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Instant vitamin D Yes-No test now available

Nanospeed in Canada

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Update Feb 2018: have sold 1,000,000 testers

Update Low-cost Vitamin D testers (two yes-no tests for 42 dollars) - 2023
Accuracy within 12%

After FDA approval, the price is expected to be under $30 per test (single use)

  • If you ask the question: Is my vitamin D level <32 ng/mL (80nmoles/L)
    It essentially gives a Yes/No answer in 10 minutes.
  • It is being sold some places outside of the US already

The version currently being sold shows a red line if the vitamin D level is less than 32 ng/mL (80nmoles/L).
The accuracy is +- 6ng/mL .
Just needs a drop of blood - from a finger prick.
Note: The accuracy of most quantitative testers of vitamin D is about +- 3 nanograms,
   and those are far more expensive, and results often are not available the same day, much less while the patient is still in the office.

While it is technically possible for them to make a disposable tester for say 50 nanograms, they do not (currently) perceive a market.

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Photos of Test4D as of Feb 2014

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Instructions made by VitaminDWiki for Test4D on 2014

TWIST off the end of the pink/white lancet holder

APPLY lancet hole to the side of a finger and PRESS the device against your finger
(Pressing with about a 1 lb force will activate the single-use lancet/needle)

APPLY the pointy end of the pipette to resulting blood
(The blood will go into pipette all by itself)

PLACE pipette in the square hole and PRESS bulb to force the blood out

PUT 7 drops of reagent chemical in the round hole,

LOOK for red lines after WAITING for 10 minutes (shade of red does not matter)

Two red lines = low vitamin D

One red line = good level of vitamin D

Instant, low-cost Vitamin D test kits available - UK Amazon - April 2021

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