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Vitamin D fails to prevent Type 2 Diabetes (unaware of 8 proven ways) June 2019

Vitamin D fails to prevent type 2 diabetes in large study

The actual study $40 million

Note: Diabetes and pre-diabetes are associated with poor guts

Since the start of this trial (2013) there have been many proven ways to deal with the restrictions of a poor gut
1) Use the same total amount of Vitamin D, but less frequently - the higher gradient gets thru better
2) Use more vitamin D daily
3) Use a probiotic to deal with the gut problem
4) Use a gut-friendly form of Vitamin D - there are more than a dozen types
5) Increase the response to Vitamin D by using Omega-3 and/or Magnesium
Avoid the poor gut
6) Use an injection
7) Use UV or sun
8) Use topical Vitamin D

The current failed trial was probably unaware of any of the above proven solutions
4,000 IU orally daily, no probiotic, no Magnesium, no Omega-3

Note: The pre-diabetic subgroup which started with < 12 ng of Vitamin D were 62% less likely to get diabetes

See also VitaminDWiki

Non daily


Not oral

Omega-3, Mg, etc

Getting Vitamin D into your body has the following chart


Getting Vitamin D into your body has a section on poor digestion
If poorly functioning gut
Bio-D-Mulsion Forte – especially made for those with poorly functioning guts, or perhaps lacking gallbladder
Sublingual – goes directly into the bloodstream
Fat-soluble Vitamins go thru the slow lymph system
   you can make your own sublingual by dissolving Vitamin D in water or use nano form
Oil: 1 drop typically contains 400 IU, 1,000 IU, or 4,000 IU, typically not taste good
Topical – goes directly into the bloodstream. Put oil on your skin, Use Aloe vera cream with Vitamin D, or make your own
Vaginal – goes directly into the bloodstream. Prescription-only?
Bio-Tech might be usefulit is also water-soluble
Vitamin D sprayed inside cheeks (buccal spray) - several studies
    and, those people with malabsorption problems had a larger response to spray
Inject Vitamin D quarterly into muscle, into vein, or perhaps into body cavity if quickly needed
Nanoparticles could be used to increase vitamin D getting to the gut – Oct 2015
Poor guts need different forms of vitamin D has the following
Guesses of Vitamin D response if poor gut

Bio FormSpeedDuration
10Injection ($$$)
or Calcidiol or Calcitriol
D - Slow
C -Fast
10 Sun/UVBSlowLong
(skin patch/cream, vagina)
Fast nano
9Nanoemulsion -mucosal
perhaps activates VDR
9?Inhaled (future)FastNormal
8Bio-D-Mulsion ForteNormalNormal
6Water soluble (Bio-Tech)NormalNormal
(some goes into gut)
3Coconut oil basedSlowNormal
2Food (salmon etc.)SlowNormal
2Olive oil based (majority)SlowNormal

10= best bioavailable, 0 = worst, guesses have a range of +-2
Speed: Fast ~2-6 hours, Slow ~10-30 hours
Duration: Long ~3-6 months, Normal = ~2 months

Titles of some of the web reports of this study

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