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What can Vitamin D learn from Baby Aspirin

I notice that many seniors now take baby aspirin daily to with the expectation of preventing a variety of diseases.
I wanted to see if there was anything which we could use about aspirin to promote vitamin D.

Possible lessons to be learned from Aspirin

  • Aspirin is a pill ==> perhaps describe vitamin D as being a pill, not a supplement
  • Aspirin is considered to be safe, but vitamin D is far safer
    • Overdose is about 100 baby aspirin, Vitamin D overdose is about 10,000 pills
    • You only need tiny amount of Vitamin D: 1/10 that you would get from a day of sunbathing
  • Vitamin D has been used by humans for at least 100X longer than aspirin
  • 80 xx of aspirin seems much smaller than 2000 xx of vitamin D

How Vitamin D is better than Baby Aspirin

Vitamin D is extremely low-cost, like aspirin
Vitamin D is also over-the-counter
Vitamin D has far fewer side effects (aspirin is the primary cause of bleeding stomachs)
Vitamin D provides 3X-100X more benefits than aspirin (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, etc)
Vitamin D deals with about 10X more health problems than aspirin
Vitamin D helps people of all ages and sexes – vs aspirin primarily helps mature/senior males
Vitamin D has far more and better proof than aspirin
   By the way, the initial study which found a heart benefit from aspirin has not been replicated, though they have tried many times.
   The initial trial had used Bufferin, which contains Magnesium - which may have been cause of improved heart health.
Vitamin D can also relieve some pain – but it takes longer
Vitamin D is better than baby aspirin in that it can be taken weekly or monthly, instead of daily
Vitamin D is better than baby aspirin in that people can feel the benefits in months, instead of possibly noticing a benefit in decades
   Will feel the benefit in weeks if use a loading dose.

Aspirin Use to Prevent 1st Heart Attack or Stroke Should Be Curtailed, U.S. Panel Says Oct 2021


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Daily Aspirin Is Not for Everyone, Study Suggests NY Times Jan 2012

  • In 2007, the United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that
    19 % regularly took aspirin,
    27 % aged 45 to 64;
    About half of those 65+
  • People don’t even consider aspirin a medicine, or consider that you can have side effects from it.

Aspirin 'triples chance of blindness disease' Telegraph, Jan 2013

  • Wet AMD increased chance by 3X if take aspirin at least weekly (1 person in 10 got wet AMD)
    Comment by VitaminDWiki – aspirin causes bleeding the stomach so it seems reasonable that it could cause bleeding in the eye


Overdose for adult is about 20 325 mg pills =6,500 mg/80 = 81 baby aspirin. (Another source says 30 pills, not just 20)

19,000 people in a 5 year RCT with 100 mg Aspirin vs placebo (worse cancers) - Aug 2020

Effect of aspirin on cancer incidence and mortality in older adultsFREE PDF

  • Analysis of the records revealed that the rate of new cancer onset was similar between the aspirin and placebo groups, but participants in the aspirin group were more likely to be diagnosed with advanced-stage and metastatic cancers.
  • Death rates from solid tumor cancers, but not blood or lymphatic cancers, were higher in the aspirin group.

Nursing moms

Should NOT take aspirin – it gets into her breast milk and can harm her infant
SHOULD take Vitamin D – it gets into her breast milk and helps her infant

Overdose extremely unlikely with Vitamin D

A 2007 report by Dr. Gerald O' Malley of the Albert Einstein Medical Centers of Philadelphia found that there were over 21,000 cases of aspirin and non-aspirin salicylate poisonings reported to the United States poison centers in 2004, resulting in

  • 43 deaths and 12,968 patients requiring hospitalization.
  • ZERO deaths for for any supplement (including vitamin D) for the decade

The Right Time to Take Aspirin Mens Journal (date unknown)

  • A recent study of more than 100,000 people found taking aspirin daily boosts your chance of debilitating or life-threatening bleeding by 30 percent.
  • Aspirin is not a benign medication – otherwise, we'd all be taking it. But if you talk to any gastroenterologist, they'll tell you it's the most common cause of serious stomach bleeding and upper-GI procedures.

I cannot imagine how Vitamin D could use the following, but. . .

  • Various doctors around the world get pay-for-performance increases for each patient they get to take baby aspirin.
  • Most medical associations still encourage baby aspirin, just like they still encourage low cholesterol, even though both have been proven to be incorrect during the past decade.

A Baby Aspirin A Day Is A BAD Prescription For Most Feb 2016

  • "Many physicians recommend a baby aspirin a day to reduce the risk of heart attack. But did you know that data shows this has ZERO clinical support?"
  • Increase in peptic ulcers: 75 mg/day = 2.3-fold increased risk; 300 mg =3.9 fold increased risk
  • Yes, there was a significant decrease in non-fatal heart attacks, but there was NO difference in the number of people dying between the two groups

Aspirin Late in Life? Healthy People May Not Need It Sept 2018

New York Times reporting on a study in New England Journal of Medicine
Radomized Controlled Trial of 4.7 years

  • Taking 100 mg ofAspirin did NOT lower their risks of cardiovascular disease, dementia or disability. And it increased the risk of significant bleeding in the digestive tract, brain or other sites that required transfusions or admission to the hospital.
  • ". . . a slightly greater death rate among those who took aspirin, mostly because of an increase in cancer deaths—not new cancer cases, but death from the disease"
  • . . .“the ugly facts which slay a beautiful theory,”

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