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Dupuytren’s Contracture (bent finger) treated by Boron and DMSO - 2016


I, Henry Lahore, had a personal interest in Dupuytren's

  • Have had level 2 Dupuytren's for about 5 years (age 65-70)
    • Dupuytren's is pronounced as du-pwe-TRANZ
  • It was starting to create some pain in right little finger
  • Laying my hands palms down on a table I could raise th left little finger about 2" high, but virtually 0" for the right finger
  • Tried various things over a period of a month but now have a combination which, for me, has eliminated the pain and allows raising the right finger about 1" above the table

My experiments (starting with a high level of Vitamin D and Magnesium)
I tried Laser Therapy daily for ` week - no response
I tried 10 mg of Boron daily orally for 2 weeks - no response
I added Topical Boric Acid in DMOS once a day for a few days - no response
   Note: I buy a cream: 70% pure dmso & 30% aloe vera from Amazon
      Had tried DMSO oil and gel, but prefer the cream form
I increased Topical Boric Acid in DMSO to 3 times a day- WORKED in about 1 week
   reduced by at least 70% tightness in the tendons to my right pinky finger
I realize that it could have just taken a while for the Boron benefits to be seen, and that topical may not have been needed.
Update Nov 8, 2016
I failed to apply the Topical Boron yesterday - even once
The DP pain came back in the middle of the night
I massaged in the Topical Boron. Pain was gone bone hour later and did not come back
Update Nov 10, 2016
Forgot again to apply the Topical Boron
Pain came back again, again it was gone 30 minutes after application
Update Nov 11, 2016
Have added Magnesium Chloride to the Boric Acid in the DMSO - still to be applied topically 3 times a day
Update Nov 13, 2016
Well now, that did not work!
Hand ached all of Nov 12.
Suspect that there was less Boron in the DMSO slurry due to having the MgCl
I have switched back to Boron + DMSO. No pain again
I have also purchased 1 lb of Boric Acid crystals from Amazon
Realized that I had been applying approximately 1 milligram of topical Boron at a time
Going to make my own Boric acid solution and see what happens when I apply 3 or so mg at a time.
Update Nov 18, 2016
My DMSO now has about 3 milligrams per application (using Boric Acid crystals)
I massage the mixture on my palm just 2 times per day - no pain anytime during the day or night
Update Dec 5, 2016
My wife is now also using Boron for her level 1 Dupuytren’s Contracture
She is leaving the Boron on the palm longer by putting on a plastic glove.
and massaging the Boron in for another 10 minutes while doing other things
Update Feb 15, 2017
Internal 10 mg Boron daily and,
DMSO + Boron or Mg topically applied every 2-3 days when there is a slight Dupuytren’s pain
Have not yet tried just DMSO - without Boron or Magnesium
Update Dec 2018
My Dupuytren’s has been completely gone.- I no longer put anything on my hands
I have taken Boron, Magnesium and Vitamin D as part of my daily supplements for several years now
My wife's Dupuytren’s is <10% of original, no pain. She uses topical Boron nightly, no daily oral Boron
I suggested Boron to a Facebook Dupuytren's forum - got a great response
Based on responses by my myself, my wife, and those on Facebook I will suggest that a person try

  1. Massage DMSO cream - Amazon diluted with Boric Acid - Amazon water and Magnesium Chloride - Amazon
    Initially more than once per day
    As Dupuytren’s decreases drop back to several times per week
  2. Supplement your diet with
    Boric/Boric Acid (10 mg daily seems to work),
    Magnesium (probably 100 mg is enough of the element)
    Vitamin D (probably 4,000 IU is enough)

I made saturated solutions of the Boric and Magnesium compounds by adding the compounds in hot water until they no longer dissolve
   and then let them cool and pour off the saturated liquids
    Stir in a little bit of the liquids (say 1 teaspoon of each) into the DMSO cream to be used (perhaps 2 tablespoons)

Update Jan 2020:
During the past 4 years I find that I need to apply the liquid/cream topically about 4 times per year.
The pain reminds me, then, after a single treatment the pain is gone for 3 months.
However, my wife uses it every night. Takesher about a years to use up 4 ounces of cream

DMSO with/without other ingredients has been used for Dupuytren's for many decades

Examples from the web

Dupuytren's and Boron

  • Dupuytren’s Contracture also known as Viking Disease or Celtic Hands Dr. Alan Russell Sept 2015
    "Treatment in the past has been varied and ranged from radiation therapy, surgery, or collagenase injections , none of which have been effective or curative"
    "In the Fall of 2014 the patient started to take Boron in the form of calcium fructoborate containing 3 mg of Boron twice per day. After a few months the patient noticed no progression and over the ensuing months to August 2015 her hand has steadily improved. "
    Dr. Russell is a main reason of my interest in Boron

Dupuytren's prevelance: range of 4 to 1 around the world: Wonder why?

Perhaps something which is not in the water, such as Boron, Magnesium
The variation does not appear to be associated with latitude

Dupuytren's vs age and country

Includes the following chart for Norway

Origin of the term, genetics of the disease

The Baron's complaint PubMed Aug 2011
" . . .Baron Guillaume Dupuytren was a French physician, and Napoleon Bonaparte's doctor."
9 genes are associated - the strongest gene association increases incidence by only 2 times
Unsure if it is the "Viking's disease"

Wikipedia - Dupuytren's risk factors

Dupuytren's contracture is a non-specific affliction, but primarily affects:
People of Scandinavian or Northern European ancestry;[11] it has been called the "Viking disease",[6] though it is also widespread in some Mediterranean countries (e.g., Spain and Bosnia).[12]
   Dupuytren's is unusual among ethnic groups such as Chinese and Africans.[13]
Men rather than women (men are more likely to develop the condition).[4][11]
People over the age of 50; the likelihood of getting Dupuytren's disease increases with age.[4][13]
Smokers, especially those who smoke 25 cigarettes or more a day.[13][14]
Thinner people (i.e. those with a lower than average body mass index).[13]
People with a higher than average fasting blood glucose level.[13]
Manual workers.[13]
People with previous hand injury.[4]
People with a family history (60% to 70% of those afflicted have a genetic predisposition to Dupuytren's contracture).[4][15]
People with Ledderhose disease.[4]
People with epilepsy (possibly due to anti-convulsive medication).[16]
People with diabetes mellitus.[6][16]
People with HIV.[6]

Dupuytren Contracture Medscape Oct 2016

Extensive (20 page) article includes:
Prevelance in older men
Northern Europe 4-39%, Norwegian 30%, Australia 28%; Spain19%, US 4%, Asians 3%

Vitamin D might have also helped - July 2018

See also VitaminDWiki

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