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Clinical trials are proving that Vitamin D fights COVID-19 in hospitals

5 very successful Clinical Trials of Vitamin D fighting COVID-19 have been published as of Oct 2021 '

  1. COVID-19 defeated by calcifediol form of Vitamin D in Spain - pilot RCT Aug 29, 2020
    • Trial used a faster-acting form of vitamin D which is only available by prescription
  2. COVID-19 defeated 3x faster by 420,000 IU Vitamin D nanoemulsion – RCT Nov 12, 2020 - supplier not stated
  3. 2X fewer COVID-19 deaths observed with 300,000 IU of vitamin D

25 meta-analsysis and reviews as of Oct 2021
In addition, 64 observational studies have found higher Vitamin D to be associated with less COVID-19

Hospitals could try offering 200,000 IU of Vitamin D to those infected with COVID-19
     as soon as possible: After test positive or upon admission

Vitamin D can be obtained at pharmacies both inside and outside of the hospital
Vitamin D typically comes in 5,000 IU capsules (will need 40 capsules)

50,000 IU capsules can be obtained from most medical suppliers or Amazon

No observed problems in the COVID-19 trials, but at rare times Vitamin D should not be used

Vitamin D is also great for the staff and out-patients - 2X reduction in COVID-19 infection

For more information see : COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos
As of May 16, 2022, the VitaminDWiki page had:  34 trials 10 trial results,   36 meta-analyses and reviews,   69 observations,   38 recommendations,   55 associations,  89 speculations,  58 videos, 45 Mortality studies   see related:   Governments,   HealthProblems,   Hospitals,  Dark Skins,   26 risk factors are ALL associated with low Vit D,   Recent Virus pages   Fight COVID-19 with 50K Vit D weekly   Vaccines   Take lots of Vitamin D at first signs of COVID

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Long-Haul COVID a big problem, but often not hospitalized - May 2022 18 May, 2022
21 fewer days in hospital with ARDS (COVID) if 10,000 IU of Vitamin D daily after enter hospital – RCT April, 2022 18 Apr, 2022
Excess Magnesium is bad for health (COVID hospital days in this case) – April 2022 15 Apr, 2022
Nutritional supplementation during COVID hospitalization helped - RCT - Jan 2022 30 Jan, 2022
66 percent of COVID Omicron patients in Ontario hospitals are vaccinated - Jan 23, 2022 23 Jan, 2022
California Hospitals: If staff tests positive for COVID but is asymptomatic, just keep working – Jan 2022 16 Jan, 2022
COVID Hospitalization vs age and variant - Dec 10, 2021 11 Dec, 2021
Large dose of calcifediol or vitamin D up to 15 days before COVID hospitalization reduced death rates (1.5X, 1.3X) – Dec 2021 04 Dec, 2021
Low Vitamin D etc. more than 3 months after COVID hospitalization – Sept 2021 15 Nov, 2021
Vitamin D given slowly in hospital did not fight COVID-19 much - Nov 2021 12 Nov, 2021
Italians entering hospital for breathing problems had low vitamin D (with and without COVID), Vitamin D should help – Nov 2021 06 Nov, 2021
High-dose Omega-3 fought COVID in 2 hospital trials (6x reduction in ICU, reduced time) – Masterjohn Oct 2021 14 Oct, 2021
Vitamin D was a top COVID-19 treatment at 4 hospital groups - May 2021 10 Oct, 2021
Out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 hospitalization at least 1500 dollars – Sept 2021 19 Sep, 2021
Higher vitamin D, less severe COVID and deaths in hospital (in Iran this time) – Sept 2021 03 Sep, 2021
Severe childhood COVID-19 associated with Vitamin D deficiency (hospital in Turkey) – March 2021 29 Aug, 2021
COVID-19 mortality for Blacks is 5X that for whites in 2 LA Hospitals - July 2021 01 Aug, 2021
If low vitamin D, 2.5X more likely enter hospital with COVID-19 (UK, 10 months) – June 17, 2021 13 Jul, 2021
COVID-19 death in hospital 5X more likely if low vs high vitamin D – preprint June 2021 17 Jun, 2021
COVID-19 treatment outside of hospital – Vitamin D, zinc, etc. – May 2021 12 May, 2021
Hospitalized children with COVID-19 and inflammation had lower vitamin D – March 2021 25 Apr, 2021
COVID-19 increased chance of death within 6 months by 1.6X, even if not hospitalized – April 2021 23 Apr, 2021
COVID-19 hospitalizations: 63% associated with diabetes, obesity, hypertension or heart failure – Feb 2021 15 Apr, 2021
COVID-19 mortality 2X higher if low Vitamin D (Mexican hospital, preprint) - March 2021 15 Mar, 2021
Low vitamin D associated with COVID-19 problems in NYC hospitals – Feb 2021 20 Feb, 2021
2.7 fewer COVID-19 hospital deaths in those having more than 30 ng of vitamin D – Mayo Jan 9, 2021 24 Jan, 2021
6 months after COVID-19 hospitalization 76 percent still had at least one symptom – Jan 8, 2021 09 Jan, 2021
Vitamin D has eliminated ICU COVID-19 in hospital in Dubai since June - Sept 26, 2020 04 Dec, 2020
Clinical trials are proving that Vitamin D fights COVID-19 in hospitals 23 Nov, 2020
Low Vitamin D associated 1.8X increased risk of COVID-19 death in hospital – meta-analysis Nov 4, 2020 22 Nov, 2020
Hospital COVID-19 observation: 7X more likely to live if more than 20 ng of vitamin D– Nov 19, 2020 20 Nov, 2020
COVID-19 antibodies 2.6 X more likely if had symptoms and low vitamin D (UK hospital staff)– Oct 5 2020 11 Oct, 2020
Children with low vitamin D far more likely to hospitalized with COVID-19 – Oct 2020 06 Oct, 2020
32X more likely to have severe-critical COVID-19 in Turkish hospital if Vitamin D deficient – Oct 5, 2020 06 Oct, 2020
Sleep Apnea patients are 5X more likely to have a COVID-19 infection requiring hospitalization - Sept 28, 2020 29 Sep, 2020
Russian Hospital observed 5X more likely to have severe COVID-19 if Vitamin D Deficient – Aug 2020 05 Aug, 2020
ICU was 2X less likely for COVID-19 hospitalization if Vitamin D more than 20 ng – July 2020 06 Jul, 2020

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Many clinical trials are underway using Vitamin D to fight COVID-19

Those with results are highlighted

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Clinical trials are proving that Vitamin D fights COVID-19 in hospitals        
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