if you broke that up in maybe 2 doses 150 thousand I use of vitamin D3. OK. And then you wait three days and take the other 20,000. I use about them in D3. Number two, vitamin D works much better when it comes with the cofactors that allow it to work better.
In fact, those cofactors like magnesium, zinc.
Vitamin K2 also decrease any complications for vitamin D toxicity, especially at the levels we're talking about. And just as a side note, the toxicity of vitamin D3 will occur if you're taking hundreds of thousands.
Of international units of vitamin D3 for many, many months. What we're talking about is a much lower dose and if you're not gonna have a problem, a couple of things can help you absorb vitamin D31 is intense exercise. Another thing is butyrate that your microbe makes from consuming fiber, as in salads. So if you're consuming regular salads or vegetables, you're going to get.
The fiber that will make the chemical that will help the absorption of vitamin D it's also going to help other things too, like give you more energy. It's gonna help your blood sugars and all the great things that come along with that. Another thing that I found that will help the absorption of vitamin D is to consume sulphur orphan. And the way you can get that is just by adding a little bit of broccoli sprouts.
Or even other sprouts like radish sprouts to your salad. You don't even need much. You can just use a little bit. And of course, omega-3 as in fish oils or better yet, cod liver oil can help make vitamin D get absorbed better. So that's vitamin D.
UM, there is another vitamin that could be involved in this long haul COVID and that would be vitamin B1 because vitamin B1 has everything to do about making sure that your mitochondria, that's the energy factory inside your cell that converts food into energy and that converts food into the raw materials that build your bodies.
And thymine B1 is the spark plug, so we can't neglect vitamin B1, especially if you have a history of consuming refined carbohydrates as in breads and pastas and cereal and crackers and things like that or sugars. Or if you've been on an antibiotic. Antibiotics also deplete vitamin B1.
Stress can also deplete B1 and even being on the ketogenic diet can increase the demand.
For not just B1 but all the B vitamins, you may want to also take a B complex while you're taking this vitamin D just to make sure that you're not deficient. Make sure it's natural B's like in nutritional yeast or even taking a natural B1 by itself in a blend of other B vitamins would be a very smart thing.
The clue that someone needs more B1 related to this problem is that if they have dizziness, OK, because that involves the autonomic nervous system. So if you have autonomic nervous system issues, especially dizziness. Or let's say you get up and you feel dizzy, or you have any type of autonomic problem.
And that could be a lot of different problems. Suspect B1 because of what this virus did to a part of your brain or brain stem, which is the area that causes all these problems. There's also evidence of B3 being involved because by the E3 is intimately involved in this mitochondria I've talked about, but want to make sure you have everything you need to really overcome these this long haul COVID problem now, of course, since we're on the topic of the immune system of vitamin D, if you have not.
Saying this video on vitamin D I think it would be very very wise to check it out and I put it up right here.

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