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Lung Cancer is up to 7 X more deadly if poor vitamin D genes – Oct 2021

Impact of Genetic Polymorphisms on the Metabolic Pathway of Vitamin D and Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Nutrients 2021, 13(11), 3783; https://doi.org/10.3390/nu13113783
by Laura Elena Pineda Lancheros 1ORCID,Cristina Pérez Ramírez 1,2,*,Almudena Sánchez Martín 1,José María Gálvez Navas 1,2ORCID,Fernando Martínez Martínez 3,María del Carmen Ramírez Tortosa 2ORCID andAlberto Jiménez Morales 1

  • 1 Pharmacy Service, Pharmacogenetics Unit, University Hospital Virgen de las Nieves, 18014 Granada, Spain
  • 2 Center of Biomedical Research, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II, Institute of Nutrition, and Food Technology “José Mataix”, University of Granada, Avda. del Conocimiento s/n., 18016 Granada, Spain
  • 3 Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, Social and Legal Assistance Pharmacy Section, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain

Vitamin D has been associated with risk, development, and progression of cancer. However, the genes involved in its metabolism are highly polymorphic, compromising its activity. The aim of this study is to evaluate the association between the gene polymorphisms involved in the metabolic pathway of vitamin D and survival in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The study was designed as an observational cohort which included 194 Caucasians patients from southern Spain with NSCLC. Real-time polymerase chain reaction was used to analyze the following polymorphisms:

  • CYP27B1 rs4646536, rs3782130, and rs10877012;
  • CYP24A1 rs6068816 and rs4809957; GC rs7041;
  • CYP2R1 rs10741657;
  • VDR rs1544410 (BsmI), rs11568820 (Cdx-2), rs2228570 (FokI), rs7975232 (ApaI), and rs731236 (TaqI).

Progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival were assessed. Cox regression showed that rs4646536 was associated with PFS in the general population (p = 0.0233) and in the non-resected NSCLC subgroup (p = 0.0233). In the resected NSCLC subgroup, rs11568820 was associated with OS (p = 0.0129) and rs7041 with PFS (p = 0.0447). In the non-resected NSCLC subgroup, rs6068816 was associated with PFS (p = 0.0048) and OS (p = 0.0089) and rs731236 and rs7975232 were associated with OS (p = 0.0005) and PFS (p = 0.0002), respectively. The other polymorphisms showed no effect on the results. The rs4646536, rs6068816, rs7041, rs11568820, rs731236, and rs7975232 polymorphisms are associated with survival in NSCLC and may have a substantial role as prognostic markers of the disease.







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