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Atopies (allergy, asthma, rhinitis, etc.) variously associated with low Vitamin D and poor Vitamin D Receptor – Aug 2021

Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in atopy

Immun Inflamm Dis. 2021 Aug 3. doi: 10.1002/iid3.487
Laura Tamasauskiene 1, Ieva Golubickaite 2, Rasa Ugenskiene 2, Nikolajs Sjakste 3, Natalia Paramonova 3, Lawrence Shih-Hsin Wu 4, Lawrence Shih-Jiu-Yao Wang 5 6, Brigita Sitkauskiene 1


Background: The occurrence of allergic conditions, for example allergic asthma, rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis, is rising worldwide. These allergic conditions are associated with poor life quality. Vitamin D is proposed to be linked with increased risk and severe forms of allergic diseases.

Aims: This review article aimed to evaluate the vitamin D level role and polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor gene (VDR) in atopy.

Methods & materials: We analyzed publications that were focusing on levels of vitamin D and/or polymorphism analysis of vitamin D receptor gene in allergic asthma, rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis patients.

Results: We noticed that levels of vitamin D are extensively studied in atopy by many research groups, however, polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor gene and their link with levels of vitamin D lack comprehensive data. There is evidence that vitamin D may be associated with anti-inflammatory effects in allergic diseases. Some of VDR polymorphisms also may play a role in pathogenesis of these diseases. However, the data from different studies are controversial.

Discussion: The results of different studies are usually inconsistent, most probably due to populational bias or differences in methodology. Even though, more evidence shows a positive impact of vitamin D on the risk and outcomes of allergic diseases, especially atopic dermatitis, and asthma.

Conclusions: There is controversial data about the level of vitamin D and its role in atopy; however, more evidence shows a positive impact on the risk and outcomes of allergic diseases.
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Vitamin D Receptor is associated in over 40 autoimmune studies

The risk of 44 diseases at least double with poor Vitamin D Receptor as of Oct 2019

Vitamin D Receptor activation can be increased by any of: Resveratrol,  Omega-3,  MagnesiumZinc,   Quercetin,   non-daily Vit D,  Curcumin, intense exercise,   Ginger,   Essential oils, etc  Note: The founder of VitaminDWiki uses 10 of the 13 known VDR activators

Asthma and low vitamin D

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