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How I am reminded to take my Vitamin D once every 4 days

I relabeled my pillbox


A visuall reminder of when to take my vitamin D

If I happen to miss that day, I take them the next day or so.

Currently I am taking 2 capsules of 50,000 IU every 4 days
   Which is an average of 25,000 IU per day

Scores of studies have found that taking vitamin D infrequently is Better than Daily
   Unaware of a single study which has found daily to be better

18 organizations have stated that 4,000 IU daily average is OK
   If you believe that to be true, taking 50,000 IU once every two weeks would be fine (3,600 IU daily average)
   If you do not also take cofactors such as Magnesium and Vitamin K, then probably 4,000 IU should be the upper limit

Taking 50,000 IU once every 2 weeks has been proven to treat 22 health problems
   Note: Taking 50,000 IU once a week treats an additional 18 health problems
   So, once a week should treat a total of at least 40 health problems

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