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Oral Vitamin D had a bigger response that injection in obese women - Jan 2024

Oral Vitamin D versus Injectable Vitamin D inTreating Obese Women with Vitamin D Deficiency

The Egyptian Journal of Hospital Medicine (January 2024) Vol. 94, Page 311-314
1* Shereen Mohammed Bahgat Awad, 2 Hosnia Mohammed Ragab, 3 Tarek ElHewala,
1 Nada Abbas Hassan, 1 Eman Mohamed Abd El-Sattar
1 Family Medicine Department, 2 Public Health and Community Medicine Department,
3 Orthopedic Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University, Egypt
Corresponding author: Shereen Mohammed Bahgat Awad, Email: drshereenbahgat at yahoo.com

20% of Obese women with injections still were < 20ng level

Background: Vitamin D deficiency is a widespread problem especially in females. The presence of different vitamin D preparations (oral, parenteral) with no definite evidence about the most appropriate method for vitamin D deficiency treatment aroused the need for more studies about the most effective route. Aim: To evaluate the oral vitamin D preparation compared to intramuscular (IM) vitamin D preparation in correcting vitamin D deficiency in affected women.

Subjects and methods: This is an interventional research performed on obese female patients diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency in the 2019-2022 timeframe for outpatient clinics at Zagazig University Hospitals. Eighty females were included in the study. They were allocated randomly into 2 equal groups (40 females per group); oral group and injection groups, based on their preference. Pre and post intervention assessment was done by assessing the level of serum vitamin D.

Results: There was statistically insignificant difference among studied groups concerning vitamin D level before therapy, while there was significant difference between them after therapy, where oral group had significantly higher level. Within each group, there was significant increase in vitamin D level after therapy. There was statistically significant positive correlation between percent of increase in vitamin D and both age and body mass index (BMI) of patients in the oral group, but no significant correlation was detected in injectable group between age and percent of change.

Conclusion: Treatment for vitamin D insufficiency works well when administered intramuscularly and orally but oral group showed more improvement.

I do not recall seeing this before

Is it due to obesity?
Or due to when the Vitamin D test was given relative to dosing time

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